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%s to Aeons
Aeowyn to Ancient
Ancient Aliens to Aschen
Asclepius to Balls of Fury
Balls of Imperial Fury to Bidding
Bielwith to Blitzacez
Blitzenboy to Botlykro/trinkets
Bottar to CIAAE
CIAAM to Carven squid
Casa De la Mar to Chips
Chirp to Conquests of Sage
Conquistador to Cruel Penguins
Cruelfate to Darkmagian
Darkman to Derko
Derkor to Dowecarenokkthxbai
Down For The Plague to Eagleia
Eaglejenny to Erin (Cobalt)
Erin (Crimson) to Faldrok
Faleer to Flavor
Flawless Inadequacy to Frozen Fairytale
Frozen Fear to Gentlemen Prefer Bedrolls
Gently to Grapples and Oar Hinges
Grappling to Happytowork
Haraldh to Hold
Holdem Foldem Cloth to Icklefry/Trinkets/Haunted Seas
Icklefry/Trinkets/Imperial to Iron Pyrites
Iron Slugger to Jerrymax
Jerseyjoe to Kallig
Kallirosd to Klatoo/Trinkets
Klaudiana to Larst
Larxene to List of Atlantean furniture
List of Cursed Isle furniture to Lucky rabbit's foot
Luckylad to Mardi Bras
Mare Magnus to Merchant brig-MainDeck.xml
Merchant brig-MainHold.xml to Mjolnir amulet
Mlj to My Ship Don't Sink
Mycheese to Nightninja
Nightraven to Ocean treasure
Oceana to PAROT
PCT to Pettrinha
Pettrinha/Trinkets to Pnoob
PoE to Puffpirate
Puggi to Raucousred
Ravager to Release 2016-02-23
Release 2016-03-24 to Rising Storm (Emerald crew)
Rising Sun to Rubee
Rubella to Santa rampage
Santaelf to Search plug-ins
Searching to Ship
Ship's helm to Skarrface
Skarwei to Sophiarr
Sophocles to Stephensam
Stephenw to Swissymissy
Switcheroo to The Aerobros
The Aftermath to The Green Sea Dragon
The Greenie House to The Sea Eagles
The Sea Eagles (Emerald) to Tide Dyed Cloth
Tide Hunters to Trickykid
Trident to United Pillagers Across Malachite/Supplementary time chart
United Pillagers Across Meridian to Viridianmast
Viridis to Whiplash (pirate)
Whippoorswill to Xensity
Xercex to Zerozz (retired)
Zerris to √úbersetzungsfehler

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