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2011 Design Easter Eggs - Data

From YPPedia


Adrielle (Viridian)


Agomicc (Viridian)


Amaret (Cobalt)


Arghhpirate (Viridian)


Avi (Sage)

All designs have seams.


Bonifacio (Sage)


Borogove (Sage)

Design has a slight seam.


Cattrin (Midnight)

Designs 1, 3, 4 and 5 are not seamless.


Coldest (Sage)


Cryptic (Sage)

Designs 1-4, and 6 & 7 have seams.


Decideo (Viridian)


Defleur (Viridian)


Dexla (Midnight)


Elvina (Midnight)


Evilmermaid (Cobalt)


Faeree (Sage)


Flutie (Midnight)


Freaks (Hunter)

Designs 3 and 8 have seams.


Garfields (Viridian)


Greylady (Malachite)


Gulpofbilge (Malachite)


Herowena (Midnight)


Hrengito (Sage)


Hunta (Viridian)

Image sizes are incorrect. Entry #7 needs to be in .png format

Imp (Malachite)


Inessa (Viridian)


Iong (Viridian)


Iquelo (Jade)


Jippy (Viridian)


Karlinda (Sage)


Kenpachi (Sage)


Kirke (Midnight)


Masters (Hunter)

First two designs have seams.


Mawkawlaw (Viridian)

Design 2 has a seam.


Meadflagon (Cobalt)


Missprint (Hunter)

Design 3 has a seam.


Myst (Viridian)

Designs 1, 3, 7 and 8 have slight seams.


Nil (Malachite)


Phillite (Sage)


Pletoo (Sage)


Preslly (Sage)

A third design is not included as it is not in .png format. Design 2 has a seam.


Renaata (Viridian)


Rkooan (Sage)

Design 4 has a seam.


Sallymae (Viridian)


Sandiibottom (Cobalt)


Selora (Viridian)


Silverdagger (Midnight)

Design 1 has a seam.


Stonecold (Viridian)

Design 2 has a seam.


Stonekeeper (Opal)

First two designs have slight seams.


Sxygrl (Sage)


Telamon (Hunter)


Thalatta (Cobalt Ocean)


Therebemore (Sage)

Designs 1 and 3 have seams.


Tilinka (Sage)


Tilted (Viridian)


Tutankhamun (Viridian)

Both entries have seams.


Twinkle (Malachite)


Xtrauma (Viridian)

Images need to be 256 x 256px in size.

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