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-Memetica- at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch None
Member crew(s) Los Infieles
Dormant as of 20 June, 2008
Favicon.png Flag Info

-Memetica- is a flag on the Viridian Ocean


-Memetica- was created out of the flag Latin Revolution. It was started by Falcus, Damayi, Chelito, and others with the crew ---Fuerza Latina---.

As of 18th of February 2008, the flag is nearly defunct with only a single crew and that crew only having a cabin person active.

Public Statement

Welcome to this flag name memetica presents alliance and union of all the crews that want to play and have fun conquering pillages and taking new lands, All memetica give you a welcome. This is a really good flag that will not accept a war if, and will blockade only when we need to. If you wanna join us talk to the king or any of the royalties. We will be happy to have you with us. we are here to all the crews that join us to show glory and the power what the latin force can do on all the sea. now we are practicing a lot of blockades mates so be careful cause latins are near to take one of your islands be ready!!!