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Mercenaries, or mercs, are Non-Player Pirates (NPPs) hired onto a ship in Puzzle Pirates. Affiliated with the Crimson Company, they outperform swabbies in duty puzzles sea battle frays, and can participate in haunted seas and Atlantis frays.

Identified by their bright red name and unique adjectives, mercenaries require rum spice for hiring and perform better than swabbies in various activities. The number of available mercenaries depends on the ship type, and they contribute to flag influence during blockades. They consume rum spice and receive a share of booty, adjusting their cut during sea monster hunts based on the ratio of mercenaries to pirates. Mercenaries have specific roles and limitations in different scenarios, enhancing the gameplay experience.

Mercenaries were introduced with release 2023-03-28.

Official Events

In-game and YPPedia Events

Date (Ocean) Event - Prize
Jun (All) Limited Edition Ship of the month Rainbow class sloop!
Jul (All) Limited Edition Ship of the month Tiburon Class Sloop!
Aug (All) Limited Edition Ship of the month Inferno Class War Brig!
Sep (All) Limited Edition Ship of the month Steam Class Sloop!

Unofficial Events

Unofficial Events have no affiliation with Grey Havens in any way.

In-game and YPPedia Events

Date (Ocean) Event - Prize
** (All) Your event could be here!

Real World Events

Date Location
No gatherings at this time
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Today is Tuesday. The freeplay days schedule is as follows:

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