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%s to Adriellesalt
Adswellfit to Amyk
Amykate to Armyman
Armywifestar to Bad Medicine
Bad Moon Rising to Bengi
Bengree to Blacksteel's Bandits
Blacksteel's Buccaneers to Booby Trap
Booch to Bug
Bugalug to Captainnkid
Captainpain to Charon Feather
Charr√°n Archipelago (Jade) to Cochineal Island (disambiguation)
Cock The Hammer to Crate O'Splice
Crate and Barley to Da Queens Of Colbalt
Da Spanish Armada to Death's March
Death's Passing to Diomedes
Dionysos to Dream Weavers
Dream Weddings to Elephant
Elephant statue to Event E2/Proposal Jeffer 2
Event E2/Proposal Jerze to Fawks
Fawnr to Flutie
Flutter-by to Furniture
Furniture/Additional doubloons table to Ghostvision
Ghostwind to Green Eggs N' Spam
Green Eggs and Hammers to Harvest Moon Merchants
Harvest class cutter to Homage to Ownage
Home to If pigs could fly
Ighz to Iron Monger
Iron Nuts to Jennalez
Jennastar to Kaelyne
Kaene to Kiss From A Rose
Kiss Me, I'm Irish to Laetho
Laff to Lilyrose
Lilytf to Lots of Goats and Clothing
Lotsofgoats to Malthusis
Malum Discordiae to Meditrinia
Medium cannon balls to Minalesca
Minalu to Moultrie Island
Moultrie Island (Emerald) to Needdubs
Needkraken to Nuclear Winter
Nuemenor to One Winged Angels
One man and a crew to Parroty Parity Parody - Pirate's Pair-adise
Parrrty to Pink Moon
Pink Panthers to Port Venture (Obsidian)
Portable edition (Idea Links) to Qed
Qis to Red Herring
Red Hot Chilli Pirates to Release calendar/2011-11
Release calendar/2011-12 to Robee
Robertdonald to Rule britannia
Rule of Signs to Sapphire
Sapphire Archipelago to Seas the day
Seashanty to Shindigg
Shinighami to Sith
Sitting duck to Solid
Solid gold cannonball to Starsage
Starsailor to Swan Thong
Swanni to Ten Things I Crate About You
Tenderiser to The Everlasting Armada
The Executioners to The PoE is Right/Past Episodes/2
The PoE is Right/Past Episodes/3 to Thermopylae Townhouses
Therocketman to Toy boat
Toy cannon barrel to Tytteli
Tyuiop to Velternal
Velveteen pirabbit to Waterberry (disambiguation)
Waterbug to Wissajickon (Jade)
Wister to Yert
Yertle's Girdle to √úbersetzungsfehler

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