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-Frozen- at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Nargon
Senior Officer(s) Albinonine, Brianang, Hopply, Midgetninja, Nirwana, Quibbler, Snrm, Spookz, Squishat, Xliberatellx
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation -Tenacity-
Founded 13 July, 2006
Last updated on 25 February, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info

Frozen is a crew on the Emerald Ocean.

Public Statement

Yo-ho Yo-ho a Pirate's Life for Me

Extended Public Statement


As of October 8, 2006 we are the #1 crew on the Hunter Ocean! Very good job mates! :) Thanks for the support everyone. :)

Everyone is welcome to join, with the promotions requirements listed below. Note that sometimes exceptions may be granted but everyone is treated equally so that everyone have a fair chance to advance within the crew.

We may be a large crew, but we are also similar to a large family. Everyone is encouraged to interact with one another, regardless of rank.

Crew hall is at Deathly Hallows on Aimuari Island.

Crew Policies

+ Please treat all of your fellow crew mates and higher ranking officers with the utmost respect, whether you are chatting with them or pillaging with them on a ship. If an officer orders you to do something, obey or swim! :)

+ Please ask PTB (Permission to Board) before boarding small vessels like sloops and cutters. Failure to ask PTB is considered rude, and may result in your immediate /planking. This is not needed for war brigs or larger vessels unless a message is sent in the crew chat.

+ Chatspeak and leetspeek are highly discouraged as most people cannot understand you. Sparing use of those in a joking situation is fine. But please, do not make them your main form of communications or you will be shunned <.<

Ranks and Promotions

All requirements listed are the minimum requirements in order to be considered for promotion. Promotions will only be given if seen fit; even if you meet the requirements, you must listen well and do your job well in order to achieve higher ranks. If you are a certain rank in the crew you are in, do not expect to come in here as that rank; you will need to prove yourself loyal and trustworthy, and work your way up again. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to pillage with -Frozen- and have a good time! Hopefully you'll feel at home with us!

Experience levels: Novice Neophyte Apprentice Narrow Broad Solid Weighty Expert Paragon Illustrious Sublime Revered Exalted Transcendent

Skill levels: Able Proficient Distinguished Respected Master Renowned Grand-Master Legendary Ultimate

All stat-based promotion requirements are based on oceanwide standings.

+ Cabin Person +

Simply tell an officer that you would like to be a full time member of the crew, and you will be invited! :) We ask only that you take the time to completely read over the crew information, so you are familiar with our policies and procedures. Thank you.

+ Pirate +

There are 2 routes to obtain the pirate rank:

Multi-skilled pirate: Master in sail (or rig), carp and bilge. or Gunning pirate: Master in guns and Master in at least 1 of the 3 other basic piracy puzzles (sail (or rig), carp or bilge).

Just because you are a pirate does NOT mean you can gun on a pillage without permission. You will be planked if seen gunning without permission, continuous offenses will get you expeled.

+ Officer +

There are 2 routes to obtain the officer rank:

Support Officer: Renowned in sail/rig, carp, bilge and Master in guns. or Bnav Officer: Master in bnav and 3 Masters in the 4 basic puzzles of sail (or rig), carp, bilge and guns.

Officers will be responsible to return any pillages that they take out. Contact one of the officer trainers for training.

+ Fleet Officer +

You must have Renowned in all piracys(This includes Bilge,Carp, Sails/Rig, Gunning) and Renowned in B-nav to get this rank. You must also be trusted. You will be expected to pillage every once in a while.

+ Senior Officer +

To get here you must advance through all the ranks and have a good reputation around the current Senior Officers. You must have the abilities to B-Nav, be active, know how to keep the boat in shape, know how to handle a crew, and keep everything else in order. Because you will also have a say in -Frozen-'s politics and major decisions, you must be trusted and willing to take on the responsibility.

Crew Positions and Trainers

Officer Trainers: Hopply, Kidd, Spookz, Nargon, or any SOs

XO Trainers: Kidd, Nargon, Deputy, or any SOs

Person to spam with any questions or if you are just bored - Brianang, Tmxr, Elaenor

Broker of Souls - Gargamel

With questions pertaining (having to do) with the game, or crew policies, etc. Ask any of the Os and above.

Thanks for reading,

Captain of -Frozen- Nargon

And the rest of the -Frozen- Crew

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