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- Virtute et Armis -

From YPPedia

- Virtute et Armis - at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Dalnoth
Senior Officer(s) Adafco, Afrodite-East, Anchovia, Andrix, Arnora, Barcium, Bartop, Blackcanary, Cantha, Cerne, Coronation, Dahlgren, Deerenuts, Greywhiskers, Hitchhike, Howtie, Jcimf, Kracken, Lawlz, Maliya, Melodycat, Missabigail, Monopolist, Monsterhunts, Nemmy, Novo, Phyloma, Phyre, Piratestroy, Pooki, Roseh, Roux, Shadymermaid, Smother, Technitiumm, Triplem, Vonwerder, Whitell, Wilmawibbles, Wipley, Yohococo, Yourcharm, Zackeh
(ALL aforementioned SO's are dormant. The ones afterwards are active.)
Ameera, Avienda, Azria, Beat, Daquan, Deksy, Hankscorpio, Korte, Luigi, Luxory, Martoo, Naploen, Nexal, Nikkia, Peaceoutt, Phaonix, Romi, Seepnah, Shiny, Striderrs, Tams, Triplepat, Trunkie, Vendee, Viator, Violencaa
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Major Key Alert
Founded 29 October, 2006
Last updated on 16 November, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-- Virtute et Armis -.jpg

- Virtute et Armis - is a crew that sails the Emerald Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Major Key Alert.

The crew's goal is simple: enjoy the game. They are a friendly, fun loving, but hard working crew. - Virtute et Armis - accepts no nonsense when it is time to battle, but when it isn't they have a great time.

History of - Virtute et Armis -

- Virtute et Armis - was founded on 29 October, 2006 by Afrodite when a group of players decided to make Hunter Ocean their permanent Puzzle Pirates residence. Afrodite was captain until Arpil 2007, when she handed over the reins of command to Hankscorpio, who very successfully lead the crew for 4 months. In August 2007, Afrodite returned as captain. Eventually Hankscorpio regained command

The crew was a proud member of the flag Castigo Final until it disbanded 5 February, 2007. Soon afterwards, - Virtute et Armis - came to fly the flag of Wasted Potential, which they left in August 2007 when two of Virtute's members started the flag Coerced Coexistence.

This crew once sailed the waters of the Hunter Ocean under the flag of Seas the Day.

Public statement

We are who we are and that isn't gonna change

Crew is currently decommisioned.

Crew articles

Only Senior Officers may join new crewmates. All new crew members are subject to a 2 week probationary period, after which Fleet Officer and above will discuss permanent membership.

Information for Jobbing pirates:

Leaving in battle, being planked, constant lazing, and consistent booches and poors in the duty reports will award you a -1 in the booty division. Otherwise, do not fear, you will receive your full share of the booty.

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