A Rare Alchemy

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A Rare Alchemy
Left-facing Apothecary (upgraded) on
Admiral Island (Gull Archipelago)
Sage Ocean
Owner Blkhearted
Manager(s) Safron, Kriskreme
Erected February 2006
Dusted Date unknown
Building-Sage-A Rare Alchemy.png

A Rare Alchemy is an apothecary shoppe located on Admiral Island on the Sage Ocean. It was built in February of 2006, by Tripleswitch and River. River left On the Rocks and Go With The Flow shortly after Admiral I, and left the shop to Tripleswitch. Tripleswitch operated the apothecary for a short time before selling it to Safron.

The name of this building is a reference to an episode of the A&E's series Biography titled "Led Zeppelin: A Rare Alchemy".

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