Ice Ocean changelog

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This page archives the changelog for the Ice Ocean. Changes made to this ocean will usually find their way to the production oceans. This page is for archival purposes and for historical tracking of feature changes.


Puzzle Pirates is under constant development. Major releases have historically come about once a month, although more recent releases have tended to be more irregular minor updates.

Release 2023-08-21

  • Werewolves now give out werewolf compasses.
  • Vessels can now disengage from blockade spectate mode.
  • Blockade chat should work in blockade spectate mode.
  • Spectators can be invited via jobbing board.

Release 2023-08-14

  • Prototype blockade spectating mode. Button should be available on vessels when at a blockaded island.

Release 2023-07-30

Some blockade updates:

  • Reduces the amount of Mercenaries that will job in Blockade.
  • Island size affects board size.
  • Blockade chat is enabled.

Release 2023-02-27

Experimental puzzle scoring changes:

The way that puzzle performance and puzzle standings are determined has always been relative to the performance of other players on the ocean. Over time, as players have become increasingly skilled at different puzzles, these scoring mechanisms have shifted a lot, so that performance that might have one time qualified as "Incredible" will now only be rated as "Good", or less.

This is partly by design, but over time these scoring thresholds have become quite exaggerated, to the point where newer players trying to improve their standings or duty reports can become quite discouraged that their attempts at eventually excelling at certain puzzles feels hopeless. This is not ideal for the long-term health of Puzzle Pirates, in terms of continuing to welcome new greenies to the oceans.

With this in mind, the goal of this experimental scoring update is to implement some fixed puzzle scoring thresholds for puzzle standings and duty reports. This will mean that if your puzzle performance score is sufficiently high, you will be guaranteed to achieve certain ratings or standings, regardless of how other players have recently been scoring at the puzzle.

These are some of the desired outcomes we would like to see from these changes:

  • Providing Expert labor should be a more attainable goal for reasonably skilled puzzlers.
  • Unrealistic puzzle performance scores attained by bot usage will no longer shift the scoring thresholds to excessively high values.
    • Bots will continue to be detected and result in bans. Don't use puzzle bots!
  • Achieving standing levels such as Ultimate should no longer feel like an impossible goal for legitimate players.

These new scoring thresholds can and will be adjusted in the future as needed, so we appreciate any feedback you have while we give these changes a try. For now, please leave them here. We hope to have a more efficient way to gather feedback soon.


We are currently testing skilled swabbies. The focus of testing at the moment is on the spice and hiring management. We will be testing balancing later.

  • Spiced rum is back on the market.
  • Skilled swabbies can be enabled in the voyage config panel (from 0% to 100% -- default is 0%).
  • The number of skilled swabbies allowed on a vessel is now determined by the spice in the hold (10 per)
  • Skilled swabbies now leave vessels that do not have enough spice.
  • Skilled swabbies can defend in SMH

Update 2021-03-11

  • New vampire sword pattern. (Pat and Pash's)
  • More vampire art changes.
  • Random chance of spawning vampire boat expedition while pillaging.
  • Vampire expedition and BK expedition drop chances set to high for testing.
  • Various bug fixes.

Update 2021-02-23

  • New vampire sword pattern.
  • More vampire art.
  • Expedition changes.

Release 2021-02-02

  • Vampire now have a new drop pattern and a new special rule. Can't tell if its harder or not.
  • Summoning charms are available in the palace shoppe.

Release 2021-01-14

  • Vampire frays should be spawning.
  • Styled the vampires with set looks.
  • New vampire sword with new block and drop pattern.
  • New UI option to resize the window, enable in options > general > resize.
  • Those of you with weak passwords should be getting an alert to update it.

Release 2018-03-28

  • Updated the War Galleon with some small scene changes and decreased the station count as discussed on the forums. If you purchased the original version of the ship and would like to swap it for a new one, please submit a petition and an Ocean Master will help you out!

Release 2018-03-20

  • A new vessel type, the War Galleon, is now available! To help facilitate testing, it is currently purchasable in the Palace Shoppe. We're interested in your feedback on whether the ship feels too powerful, not powerful enough, or just about right. Let us know what you think in the Ice forum!

Release 2017-10-11

  • Making the "Blockades" tab accessible even when not on a ship.
  • Adding some initial support for exporting client data to a log file in json format; this can be tested by double-clicking on the "Inventory" tab when managing a shoppe.

Release 2017-10-09

  • Bringing Ice up to date with the Production oceans.
  • Making the Blockades tab accessible even when not on an island.
  • Increasing the maximum number of free accounts allowed.
  • Making the CPU bugfix the default behavior for the client, and removing the checkbox from the Options panel.

Release 2017-04-28

  • Adding a Global chat channel
    • This channel is muted by default, but can be toggled with the "/global-on" and "/global-off" commands.
    • To use this channel, start your message with "/global".
    • There is a wait period between consecutive messages from a single player (like the Trade channel).
    • This channel will replace "/greeter" chat.
  • Adding more Flotilla trophies.
  • Updating the conditions for one of the trophy sets added earlier this week.

Release 2017-04-24

  • Adding Flotilla trophies; details will need to be discovered by players.
  • Fixed a bug where vessels turning about removed players from pending crafting puzzle competitions.
  • Removing disabled command from "/help" output.

Release 2017-04-19

  • Changing a competition scoring mechanic that previously allowed lazing to be useful in certain situations.

Release 2017-04-17

  • Additional changes to prevent "prepuzzling" before competitions begin. If this situation occurs, a message will be sent to notify the player that their recent performance didn't count towards the competition.

Release 2017-04-13

  • Adding a "DPI Aware" checkbox in the "General" tab of the Options panel. This can be helpful in some situations where the game client is too small on a 4k display.

Release 2017-04-10

  • Flotillas will no longer spawn in uninhabitable archipelagos.
  • Updating the Flotilla score panel to display the new Cutter supply ships.

Release 2017-04-05

  • Flotilla changes:
    • Flotilla voyages will now be listed above SMH on the voyages panel.
    • Cutters have been added as a possible supply ship.
    • Vargas and Yu Jian will now have sinking flotillas.
    • Increased payouts for non-sinking flotillas.
  • Trade channel changes:
    • Greenies will no longer be able to use this chat channel.
    • More subdued color for the message background.
    • Fixed bug where trade chats were not listed correctly in the chat history.

Release 2017-03-29

  • If players are on a vessel that has recently turned about, they will need to wait until the vessel reaches the league point before they can join a competition.
    • If players had already joined a pending competition beforehand, they will need to rejoin after reaching the league point.
  • Fixing bug that could cause LE ship NPPs to get stuck in the crow's nest.
  • Fixing broken links to BKs on the colonized island list in YoWeb.
  • Minor update to chat filter.

