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%s to Aeac
Aedia to Anathrai
Anatomy of the Seas to Artifacts
Artificial Intelligence to Bakers' Union
Bakers Union to Beyond The Veil
Beyond the Apocalypse to Bless
Bless This Mess to Bootykicker
Bootyking to Butterfly Weed
Butterfly weed to Carnage
Carnifex to Chicklinnae
Chickylinnae to Competitions (Idea Links)
Complain to Crimson class sloop
Crimson madness to Dark Knights of Sage (crew)
Dark Lady's Boutique to Demenatioa
Demented Mother Fungus to Domjada
Dommy to Dutch Assault Forces
Dutch Boys to Enlightened Emporium (dusted)
Enlightened mask to Eyeore
Eyepatch to Fish n Ships
Fishandsail to Freezing Hot
Freezing Hot/2009 Crew Awards Ceremony to Gammydeux
Gammylegg to Good Neigh-bors
Good Omens to Hair o' the Dog
Hair of the Grog to Hfsktr
Hgpty to I, Rowboat
I, Rumbot to Insomnia (Emerald flag)
Insomnia (Sage flag) to Jamiesmith/Trinkets
Jamiesue to July 2016 promotion
July 2017 promotion to King (pirate)
King Arthur's Round Tables to Labyrinth Moors
Labyrinth Moors (Cerulean) to Light junk
Lightbringer to Lorn/Trinkets/Special
Lorn/Trinkets/White to Mala-cats
Mala-rat to Meade to Order
Meadflagon to Millky
Milmel to Mount Olympus
Mountain Dew to Nemesi
Nemesis to Nutronshark
Nuts to Opal
Opal Archipelago to Pattedebois
Pattonditto to Pirate Time
Pirate Titans to Powerranger
Powertiger to ROMS1
ROMS2 to Reene
Reereeree to Remora Island (Azure)
Remora Island (Cerulean) to Rogue OM Squad VIII
Rogue OM Squad VIII/Posting Record to SEA MEERKAT MAGIC
Schnitzel to Sewing Your Oats
Sewnata to Siciliana
Sick Days to Slippery Dragons
Slippery Sloop to Spinning Arachne
Spinning Spider Cloth to Sublime Sailors
Subliminal to Taj Mafrog
Taj Mahal to The Cat's Pyjamas
The Cat o' Nine Balls to The Love Boat (Tigerleaf Mountain)
The Love Boat (Viridian) to The Usual Suspects/Blockade History
The VIP's to Tlzallen
Tlzallen's Battle Navigation Tutorial to Turkey figurine
Turkey leg to Valenshy
Valentinafio to Wannita/Beachcomber
Wannita/Black Box to Wildmanfizat
Wildness to Yarrmate
Yarrow to Zyzyzyryxy
Zyzyzyryxy/Trinkets/BK to √úbersetzungsfehler

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