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A 24-hour pillage is a non-stop pillage that lasts for 24 hours. Some commanding officers will remain on the ship for the entire 24 hours without regard for their need for sleep. The ship may port to restock, but there have been some instances where the ship never ports. To help pass the time, the organizer may hold events, Shuranthae's and Whitefire's 24-hour pillages being notable examples.

The first 24-hour pillage was held by Dorel on a war frigate. Many others have been held, including one by Jacktheblack on a grand frigate.

The 24-hour pillage trend died down after Whitefire's 24-hour pillage caused the Ringers to change the booty payout code due to the breaking of several records, including 2.7 million PoE for a single battle, and over 46 million PoE won in a 24-hour period by one ship.

A more recent attempt at an "endless" pillage was organized by a collection of flags and pirates in April 2005, and achieved close to 100 hours of continual pillaging on one ship.

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