Release 2017-03-17

  • Fixing size of mouse cursor images when client is resized for 4k displays.

Release 2017-03-16

  • Settings update to improve Window scaling on some 4k displays.

Release 2017-02-28

  • Adding a global trade chat channel.
    • Pirates can only speak on this channel once every few minutes.
    • This channel can be muted and unmuted with "/tmute".

Release 2017-02-15

  • Setting up a "Sloop Mark II" that can be ordered at shipyards.
    • This version has the updated scenes (including cabin) that are used for many of the LE sloops. All other aspects (swabbies, stations, etc.) are identical to the normal sloop.

Release 2017-02-13

  • Including a "Colonized islands" button at the bottom of the "Island" tab.
  • Making the governor name into a YoWeb link to their pirate page.
  • Showing the island's current property tax rate.

Release 2017-02-08

  • Bringing Ice up to date with the latest production release.
  • Adding a link on YoWeb island pages to see a full list of Colonized Islands.
    • Adding the governor name to the island info section.

Release 2016-09-24

  • Fix for bug that would sometimes cause all Lavish Lockers in the booty division to only give pieces of eight, and no trinkets or items.
    • Individual lockers will still occasionally award poe, this is intended.

Release 2016-09-21

  • Reworked the booty division system for Lavish Lockers to be more balanced and fair:
    • Behind the scenes, players will be awarded a set number of "pillage points" for each melee they participated in during the pillage. Players with the most points earned will be given first priority for being awarded lockers in the booty division.
    • When a player wins a locker in the booty division, some of their pillage points will be deducted.
    • In the event that two players have the same number of pillage points, whoever has won the least number of Lavish Lockers so far in the booty division will be given priority.
    • If multiple players have the same number of pillage points, and have earned the same number of Lavish Lockers in the current booty division, then the locker will be awarded to one of those players randomly.

Release 2016-09-20

  • Adding a new hat design in the Trading Post in exchange for trinkets won from Greedy Brigands.
  • Bugfix for Rumble: bruised pieces will no longer have an outline revealing their color when targeting greedy brigands

Release 2016-09-14

  • Adding two new furniture items that can be won directly from Lavish Lockers (rather than designs)
  • Adding a chance of Silver chromas from Lavish Lockers
  • Increasing the bonus to Greedy Brigand spawns for jobbing greenies
  • Rebalancing some of the reward chances from Lavish Lockers

Release 2016-09-06

  • Making the distribution of Lavish Lockers during divvy more balanced.
  • Fix for disappearing pirate faces during Sword Fight and Rumble.
  • Updating animations for the new pet.

Release 2016-09-03

  • Adding chance of winning a new pet from Greedy brigand/barbarian Lavish Lockers
  • Fixing colors of new familiar when worn by female pirates
  • More balancing to chances of Lavish Lockers in Sword Fight and Rumble

Release 2016-08-26

  • Adding a rare new familiar from Greedy brigand/barbarian Lavish Lockers
  • Adjusting chances of Lavish Lockers in Sword Fight and Rumble to make them more balanced
  • Adding chance of PoE from Lavish Lockers

Release 2016-08-25

  • Greedy Brigands and Barbarians will now drop "Lavish Lockers" during the melee fights. These will usually contain special trinkets that can be exchanged at the Trading Post for new items.
  • Added a "Greedy Purse" in the "Artifacts" section of the trading post. This purse can be opened to obtain pieces of eight in exchange for the Greedy trinkets.
  • Added two new furniture designs to the Trading Post:
    • Fine Bludgeon Trunk: stores up to 40 bludgeons
    • Jeweled Sword Rack: stores up to 40 swords
  • Added a new set of trophies that can be earned by fighting Greedy brigands and barbarians.


  • Fixing disconnect bug when fighting Greedy Barbarians
  • Adding additional trophies for Greedy Barbarians
  • Making Merchant Expeditions more common


  • Adding Greedy Barbarians
    • As with the Greedy Brigands, each Greedy Barbarian will be vulnerable to one particular color. These color pieces will look different on your Rumble board while you have a Greedy Barbarian targeted. When you destroy pieces of that color, you will have a chance of stealing treasure. The more pieces of that color that you destroy at once, the greater your chances of taking treasure.
  • Taking treasure from Greedy Brigands will now be easier than before.
  • Added a new set of trophies based on attacking Greedy Brigands.


  • Adding the first set of ship-wide trophies for taking treasure from Greedy Brigands.

2016-08-05 - Greedy Brigands

  • While vessels are configured for pillaging, they will have a chance of encountering a new "greedy" variety of brigands during sword fights. These brigands are identifiable by their extravagant jewelry that they collect and hoard for themselves, such as gold eyepatches and flashy necklaces.
    • You can read more about the ongoing development of this feature on the Game Design Forum.
  • During the sword fight, if you have a greedy brigand targeted, your puzzle board will highlight a specific color of fused blocks on your board. You can destroy these blocks for a chance of knocking treasure from their clutches. The larger the fused block you destroy, the better your chance.
    • Greedy brigands will have a special color mini-board next to their face icon. The color of this board indicates the color of strikes that they are weak to. For example, if their mini board is yellow, then you should focus on destroying yellow fused blocks.
    • If your strike is successful, a message will appear in chat notifying your ship.
    • Once a greedy brigand no longer has any treasure available to steal, their mini board will switch back to the normal background color.
  • There are 3 things that will increase the number of greedy brigands players encounter:
    • The number of battles won during your pillage
    • The current difficulty of your Booty Ramp.
    • Bringing greenies along will also increase the number of Greedy Brigands
  • Greedy brigands are not more skilled than regular brigands, so there is no negative aspect of encountering them, they are purely a bonus
  • This is an initial test version, so some features are not implemented yet:
    • Greedy barbarians will eventually be added, but for now, players may wish to avoid barbarian encounters to save time
    • There will be many new treasure rewards, but for now on Ice, Greedy Brigands will grant a random Sea Monster treasure chest
    • Trophies are not currently enabled
  • Your feedback in the Ice forum would be greatly appreciated! Especially:
    • Did you encounter too many or too few Greedy Brigands during your pillage?
    • Did you find it too hard or too easy to steal treasure?
    • Did you have any problems finding who to target during the sword fight, or knowing which color piece to focus on?
  • Thank you Ice Breakers!


