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%s to Adriellesalt
Adswellfit to Amyk
Amykate to Armywifestar
Arnt to Bad Moon Rising
Bad Odds to Bengree
Benison to Blackstrap
Blackthorpe to Booched
Boochin' Drunks to Bugeyedbug
Bugs Rummy to Captainpeter
Captainqrunp to Chart
Chart Manager to Cockade
Cocker spaniel to Crawlinglink
Crayonofdark to Da Vinci Clothes
Daan to Death's Shadow
Death's Sin to Dionysus Quinqueremes
Dionysus Spirits to Dreamcloud
Dreamdancer to Eleventy
Elexorien to Event E2/Proposal Jpcarol
Event E2/Proposal Julieanne to Fayn
Fbroadcast to Flyaway Island
Flyaway Island (Malachite) to Furniture (C)
Furniture (D) to Gibbon Gallery
Gibbon Inn to Green Oasis
Green Oasis (Obsidian) to Harvickfan
Hasenfang to Home Sweet Home
Home by the Sea to Igoddessl
Igorbrasil to Iron Vengeance
Iron Warriors to Jennyb
Jennyfer to Kagura
Kahless to Kiss My Wrasse
Kiss O' Death to Lagniappe Brewing Company
Lagniappe Island to Lima Island (Viridian)
Limas to Louberry/Trinkets
Louco to Man-O-War
Man At Arms to Meehearties/Trinkets/Beachcomber
Meehearties/Trinkets/Black Market to Mind Your Manors
Mind Your Manors (Crimson) to Mountains of Cloth
Mountees to Nefarious Warlords
Neinna to Numero UNO (Viridian)
Numero Uno to Onelovefun
Onemanarmy to Partypants
Pasianodaman to Pinke
Pinkhas to Portrait facial expression
Portrait item to Quake
Qualinestian Warships to Red Ribbon Army
Red Roof to Release calendar/2012-12
Release calendar/2013 to Rock that Ship
Rock the Boat to Rum N Fun
Rum Raiders to Sargeincharg
Sarita to Second Breath
Second Chance to Ship in a Bottle (Sage)
Ship medal to Skarwei
Skateabel to Sonofearth
Sonofmonk to Staysha
Steal to Sweet Tarts (Malachite)
Sweet Tarts (Meridian) to Tern Archipelago (Sage)
Tern Archipelago (disambiguation) to The Flames of Fate
The Flames of The Deep to The Puzzled Bandits
The Puzzled Pirates (Midnight) to Thieves of the sea
Thighland to Trading Post
Trading Post (Emerald) to Ubiquitous pilferers
Ucantkillme to Ventress Island (Sage)
Ventress Island (disambiguation) to Wayne
Wayne Manor to Woka
Wokawoka to Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates Forums/Searching
Yohoho.log to √úbersetzungsfehler

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