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%s to Aelesaia
Aelyanariah to Anchormay
Anchors Away to Ascendancy of Perdition
Ascendo Tuum to Balls of Death
Balls of Fire to Bielwith
Bieyen to Blitzkrieg
Blitzlkh to Bottlecap
Bottled Bluebeard to CSD
CSM war convention to Cascades
Cascading to Chloroform Candy
Chochip to Conscribe
Consider to Cruelty
Cruentus Morpheus to Darkness's bane
Darkness in Ice to Des Shopping Cartes
Des Teufels Thron to Down For The Plague
Down The Drain to Eagleia
Eaglejenny to Erin (Jade)
Erin Go Bragh to Fall Into The GAP
Fall Out Pirates to Flea Market (Emerald)
Fleet to Frozen Midnight Banner
Frozen Moon to Gently
Genuine to Grashemar
Gratiot to Hard Luck
Hard Rock Epee to Holiday 2012 promotion
Holiday card to Idea links
Idervvf to Iron Will
Iron monger to Jesmar
Jesroo to Kalonia
Kalonia/Ships to Kleenex
Kleenex/Trinkets to Laseema
Laser to List of Viridian Ocean doubloon prices
List of all known pets to Luckywench
Luckyzac to Margarita
Margaritaq to Merchant Brigands
Merchant Galleon to Mizuhara
Mizuke to My Kingdom For A House
My Pants to Nightmother
Nightninja to Ocean Warriors
Ocean geography to P-O-A-S-T
P4P to Pets
Pets (Idea Links) to Pnoi
Pnoob to Puerile
Puffels to Rated Arr (Midnight)
Rated Arrgh to Release 2015-06-25
Release 2015-07-30 to Ring
Ring Tailed Viridians to Royal Pirates
Royal Pirates (Emerald) to Sand Barge
Sand Beneath Your Sheath to Seaflower
Seafoam Corsairs to Shenji
Shensisque to Sitedekiller
Sith to Some Wan Shot
SomethingSexy to Steam class sloop
Steel Heart to Sweettie
Sweetums to Thanatopsis
Thanatos to The Golden Fleece
The Golden Harp to The Sage Coastguard
The Sage Crusaders to Thym
Ti to Trengei
Trenton to United Empires
United Explorers to Viridian Crusaders
Viridian Embassy to When Brigs Fly
When Devils Strikes to Xebec-MainHold.xml
Xeitgeist to Zeos army
Zeox to √úbersetzungsfehler

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