  • The "Clothing" and "Trinkets" section of the booty will now remember their previous collapsed/expanded state and default to that after logging in.
  • A new checkbox has been added when editing trophy collections on your pirate page. By checking "Collapse these trophies", the collection will default to a collapsed state when anyone views your pirate page.
    • The trophy collection can still be viewed by anyone who clicks the "Expand" link.
    • If a pirate has more than 1 trophy collection that auto-collapses, an "Expand All" link will show up at the bottom of their trophy page.
  • Adding a warning message on login for players who have an excessive number of items in their inventory.
  • Added grey back into the Gold Box as a possible item color.


  • We will be doing some internal testing of an upcoming Team Competition over the next several days. You may notice some temporary changes during these testing periods, but please avoid spoiling any surprises for your fellow pirates before the event goes live. Thank you!


  • Gallery Exhibits will now be be available to the entire ocean, regardless of which Island the Gallery is on.
  • Guestbook messages can now contain some additional types of characters, such as less-than and greater-than signs.
  • Adding new LE ship for internal testing.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Increasing the size of the Guestbook panel to accommodate the larger font size in Options.
    • Fixing an Internal Error when deleting the only message on the last page of a guestbook.
    • Sounds for the Patching puzzle will now be muted if "Game sound effects" are disabled in Options.


  • Changes for the new furniture items:
    • Including the Guestbook owner's name in the title of the panel.
    • Updating the names to "Large Display Stand" and "Small Display Sign" so that they are more distinct.
    • Fixed the warning squawk that was occurring when adding a message to the Guestbook or Large Display Stand.
    • Allowing the messages for the Small Display Sign to be as long as Wrapped Present messages: 100 characters.
    • Allowing pirates to write up to 3 messages in a Guestbook in a 24 hour period, so that it's possible to write an entry that spans multiple lines if needed.
    • The Small Display Sign will now sort near the Large Display Stand in the inventory.
    • Showing a confirmation panel before a Guestbook message is deleted.
    • Adjusting the recipes: less hemp and labor required for the Guestbook, and requiring 3 hemp for the Small Display Sign.
  • Pirate pages will now show the Gallery icon for pirates who are roommates in a Gallery.
  • Adding a separate note in the vessel logs when a pirate uses their personal PoE (rather than the vessel coffers) to pay for commodities.


  • Adding 3 new interactive furniture items for construction at furnishers:
    • Guestbook
      • Allows pirates to leave their name and a short message in the guestbook.
      • The owner of the guestbook can remove any entry, and pirates can remove their own messages.
    • Display Stand
      • The owner of the Display Stand can write a medium length message that will be shown when other pirates click on the furniture.
      • The owner can change this message as many times as they like, it does not affect the furniture age.
    • Display Sign
      • This furniture can be inscribed with a short message that will be visible to anyone in the scene; it doesn't have to be clicked on.


  • Added 17 new pieces of furniture that can be constructed by furnishers:
    • Chroma Crate (stores chromas)
    • Potion Cabinet (stores potions)
    • Garden Shed
    • Large Mess Table with Runner (plain and fancy versions)
    • Regular Table with Runner (plain and fancy version)
    • Square Table
    • Aquarium
    • Pet Food/Water Bowl
    • Small and Large Pet Beds
    • Small, Medium, and Large Decorative Cannons
    • Coat rack
    • Lit candles (toggles colored room lighting)
  • Added Four new player-designed trinkets
  • Added Four new player-designed portrait backgrounds


  • Applying a variety of fixes and adjustments to many of the Gallery scenes based on feedback. Converted West Wing scenes into gardens.
    • Note that this update does not affect already existing gallery scenes, it will only affect rooms created after the release. I've created an empty Gallery and hosted an exhibit on Shatterstone for those who would like to inspect the changes.
  • Updated the construction recipe for the Gallery to match the Estate.


  • Adding a new type of House: the Gallery. Features a variety of large open rooms with extensive wall space, designed for pirates with large furniture collections.
    • Instead of parties, pirates can host an "exhibit" in their gallery. Exhibits last a week and are shown in the Events section of the Notice Board.
    • The price of the Gallery on Ice has been greatly reduced to make the building affordable for testing. There is currently a fully constructed location on Shatterstone.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes stop a building from finishing the deletion process, leaving behind an invalid portal to nowhere.
    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause swabbies to not look for duty stations in certain scenes.


  • Updating the "Your Known World" search to prioritize location names that begin with the provided search text.
  • Further adjustments to SMH payouts. Including a small decrease to Atlantis.
  • Adding some content for internal testing (not currently enabled).


  • Adjusting PoE payout amounts for Sea Monster Hunts to help them stay competitive with each other:
    • Large increase to Haunted Seas
    • Moderate increase to Cursed Isles
    • Moderate decrease to the Kraken
  • Adding a "Search" field to the "Your Known World" display to center the map on known locations. Accepts partial text.
  • Adding a new section to the top of the "Where are my vessels?" display that lists only the ships that you hold the deed for.
  • Adding latest player-created portrait background art.


  • Adding 6 new player-created Summer trinkets to the Palace Shoppe: Peach Cobbler, Zodiac Sigil, Lacy Parasol, Flippy Flops, Potted Sunflowers, and Pocket Tiki.
  • Adding latest player-created portrait background art.
  • Adding "Help" button to the /who info panel.
  • Minor update to the new cannonball icon on the duty report.
  • Internal testing of new LE ship.


  • Ice will no longer save over your preferred Ocean from the production client.


  • Bringing Ice up to date with the production Oceans.
  • Adding an icon to the Duty Report for each cannon that is filled by a pirate in the Gunnery puzzle.
  • Fixing two cannons on the Calamity Cutter that were not functioning as duty stations.
  • Adding some content for internal testing.


  • Updated the Explorers' Hall map spawning:
    • The Viking section will spawn 1 Swordfight and 1 Rumble version of each of the 4 map sizes.
    • The Imperial section will spawn 1 sinking and 1 non-sinking version of each of the 4 map sizes.
    • The Compass section will spawn 1 compass for each brigand king type.
  • Fixing the trigger for the Battered Hat trophy.


  • Adding new player-created portrait backgrounds.
  • Internal testing of new LE ship.


  • Reworking the Explorers' Hall panel to be divided into 3 separate sections. This will remove the need to buy out compasses to try to spawn imperial maps, etc.
  • Allowing the following spring trinkets to be held in portraits: Lime Lexicon, Spring Rake, Flower Pot, Lime Cocktail, Seed Bag
  • Fixing a rare bug that can cause a pending order to incorrectly appear to be complete even though it still requires a tiny bit of labor.
  • Fixing the displayed token count if bnav moves are hidden while tokens are placed for the current turn.
  • Minor update to the image shown when moves are hidden.


