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%s to Adventures of Odysseus
Adventuring-Go Away to An Eye for Fashion
Anabel to Arrgonaut
Arrielle to Bad Sushi
Bad Touch to Benison
Benke to Blacksteel's Buccaneers
Blackstrap to Booch
Booched to Build You Up
Build Your Own Familiar to Captainrazy
Captainread to Chart box
Chart ter Victory to Cocktail
Cocktail Party to Crawlinglink
Crayonofdark to Da Vinci Clothes
Daan to Death Armada
Death Beds to Dirt-Poor Dwellings
Dirt Pour to Dreamsz
Dreamt to Elite Pirates of Doom/Portraits
Elite Pirates of Doom/Shoppes and Stalls to Event E2/Proposal MattMason84
Event E2/Proposal Mirkwood23 to Fear and Loathing (Viridian)
Fear the Unknown to Flying Solo
Flying The Red Flag to Furniture (L through Q)
Furniture (M) to Gila Archipelago (Malachite)
Gila Archipelago (Meridian) to Green with Envy
Green with Envy (Meridian) to Hassium
Hat to Homer's Odyssey
Homer Depot to Ikeeljoo
Ikke to Ironhair
Ironi to Jerkin
Jeroenfs to Kakko
Kako to Kithara Koro (Meridian)
Kithara Koro (disambiguation) to Land
Land O' Lakes to Limes
Limeysmum to Love Shack (Ice)
Love Spells to Mandreg
Mands to Mehaa
Meiji Rest-or-Ration to Minoan Market
Minor Details to Mrixx
Mrjudorules to Neophyte
Neorion Nauticals to Nyphondora
Nyx to Opal Archipelago (disambiguation)
Opal Ocean to Patrickd
Patrickroyy to Pirate Depot
Pirate Fashion to Potion
Potion Masters to Quiglin
Quiickplay to Redhawkfan
Redhead to Release disambig 2012-03-21
Release notes to Rogue OM Squad III
Rogue OM Squad IV Coconut to Russian Roulette
Russitano to Scandalized Sails
Scandalous to Serenity/Portraits
Serenity (Cerulean) to Short Drinking Strategy
Short sword to Skittlle
Skitzz to Spamguy
Spammers Inc to Stone Still
Stonecold to Sxcpirateaii
Sximother to The Argonauts (Hunter)
The Argonauts (Sage) to The Green Sea Dragon
The Greenie House to The Salty Janitors
The Salty Mouthfuls to Thrugg
Thumbus to Treasure Hunters Guild/Treasury Log/Guild Records July-Dec 2007
Treasure Hunters Guild/Treasury Log/Smithing Summer Slam to Underworld
Underworld Kingdom to Victourious Revenge
Vidiella to Weight loss concoction
Weighty to Wrasse Island
Wrasse Island (Azure) to Yvonnef
Yvys to √úbersetzungsfehler

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