- Cold Dark Attacks -

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- Cold Dark Attacks - at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Darkwiesten
Senior Officer(s) Ballbusterr, Bigbart, Bsmaster, Djcoolboy, Samiekhj, Sickboyo, Vasten
Politics Autocratic
Shares even
Flag Affiliation RiddleMakers
Founded 14 March, 2007
Dormant or disbanded as of 29 August, 2007
Favicon.png Crew Info

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- Cold Dark Attacks - was an crew on the Viridian Ocean which was supporting the flag RiddleMakers.

Public statement

ahoy pirates, Welcome to our fine crew,

If You or yer friends wanna join this crew, just ask one of our Officers.


  • cabin person; just ask
  • pirate; just ask when ye joined the crew
  • Officer; got at least 2 "master" standings or own yerself a vessel
  • Fleet Officer; be in this crew for at least 1 week and earn the trust from the captain or at least of 2 SO's
  • Senior Officer; Earn the trust of Yer Captain


  • have fun!!!.
  • don't do any greeter pilly's when ye don't know what the job of a greeter is!
  • don't port at a deserted island.
  • always restock the ship after ye pilliged.
  • Don't steal out of the vessels hold.
  • have a minimum human crew aboard;
Sloop; 2+
Cutter: 6+
Dhow; 8+
Baghlah: 10+
Merchant Brig: 12+
War Brig: 15+
Merchant Galleon: 16+
War Frigate: 40+
Grand Frigate: 60+

  • If ye don't respect these rules, ye have to pay 5000 poe to darkwiesten (crewcoffers).

Crew ships and funds

Donations to the "crew funds" may be given to Darkwiesten. Darkwiesten is also the one who holds the deeds of the crew vessels


- Cold Dark Attacks - used to be called '- Cold War Attacks -' when it was the war crew of the flag '- Cold War -', when the crew left the flag, darkwiesten renamed the crew to "- Cold Dark Attacks -".


  • ??/??/07 the crew RiddleWakers with former captain bballer has merged into -Cold Dark Attacks-
  • 23/06/07 the crew Dark Glory with former captain DJcoolboy has merged into -Cold Dark Attacks
  • ??/07/07 the crew Cold Dark Attacks has merged into an other crew.

They aren't interested in flag invites

Because they love the RiddleMakers

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