  • Removed the individual move token counts while the vessel navigation display is hidden. Showing a "total tokens" label instead.
  • Sending a vessel message when the move hiding setting is toggled.
  • The player who has control of the vessel helm can always see the vessel moves, even if they're in a different crew.
  • When the move hiding is toggled, the change will take effect immediately on all clients (rather than waiting until the end of the turn).
  • Adding a custom UI image for when the moves are hidden.


  • There is a new "Hide Navigation Moves" option available to Officer+ pirates when clicking on a vessel's navigation wheel. This setting will prevent the battle navigation moves from being sent to anyone except Officer+ pirates in your crew. This setting can be toggled at any time.


  • Adding 2015 player-created Eggs.
  • Fixed the color of the face icon when affected by the rabbit curse.
  • Fixed a bug affecting bonus tokens in the Patching puzzle when using Java 8.


  • Bringing Ice up to the latest production release.
  • Adding new player-created portrait backgrounds.
  • Adding new player-created Spring trinkets in the Palace Shoppe.
  • Some minor content undergoing internal testing.


  • Potions can now be split, similar to stackable items like Rogue Marks.
  • Reworked potion combining so that bottles will fill up to 100 swigs before a new bottle is started.
  • Modified the recipe name for the large whisk potion at the apothecary
  • Modified the icon used for the large whisk potion
  • Furniture items will now display their recolor info in the hover tooltip.
    • Note that items that don't change color will still not display any color text.
  • While in the drinking puzzle, a player's stain count can be viewed by hovering over their picture.


  • Multiple potions of the same type can now be combined into a single potion by clicking on the Potion and selecting "Combine".
    • As many potions as possible will combine, as long as the total swigs doesn't exceed 100.
  • Added a recipe for a larger Whisk potion.
  • Swords, Mugs, and Bludgeons will now display their recolor info in the hover tooltip.
    • Note that items that don't change color will still not display any color text.


  • Trinkets will now display their recolor info in the hover tooltip.
    • Note that trinkets that don't change color will still not display any color text.


  • We will be doing some internal testing of an upcoming Team Competition this afternoon, though you are free to participate while it's active. We'll have all the details for you next week.
    • Remember, what happens on Ice stays on Ice!


  • Building and Vessel deeds are now divided into collapsible groups in the booty (like the Trinket section).
  • Added player-designed Winter trinkets.


  • The "Manage Jobbers" panel that pops up when clicking the navigation wheel has been updated to strip wacky characters from the mission statement. Certain characters were causing an error on the client when it tried to display a job invite notice panel.
  • The bracelets on the male Kraken Tattoo clothing have been updated to match the belt color.
  • Added the latest portrait background winners.
  • Added the December LE ship, which is undergoing internal testing.


  • Added image for the November monthly seal.
  • Fixed the Kraken tattoo portrait (finally!).


  • Added more trinket subgroups in the booty display, as discussed in the Ice forum.
  • The currently displayed trinket can once again be clicked to remove it.


  • Trinkets are now divided into subgroups in the booty display. This is intended to help pirates who have really big booties.


  • Adding a "Go Home" button for Rowboats
  • Fixed bug that caused Kraken treasure clusters to sometimes extend outside the board, resulting in half a whirlpool


  • Players who get disconnected and "blackscreened" should now auto-transition back into the Kraken instance.


  • Reworking Kraken booty divvy.
  • Fixing offsets of sunken treasure and magic water in Atlantis.
  • Allowing Inky Cephalopod Doll to be held in portraits.


  • Decreasing damage done by small and medium tentacles.
  • Decreasing number of tentacle segments on the Kraken board.
  • Making sure all Kraken rock tiles get treated like rocks.
  • Changing Kraken water color.


  • Fixing error when attack animations played.
  • Chum will now last longer.
  • Adding custom Kraken rock tiles.


  • Adding defender tentacles for the Kraken head.
  • Fixed aging of ink slicks, so that they do not reset when a rowboat respawns.
  • Adding tentacle attack animations.
  • Adding sound effects.
  • Only play song when first entering Kraken lair.
  • Adjusted weighting of treasure chests and eggs in determining "Treasure retrieved" shares.
  • Making /who and /vwho work correctly for pirates and vessels engaged in a Kraken hunt.
  • Adding a warning if there are not enough lifeboats in the hold when the Kraken is charted.
  • Adding bubble animation while Kraken head is sunk.
  • Fixing the render order of some sprites on the board.
  • Updating bumper kit booty icon to match new bumper boat art.


  • Ink will no longer disappear one turn early.


  • Fixing connection issue when attempting to enter the Kraken lair.
  • Updating bumper boat art to make it more clear which end is which.


  • Fixing "invisible" tentacle collisions.
  • Fixing "rogue" tentacles. All tentacles will sink when Kraken head sinks. Any tentacles that were previously sunk will remain down until the other tentacles resurface.
  • Improving attractiveness of chum.
  • Chum will get removed from the board when tentacles "eat" it.
  • Changed spacing and placement of rowboats when spawning in the safe zone.
  • Fixed timing of ink so that it gets added to the board at the same time as the Kraken head gets shot.
  • Making lifeboats less bulky.
  • Changed lifeboat recipe to produce batches of 10.


  • Making sure powder keg sprites get removed if a vessel collides with them during the same turn in which they were added.
  • Aging rowboat kits by login days rather than calendar days and reducing lifespan.
  • Preventing powder kegs from being shot into the safe zone.
  • Making sure powder kegs render on top of chum slicks.
  • Added new keg explosion animation.
  • Updating kraken chest contents.
  • Board updates.


  • Fix for desyncs after Kraken head resurfaces.
  • Fix for tentacles not getting sunk when passing through powder kegs.
  • Fix for treasure indicators staying on even after rowboat respawns.


  • Fixing some internal errors.
  • Preventing tentacle vessels from escaping out to sea.
  • Preventing pirates from engaging the Kraken while in a tournament.
  • Making sure Kraken spots last as long as their sea monster maps.
  • Kraken board updates.


  • Fixing boards that would appear without any vessel art on Windows.
  • Increased number of bumper boat moves to 3 per turn.
  • Decreased amount of damage bumper boat can take.


  • Initial implementation of booty div based on performance and time in Kraken lair.
  • Updates to Kraken treasure chest contents.
  • Adding and updating Kraken board templates.
  • Harpoon will now reload faster.
  • Increased range of harpoon shoot.
  • Adding a few trophies.


  • Fixing pirates ending up on the wrong rowboats.
  • Fixing pirates getting stuck in "black screen" in some cases.
  • Allowing officers to disengage the parent ship from the Kraken.
  • Added booty icons for rowboat kits.


