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%s to Advent Rising
Adventure Galley to Amyliz
Amylo to Arnt
Arousal to Bad Odds
Bad Realm to Bengi
Bengree to Blacksteel
Blacksteel's Bandits to Boo Our Other Booched
Booby Prize to Buffing
Buffy to Captainnb
Captainnb/Trinkets to Charon's Ferries (Cnossos Island)
Charon's Oarsmen to Cochineal Island (Meridian)
Cochineal Island (Viridian) to Crash 'n Burn
Crashbound to Da Queens Of Colbalt
Da Spanish Armada to Death's Gate
Death's March to Diomedes
Dionysos to Dream class sloop
Dream is Destiny to Elequence
Eleste to Event E2/Proposal Jerze
Event E2/Proposal Jollyman to Fava Furni
Fawks to Flutter-by
Fly to Furniture (A through C)
Furniture (B) to Gibberz
Gibbon Gallery to Green Flame
Green Garage to Harvest class cutter
Harvest class sloop to Home
Home Brew to Igneous Pneuma
Igniknot to Iron Pyrites
Iron Slugger to Jennivere
Jennt to Kahless
Kahlida to Kiss My Sloop
Kiss My Wrasse to Lager Flume
Lagerhead to Lima Island
Lima Island (Cerulean) to Lottaloot
Lotteries (Idea Links) to Malum Discordiae
Mama's Mixers to Meeca
Meechka to Mindpriest
Mineral to Mousht
Moushtie to Nellysz
Neloangelo to Nunataq Island
Nunataq Island (Emerald) to Oneswordz
Onetooth to Pasianodaman/Imperial outpost
Pasianodaman/Trinkets to Pinktaco
Pinkydevil to Portraits
Portraits (Idea Links) to Queen
Queen's Realm to Redarmy
Redasa to Release calendar/2014-04
Release calendar/2014-05 to Roesanne
Roev to Rumble (pirate)
Rumble Attack Mapper Project to Sathen
Satin to Seekers Veritas
Seekers of Joy to Ships Spring Eternal
Ships Stuck in Port to Skeletoness/Cursed Isles Items
Skeletoness/Familiars to Sorin
Soro to Stella Maris
Stella Maris (Ice) to Sweetsusie
Sweetsweets to Tesla Foils
Tessaiga to The Forgiven
The Forgotten to The Red Diamonds
The Red Flag to This is the End
Thisara to Trans-Atlantic Empire
Trans-Pacific Empire to Ultimate Pirate
Ultimate Sagefire to Verdigris
Veri to We Are Friends
We Are The Champaigns to Wolfuhz
Wolfyx to Yomolamomo
Yonit/Trinkets to √úbersetzungsfehler

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