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Aapje was captain and roustabout of Leviathans Requiem, as well as prince of Blaze of Glory. He has been dormant since January 2008.


Aapje started the game in September 2005 on Sage ocean. He was asked to try the game by his best mate Cris. He didn't like it at first, but after giving it a re-try he got into the game. He started together with Cris at Curse of Moonlight, where he learned the basics from people like Jamesbondi. After things went wrong at that crew, he started one with Piemelkop (Bolletje) and Cris named Shark Raiders. The crew was succesfull and still is. Tho after having a few arguments about how things should go, Aapje and Cris decided to go their own way by starting Leviathans Requiem, and hoping they can sail for many years.