  • Fixing timing of Kraken head sink.
  • Added wave animation when Kraken head resurfaces.
  • Only show the "Disengage" button to the officer in charge.
  • Added chum shot tokens.
  • Setting Kraken to last one 30 minute period.


  • Removed rowboat sinking costs. See forum post for details.
  • Adding new "lifeboat" commodity for sale from shipyards.
  • Adding "Rowboat kits" for sale from furnishers.
  • Fixing issue where some pirates end up stuck in black screen scene when disengaging the Kraken.
  • Fixed broken whisking potions.
  • Fixed /plank for rowboats.
  • Don't require ship to be "battle ready" in order to chart the Kraken.
  • Fixed "bouncing chum" when a tentacle happens to get hit with chum.
  • Added sinking animations for Bumper boat and Chum boat. Cleaned up other sinking animations.
  • Fixed background color for Kraken "booty boxes".


  • Any rowboats near the Kraken head when it resurfaces will be sunk. Art for this TBD.
  • Fixed repaint of rowboat treasure indicators.
  • Added sinking animation for Speed Boat.


  • Fixing counts of pirates on board.
  • Making sure not to put rocks in the first few rows of the kraken board.
  • Updating art for boxes that display what the rowboat is carrying.
  • Updating rowboat labels to only show pirate names.
  • Fixed powder keg explosion animation
  • Fixed Kraken Sea Monster map in booty on Linux.


  • Some Kraken stability fixes.
  • Added art for Speed Boats and Chum Boats. Sinking animations are not yet done.


  • Enabling Kraken Sea Monster Hunt for testing.
  • See forum thread for details.


  • Fixed bug that was spawning horrific Kraken/Haunted Seas love child.


  • Adding Ahoy! tab highlight when earning a trophy while in a puzzle
  • Allowing players to relinquish their roommate privileges
    • This button is located at the bottom of the "Configure house" panel for the house in which you are a roommate
  • Allowing players to relinquish their manager privileges
    • This button is located at the bottom right of the "Manage labor" panel for the shoppe in which you are a manager
  • Adding an age confirmation check on the pirate creation page when creating a new account
  • When a pirate is deleted or purged, their sunken vessels will be removed from the crew's vessel list.


  • New style Ahoy! notice when earning a trophy.


  • Fixing width of Pirate Page.


  • Testing seasonal content.


  • Minor changes for tablet client.


  • Removed swabbie restrictions based on fruit in the hold.
  • Max swabbie adjustments:
    • Baghlah: 9 → 8
    • Junk: 9 → 8
    • Merchant Brig: 9 → 6
    • Merchant Galleon: 12 → 8
    • Warbrig: 13 → 11


  • Removing extra swabbies for vessels moving more than 200 units of fruit.


Further adjustments to the increased swabbies, see the forum post here to share your feedback.

  • Increased the maximum number of swabbies for sloops to 4
  • Decreased the maximum number of swabbies for merchant brigs to 9
  • Decreased the maximum number of swabbies for merchant galleons to 12
  • Allowed the additional swabbies to remain on the vessel for event blockades


  • Increased the number of swabbies that can be hired. See the forum post here for details and to share your thoughts.


  • Testing updates to new pirate mission.


  • Some more tablety server bits.


  • Bringing Ice up to date.
  • Sorting items that can be held in portraits.


  • Bringing Ice up to date with latest changes.


  • Fixing timing when trying to wager equipped items.


  • Fixing bug report link.


  • Bringing Ice up to date with latest Competition changes.


  • Added blockade mode to the Sail Patching puzzle, in addition to several other changes and bug fixes. Please leave comments and bug reports on the Ice forums.


  • Updated the Sail Patching puzzle, full changes listed on the Ice forums. Feedback is much appreciated!


  • New "Sail Patching" puzzle is now available. This puzzle serves as an alter native option to Carpentry, just as Rigging functions as an alternate Sailing. You can play the Patching puzzle from any ship's carpentry station
  • Please leave feedback in the designated thread on the Ice forums!


  • Brought Ice up to date.
  • Black Box Series III enabled.


  • Added three new female hairstyles, one male hairstyle, and two new beards. All are available when creating a new pirate, or when using Hair Control Tonic and Beard Control Wax.
  • Increased the effect of navigation puzzle performance on the spawning of brigands when the vessel is configured for "Pillage", "Trade", or "Evade".
  • If you perform well at navigation, you'll see more brigands when pillaging, or less brigands when evading or trading. If you aren't playing navigation, things will be unchanged.
  • Reduced the amount lost to brigands to 20% of booty and 10% of commodities in hold.
  • Brigands will now continue to spawn preceding server reboots.
  • Trophy cases can now be reinscribed to point to a different pirate.
  • Crew politics will no longer change automatically if there are any remaining dormant voting members.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Pirate renames will now work for pirates in a flag with no monarch.
    • Fixed a certain condition where the rogue mark shop would indicate that a particular name was available, when it actually wasn't.
    • Pets will once again be returned to owners before a ship is sunk.
    • Corrected a problem with female portraits when wearing "Plainshirt (belt)" and holding an item.
    • The panel that's displayed when unwrapping an item should no longer line wrap in the middle of words.
    • It's no longer permitted to name your familiar with the default name. In other words, you can't name your monkey "Monkey". Be creative!
    • Fixing a color problem with the Gravestone Fragment trinket.
    • Preventing strange colors from showing up in the Disguise Kit trinket.


  • Added new content for January.
  • Pirate nutcracker was using imperial nutcracker art.
  • The display of target indicator changes will update more promptly for Swordfight and Rumble.
  • The Buy Doubloons/Add Subscription Play Time panel will remember the last product selected when making multiple purchases.
  • Allowed for pirate names with "-East" or "-West" suffixes to be entered into the "tell" box.
  • Fixed bug where crew politics might change if all of the remaining voting members were dormant.


  • Added new furniture and trinkets to Haunted Seas treasure drops.
  • Added Haunted Warbrig. Designs available in exchange for Haunted Seas trinkets at the Trading Post.
  • Added support for existing accounts to login via Steam.
  • Added Steam achievement unlocking for a Pirate's existing trophies.
  • Behind the scenes anti-hack Swordfight changes (should not be noticeable).
  • Added yet another check to make sure you can't start puzzling before a puzzle competition starts.


  • Added in-game billing interface.
  • New trophies are available for defeating the various Brigand Kings.
  • A new furniture item, the Trophy Case, is now available to show off yer pirate's trophies.


