- MoR Imperium -

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- MoR Imperium - at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Glitzie of Silver moonlighters
Member crew(s) Silver moonlighters, Abyssal Sentinels
Dormant or disbanded as of 18 February, 2008
Favicon.png Flag Info

- MoR Imperium - is a flag on the Viridian Ocean.


- MoR Imperium - was created by Darkwiesten after the crew - Made out Rubies - was evicted from Masters of Riddles.

Public statement

Greetings from - MoR Imperium -.

HIYA, We Are - MoR Imperium -. we got some special mission for us; Makin fun and giving an good future to all members and ally's.

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