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%s to Adswellfit
Adtaylor to Amyliz
Amylo to Arousal
Arowana Knights to Bad Seed
Bad Sushi to Bennyboi
Bennykelly to Blackthorpe Island
Blackthorpe Island (Emerald) to Boochin Katfish
Booching Blaggards to Build Me Shelter
Build You Up to Captainrazy
Captainread to Chart ter Victory
Charting to Cocktails and Dreams
Cocoapuff to Crazee (Sage)
Crazie to Dachimpy
Dachimpy's Basic Poker Guide to Death Before Dishonor (Midnight)
Death Before Dishonor (Sage) to Dirk Cheap
Dirk Gently to Dreams of Steel
Dreamsayer to Elite Corsairs
Elite Hunters to Event E2/Proposal Marskiel
Event E2/Proposal Masteralex to Fear the Unknown (Viridian)
Fearisdeath to Flying Sabre's
Flying Solo to Furniture (L)
Furniture (L through Q) to Gila Archipelago (Meridian)
Gila Archipelago (disambiguation) to Greenforlife
Greengrass to Hats
Hats and Coatls to Homullus
Homunculi to Ildeathll
Ilha da Aguia to Ironmercede
Ironmonger to Jerry's Kids
Jerry's Kids II to Kait/Trinkets
Kaitizik to Kit
Kitasha to Lamoran
Lamour to Lime lexicon
Lime marmalade jar to Love Potion Number Nine (Emerald)
Love Shack to Mandrake Mixes
Mandreg to Meerkatman
Meesh to Mini mummy
Mini wine cask to Moyi/hauntedseasrewards
Moyi/imperialoutpostrewards to Nemor
Nendra to Nurage
Nursery to Onyx Archipelago (Cobalt)
Onyx Archipelago (Crimson) to Past Tents
Pastel to Piplicus
Pippynoshoes to Poseidon's Rides
Poseidon's Tricorne to Queen Anne's Revenge (Labyrinth Moors)
Queen Anne's Revenge (Midnight) to Redblessing
Redbones to Release calendar/2014-08
Release calendar/2014-09 to Rockin' Rowboats
Rockin' Weavery to Rum and Croak
Rum and Juice to Sassafras
Sassafrass to Secrets of the Deep
Secrets of the Fearless to Ship restocking cut
Ship salvaging to Skelaton
Skelaton's Revenge to Soo
Sookie to Steel the Night Away
Steeldrummer to Sweetdeath
Sweetees to Terran Empire
Terran Wear to The Flying Dutchmen (Cobalt flag)
The Flying Dutchmen (Cobalt flag)/Shoppes and Stalls to The Rainbow Connection
The Rainbow Voyager to Thirtythree
This to Tranquil Takeover
Tranquila to Ultimate Booties
Ultimate Dragons to Verdant Atoll (disambiguation)
Verdant class baghlah to WeBeFreaks
We Are Friends to Wolftag
Wolfuhz to Yonit/Trinkets
YooHooCrew to √úbersetzungsfehler
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