  • Bottled Ship lifetime is now 60 days
  • Added portrait images for the Enthralled Mask and Gator (previous Ice release notes mentioned they weren't ready yet)
  • Expedition Compasses will no longer be removed if you happen to fight a BK of the same type as the compass, but not actually spawned by the compass.
  • When a vessel sinks, all items on the navigation table will be removed, and all cannons will reset back to being unloaded.
  • It should no longer be possible to re-enter a stationary expedition while the sinking of the vessel is taking place.
  • "Ship Repair" has been renamed to "Ship Salvaging".
  • Removed Shanghais (all Shanghais have already been migrated to Rogue Marks)
  • Some cosmetic changes to the Rogue Mark Shoppe. Services have been broken out into tabs.
  • Familiar and pet rename and recolor services are no longer available for Pieces of Eight. They can now only be purchased with now Rogue Marks.
  • Clicking on a pet, familiar, or deed now offers menu options that will take you to the Rogue Mark Shoppe for all your renaming or recoloring needs.


  • New Crown of Chaos design available in exchange for Vargas trinkets.
  • New Cursed Isles rewards from chests:
    • Chaos Cauldron and Cursed Altar (furniture)
    • Enthralled Mask
    • Alligator pet
    • Note: the mask and alligator are not yet displaying in portraits
  • Bugfix for repairing sunken ships from within a shipyard bazaar.


  • Ship Repairs
    • Ships that are sunk in battle can now be restored to their former glory. At the time of sinking, the deed-holder will be granted a bottle containing an image of their sunken ship.
    • To have the ship repaired, bring the bottle to a shipyard and select the new "Repair yer Ship" option. Then drag your bottled ship onto the shipyard interface.
    • Your bottled ship will be passed to the shipyard where it will be used to reconstruct your ship as it was (including paint, furniture, props, and name). The cost is equal to constructing a new ship of that class, and requires the same commodities, amount of labor, and doubloons (on doubloon oceans).
      • For LE ships, the cost is the same as the base ship type. For example, repairing a sunken Phantom-class sloop requires the same commodities and labor as constructing a new, regular sloop.
    • When the repairs are completed and the order is delivered, the pirate who paid for the repairs at the shipyard will be granted the new vessel deed.


  • Rogue Marks
    • Rogue Marks are a new reward item given to players who support Puzzle Pirates and Three Rings by referring new players to the game, purchasing Doubloons, or subscribing. While similar to Shanghai Points, Rogue Marks are an individual reward: they are a stackable item that is stored in the Miscellaneous section of your Booty, rather than a running total on a crew's info page. They can be traded between players just like any other item. Eventually, Rogue Marks will replace Shanghais.
    • Rogue Marks can be exchanged for various types of renames (ships, crews, buildings, familiars, etc), as well as a new Chart Box item. The Chart Box can contain a random Sea Monster map, Expedition Chart, Expedition Compass, or inter-archipelago map.
    • To exchange Rogue Marks, click on one and select "Rogue Mark shop". This will bring up a page with the full list of exchanges available.
    • To facilitate testing on Ice, Rogue Marks will be distributed through events in the coming days.
  • Now available in exchange for cursed isles trinkets (via a design at the trading post) - the Cursed-Class Sloop.
  • Brigand Kings may now appear for very mighty ships, such as well-staffed Grand Frigates. Note, however, that Kings may flee before the battle begins if they don't like the odds.
  • Reworked the handling of Brigand King crews and adjusted the calculation of the crew size & skill.
  • Skull/ZombieHand/BK Trinkets no longer require the trinket to be one you specifically earned in order to be displayed in your portrait.


  • Fixed bug where Brigand King expeditions were remaining active when they should have been complete.
  • Fixed bug which resulted in being engaged by invisible brigands.
  • Modified the Explorers' Hall to increase the rate of small/medium expeditions appearing and to decrease the rate at which large/huge expeditions appear.


  • Fixed bug where Brigand King ship names would be seen with non-Brigand-King ships.
  • Fixed bug where Yu Jian's sword type (The "Jian") was showing its name incorrectly.
  • Fixed missing Fanchuan product name.
  • Fixed bug on Mac Java 1.5 that caused the Job Status panel to not correctly show its contents on opening.
  • Updated German & Spanish translations.
  • Fixed the way that Explorers' Halls choose between Brigand King compasses and other types of charts.
  • Brigand King vessels now show appropriate crew name for the king.


  • Changed Brigand King Expeditions:
    • A new item type, Brigand King Compasses, may be purchased at the Explorers' Hall. Placing this on your charting table will trigger an expedition. The compass will disappear after you've had a battle with the king in question.
    • Brigand King ships are only visible and attackable by the ship which has an expedition for it.
    • Brigand King ship names now follow the same naming as the blockade ships for that king.
    • Note that Brigand King expeditions are also still available as an additional reward for defeating brigands.
  • Renamed "Light Junk" to "Fanchuan" to prevent name confusion with "Junk".
  • New Asian-themed furniture: Iron Lantern, Stone Lantern, Bonsai, and Taiko Drum.
  • Samurai Helmet now requires a design, available from the trading post for Madam Yu Jian trinkets, to purchase.
  • New hat available at tailors (no design required): Qing hat.
  • Added new furniture available in trade for brigand king trinkets at the trading post: banners for each king.


  • New Vessel: Light Junk: 4 Large cannons, 12 max crew, 3 movement per combat turn.
  • New Brigand King: Madam Yu Jian, who tends to set sail on Junks and Light Junks
  • New hat available at tailors: Samurai Helmet
  • You can now view your job status from within a shoppe you work at, including the ability to switch to the current job offer if it differs from yours.
  • Upon opening a wrapped present or black box, show more clearly what was inside.
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to join a skeleton/zombie fray didn't tell you immediately that you couldn't join.
  • Clarify on the "Employment" tab when you're not actually working at your jobs due to expired badges or dormant crafting skills.


  • Fix some bugs with the Atlantean War Frigate scenes.
  • Fix a bug with the placement of crossed candycanes.
  • A few behind-the-scenes bits.


  • New Atlantean-themed items available at the Trading Post, including the War Frigate (Atlantean Class), a banner, and some shipboard gear.
  • Fix a bug where a change in island governor was not immediately reflected in some places.
  • Fix a bug with the holding the Azarbad oil lamp trinket in portraits.
  • Fix a bug related to pets who are following you initially showing up in strange places in the scene.


  • Fix some coloring problems on the new items, both in scene and in portraits.
  • Rename Elite Corsair's Coat/Hat to Notorious Corsair's Coat/Hat.
  • Fix message claiming the new furniture requires Illustrious reputation when it actually requires Celebrated.


