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%s to Aduaces Fortuna Luvat
Advent Rising to An
An-East to Arrgonaut
Arrielle to Badboi
Badboybayles to Bepirate
Bergerr to Blackwraith
Blackxrosex to Bookly
Bookly/Emerald trinkets to Built on Porpoise
Bulgariko to Captainvampi
Captainvin to Chat commands
Chat filter to Codefish/Trinkets
Coelestial Customs to Crazycory
Crazycracker to Dagger Revolution
Daggerdarla to Death before Dishonor
Death by Chocolate to Disaresta's Cursed Isles Guide
Disband to Dried homunculus
Dried rose to Elliandarr
Elliefantine to Event E2/Proposal brendan41
Event E2/Proposal captnjay to Feline Frigs
Feline Furnishers to Fontaneda
Fontina Furnishers to Fury of the Storms
Fushie to Gillz/Trinkets
Gilrean to Greeters
Greeters (Idea Links) to Haven
Haven's Guardians to Hook and Eye
Hook and Eye (flag) to Illustrious (Cerulean flag)
Ilovethejbs to Isla Asteroidea (Jade)
Isla Aten (Jade) to Jeted
Jethro to Kanamoru
Kanchel to Klatoo/Trinkets
Klaudiana to Laralai/Trinkets/Dolls
Laralai/Trinkets/Ocean to Lion Cloths
Lion Heart to Loyal Swordfish
Loyal to None to Map
Maple leaf to Melodies Of Life
Melody to Mirovia Island
Mirovia Island (Malachite) to Msrambonette
Msudawgs to Nesting (Cerulean)
Nesting (Meridian) to OCL/Season6/Sage-SeaBattle-3
OCL/Season6/Sage-SeaBattle-4 to Orca Dekora
Orca Island to Pay
Pay Conventions to Pirate language
Pirate mittens to Powertime
Powerz to Qwequeg
Qwertibob to Redshadow/Trinkets
Redshadow (Cerulean) to Release calendar/2019-11
Release calendar/2019-12 to Rogue OM Squad 6.5/Voting Record
Rogue OM Squad 6.75 to Runeage
Runecloud to Scale strigil
Scaliwag to Senxiar/Trinkets
Seosong to Shocking
Shodan to Skidds
Skidsteer to Space Ships
Space Suit to Stitch in Time
Stitched Alive to Swords for Heroes
Swords of Steal to The Argonauts
The Argonauts-West to The Grim Weaver (Emerald)
The Grim Weaver (Viridian) to The Sand Lot
The Saradomists to Thusi
Thy Swill Be Done to Treasurebun
Treasurebun/Trinkets to Unfortunate
Unfurnished Business to Viking Brewery
Viking Kittens to Wemadeit Island (Ice)
Wemstonealt to Wrath of Hades
Wrath of Krios to ZZ Top
Zabojcy Cienia to √úbersetzungsfehler
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