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Current events

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Awards Key
indicates a monkey familiar is being awarded.
indicates an octopus familiar is being awarded.
indicates a parrot familiar is being awarded.
indicates a ippolito familiar is being awarded.
indicates a serpent familiar is being awarded.
indicates a ghostling familiar is being awarded.
indicates a dragon familiar is being awarded.
indicates a familiar of unknown type is being awarded.
indicates a portrait is being awarded.
indicates a ship is being awarded.
indicates a shoppe is being awarded.

The date and time for all current events listed here are according to Pirate Time (currently UTC -8). You can also look for other links to events on the Events forum or the current blockades page. Have fun!

Time: 16:43 UTC  |  Date: July 16 (PST)
Selected world times (not DST adjusted):   Pirate (Pacific Standard) Time: -8
Mountain Standard Time: -7   Central Standard Time: -6   Eastern Standard Time: -5
Atlantic Standard Time: -4   Greenwich Mean Time/Western European Time: UTC
Central European Time: +1   Eastern European Time: +2   Moscow Time: +3
Indian Standard Time: +5:30   Singapore/Hong Kong/Australian West/Chinese: +8
Japan Standard Time/Korea Standard Time: +9   Australian Central: +9:30
Australian East: +10   New Zealand Standard Time: +12
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Official Events

In-game and Forum Events

Date (Ocean) Event - Prize
Jul (Obsidian) Pillage an Oceanmaster! Come attack us, if yer brave enough!
Jul 20 (All) Step aboard the Portrait ship! International Chess Day! Will it end in a "Stalemate"
Jul 30 (All) Step aboard the Portrait ship! International Day of Friendship! Will you"Be My Hearty"
Aug 1 (All) Step aboard the Portrait ship! August! Always an "August Occasion"
Aug 5 (All) Step aboard the Portrait ship! Sandcastle Day! Time to be "making sandcastles"
Aug 16 (All) Step aboard the Portrait ship! Rum Day! Enjoy those "Barrels o' Rum"
Aug 26 (All) Step aboard the Portrait ship! Women's Equality Day! Oh yes, "We Can Do It"

Unofficial Events

Unofficial Events have no affiliation with Grey Havens in any way.

In-game and Forum Events

Date (Ocean) Event - Prize
Aug 20 (All) German meetup trophy Design event! Design a trophy for a chance to win a familiar!

Real World Events

Date Location

Real World Events

Date Location

Game Gardens events

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