  • New "elite" items - require a pirate to have achieved a certain level of reputation in order to wear or place. Note that this is based on having ever earned the trophy for the level, so once you reach the level, if you later drop below it, you'll still be able to use your item. These items are available from the tailor and the furnisher.
    • Elite Corsair's Coat and Hat - Each require any one trophy for Illustrious reputation.
    • Conqueror's sword rack - A wall-mounted sword rack, requiring the trophy for Celebrated Conqueror.
    • Magnate's treasure chest - A huge chest (can be placed open or closed), giving access to your coffers, requiring the trophy for Celebrated Magnate.
    • Explorer's shelf - A collection of charts and globes and navigational gear, giving access to Yer known world, requiring the trophy for Celebrated Explorer.
    • Patron's card table - A card table giving access to hearts/spades/poker, requiring the trophy for Celebrated Patron.
  • Show the mission you're currently on from the mission board.
  • Fix a bug allowing a sea battle to occur just after an expedition was entered.
  • Some behind-the-scenes changes to improve the login process.
  • Various small server performance improvements.


  • A large number of new trophies related to: Carpentry, Sailing, Navigation, Swordfighting, Rumble, Pillaging, and Reputation. NOTE: The carpentry trophies take into account previous achievements, none of the other puzzle-based trophies do.


  • Added sound to go with the vikings' arrival at the outpost.
  • Added various translations.


  • Unstick stuck ratings.
  • Viking Defense expedition changes.
    • Added new viking prize furniture available at the trading post. Again, these prices are a temporary ice-only price reduction.
    • Fix a bug where restarting your client while on a viking-defense expedition would result in a black screen.
    • Fix a bug where pirates weren't correctly being pulled into gunning after being on the island for a while.
    • Decrease how much damage the vikings take per cannon shot.
    • The guns of the old shore battery now start out dirty instead of clean.
    • Added a new Viking-related trophy. (No, I'm not telling you what specifically it's for!)
  • More exciting behind-the-scenes changes which will hopefully stay more behind said scenes than the ratings ones did.


  • New expedition available from the Explorers' Hall - Defend a small island village against attacking Vikings
    • Pirates start by manning the village's old shore gun battery to pummel the approach viking longships.
    • Once the vikings reach shore, pirates must fend them off in either swordfight or rumble. Vikings will have damage blocks based on the pirates' gunning performance.
    • Pirates are rewarded with pieces of eight. If subscribed or holding a pirate badge they also receive a viking trinket.
    • Trinkets can be redeemed at the Trading Post for fancy prizes (Currently the Frost-class Longship Design and a Berserker Helm, more to come soon!). NOTE: Trading post items are temporarily reduced in price on Ice. Expect higher prices on other oceans!
  • Fix a bug where brand new pirates wouldn't see rewards for their account until their second login.
  • Various ratings-related behind-the-scenes server changes.


  • Add a few pig pet color variations.
  • New Black Market Product - Black Box Series 2
  • New size of crew/flag hall: "Stately"
  • Fix a bug where editing a multi-page portrait gallery would incorrectly reorder the portraits.
  • Fix a bug where pirates sometimes couldn't start doing their duty appropriately after leaving a cursed isle or shipwreck graveyard.
  • Fix a bug where after deleting a pirate, their jobs were sometimes kept for a few days.
  • Various behind-the-scenes bugfixes.


  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed some errors during alliance declarations were silently hidden.
    • Fixed jobber cut adjustments (-1) not applying to eights from inside divided chests.
    • Fixed capitalization of some gift badge products.
    • Fix a bug where sometimes attempting to follow a portal as you were otherwise being moved (e.g. due to planking) would sometimes leave the client in a limbo state.
    • Fix a bug related to keeping the sea battle board updated that could sometimes cause the board to disagree with the server.
    • Fixed problem with invitations from the Fine crew/flag hall's attic not correctly completing.
    • Fix a bug causing the wrong error to show when trying to transfer commodities to a pirate aboard a swabbie-transporting vessel.
    • Fix a bug where Bumblebeard does not properly give instruction on how to use the trading and challenge windows.
    • Fix missing rigging documentation during Learn to Rig tutorial.
    • Fix a bug where pets & saboteurs that are following a pirate don't enter by the right portal.
    • Fix a bug where ships could post a job notice after leaving the shipwreck graveyard or the cursed isle but before leaving the battle.
  • Tweaks:
    • If you have multiple houses of the same name, show island names with those on the notice board button.
    • When you win a non-eights prize in a tourney, tell you about it.
    • If you cannot start yer duty due to a break, tell you that.
    • If your parlor/bravery badge dusts give you a quick way to get another, just like we do for the labor badge.
    • If the new player "talk to a greeter" help would come up during a puzzle, wait until they're done to show it.
    • Give an explanatory message if you fail to blackspot because you were in a situation where we couldn't give you the confirmation window.
    • Add some extra time before ghosts appear and start fighting to explore the haunted shipwreck.


  • Haunted Seas: The Rehauntening
    • When entering a shipwreck graveyard, pirates will board one of the wrecked ships to fight the ghosts (and possibly Barnabas the Pale).
    • Increased the range at which ghost ships are destroyed when the shipwreck graveyard is destroyed.
    • Fix bug causing ships near a destroyed shipwreck to initially be shown as not destroyed and only at the end of the turn be removed from battle.
    • Fix bug where ships could very rarely be pushed outside of the shipwreck graveyard if they were rammed just after arriving.
  • General change to flotsam behavior - being rammed during a turn after striking flotsam will no longer move your ship.
  • Change ordering of paintbrush interface to put colors in top-to-bottom order: Railing, Sideboard, Hull
  • Fix a bug where if two ships fight in PvP, both are set to hunting barbarians, but no one is duty navigating, the ships would swordfight instead of rumble.
  • A few updated translations.


  • Haunted Seas treasure change - more chests per time hauling, but slightly fewer pieces of eight from sinking the ships.
  • If you sink in Haunted Seas, add a chance of temporarily becoming a ghost (until logout).
  • Improved the secondary color on the skelly table.
  • A big pile of behind-the-scenes cleanup you hopefully shouldn't notice.


  • Added some new board clusters for haunted seas.
  • Fixed a bug with the ship graveyard destroyed sound getting stuck on.
  • Fixed a bug with some rocks not correctly disallowing player vessel movement.
  • When your ship is in the Atlantis Citadel or the Haunted Seas Ship Graveyard - don't decay movement tokens.
  • Fixed a bug where the ship graveyard would visually burst even when the players lost the fight.


  • Ghosts now use their own special ghostly sword.
  • Ghost ships are now wary of shipwrecks, and tend to keep their distance. They are especially wary of the ship graveyard.
  • Upon defeating the ship graveyard, it bursts forth with spectral energies, destroying any ghost ships nearby.
  • Ships attacking the graveyard can no longer be rammed off the center spot.
  • New board elements for Huanted Seas.
  • Create a new category at furnishers for banners. Add a whole bunch of player-created banners.
  • Fix a bug with skill levels for offline weaving labor.
  • Make the dadao and blackjack drop pattern changes that were announced elsewhere.
  • Updated translations.


  • Add some Haunted Seas trophies
  • Adjust names of Haunted Seas commodities
  • Adjust the size and shape of Haunted Seas boards
  • Add background behind various bits on swordfighting and rumble to improve contrast between UI elements and the puzzle background


  • Shipwreck graveyard revamp:
    • Defeated ghosts drop more treasure than before.
    • Made the shipwreck area more open - now accessible from all 4 sides.
    • Replaced the temp art with real shipwreck art
    • Barnabas finally makes his appearance - if you fight at the shipwreck, Barnabas will sometimes personally defend the loot, especially when particularly deep on the board.
  • Changed Ship/Boarder ranks: Ethereal/Phantasmal/Frightful/Spectral and Phantasm/Fright/Specter
  • Flaming Flotsam now does extra damage to ghost ships.
  • The chests from Atlantis' names (and the associated trophies) have been changed to be more consistent with other types of chests' naming schemes: They are now: "Sunken box", "Ancient locker", and "Antediluvian chest"


  • Clear up a few trophy-related bugs involving Haunted Seas
  • Tweak the appearance of the fog over Haunted Seas
  • Give a little backbone to our scaredy-ghost ships


  • Changes to Purple/Ghost Swordfighting
    • Breaking any color of pieces next to a purple piece will now clear that purple piece.
    • Purple pieces now count down to DOOM rather than up.
  • New Seamonster Lair - Haunted Seas
    • NOTE: Some art and sounds are not yet final.
    • The Haunted Seas are inhabited by ghostly ships. Their ethereal nature significantly reduces their ability to withstand damage, but their ability to pass through rocks may be a bit unnerving.
    • Ghosts will materialize on yer ship as ye sail around the waters. They will challenge yer crew to swordfighting duels using their ghostly sword with ghost/purple pieces.
    • Shipwreck graveyards will periodically appear around the board. Sailing into one and beating the ghostly inhabitants will free the treasure within to be hauled as any other wrecks would be.
    • Much like Atlantis & Cursed Isles, charts can be acquired by pillaging - On Ice, we'll also give some out via some tournaments.
    • The contents of Haunted Chests currently found on Ice are NOT the final set of booty that will appear on the larger oceans.
  • PvP ship-boarding puzzle choice change - If the better-navigating ship is hunting Barbarians, do the PvP boarding challenge as a rumble instead of a swordfight.
  • Change ordering of the Voyages table when sorting by jobber cut to take into account the distribution (Jobber's Delight v. Even) and the cut together such that Jobber's Delight no longer always gets sorted to the top.
  • Moved banner furniture to its own category of product within the furnisher.


  • Add a new purple block feature to swordfighting.


  • Fix recolors for lacquered chest
  • Remove secondary enamel from eastern bench since it only has one color
  • Fix katana display being AWOL in the ordering interface


  • Gunning swabbies now take longer to get up to speed on a fresh board


  • New furniture for manufacture: eastern bench, lacquered chest
  • Move the katana display to the section for tabletop furniture
  • Fix the recipes for byobu screens and bamboo sleeping mats so products will be properly colored
  • Make gunning swabbies automagically swap to new sets of guns if available when they fill all theirs
  • Fix a bug involving brigand kings and junks
  • Change the "Barrel of rice" to "Rice barrel"
  • Adjust the recipe for the junk
  • On newly-created junks, have pirates come aboard by the exit
  • On newly-created junks, properly block off tiles impacted by the anchor and its winch
  • Fix issues with hooks recoloring in portrait art
  • Fix a few off-color pixels near the back of the feathered hat


  • Allow katanas and dadaos to be held in portraits
  • Fix missing translations for various brigand king trinkets in portraits
  • Gunning swabbies no longer magic up cannonballs
  • Adjust handling of battle navigation scoring to break up the clumping at the top


  • New furniture for manufacture: rice barrel, lacquered table, hanging fan, eastern scroll, qing chair, yoke-back chair, katana display, bamboo sleeping mat, ming vase, sake set, tea set, byobu folding screen
  • New ship for manufacture: Junk
  • Swabbies can now be ordered to gun
  • Show icons for vessel subclasses on their deeds
  • Sort vessels with subclasses along with the regular ships of their class


  • Adjust Katana strike pattern to be slightly less powerful (swapped columns 3 & 4).


  • Two new swords: Dadao & Katana - NOTE: the drop patterns are highly subject to change as we learn more about their balance through testing here on Ice and elsewhere. If you have thoughts on their balance, please check out the Dadao & Katana thread in the ice forums.


  • On medium islands, allow six buildings as long as one of those is housing
  • Fix erroneously lit lanterns on certain ships
  • Fix a booched message in expeditions
  • Fix a missing translation for Pirate Hall construction sites
  • Fix a bug with jobbers not being able to chart courses to sea monsters
  • Fix some bugs causing missing background images in the installer


  • Brigand King expeditions now better understand Kings' preferred ship types
  • Allow different cannons to be used in the Pirate Hall's lobby
  • Allow painting of the Pirate Hall lobby (existing lobbies will still be broken)
  • Some more scene tweaks to the grandiose hall (again, existing halls will have the old scenes)


  • Allow players to set their crew/flag halls as their homes
  • Fix more bugs with crew hall permissions for non-crew members
  • More scene fixes for the grandiose hall's crypt. Again, old scenes are unchanged, new ones get the fix
  • Fix a bug with crew/flag halls and renames (which caused many halls to erroneously report the wrong name)
  • All Brigand Kings can now properly express their rage


  • Fix some issues with choosing appropriate Brigand Kings for players
  • Show Brigand King faces on the expedition list
  • Include crew/flag halls on the list of houses to whisk to on the noticeboard
  • Fix grandiose hall scenes to not allow pirates inside the walls (existing scenes will still be broken, new ones will be fixed)
  • Don't allow pirates ranked in OTHER crews to have roommate permissions in crew halls
  • Rename portrait "Rigging" item to "Block and Tackle"
  • New portrait item "Rigging" for rigging experience
  • Give 36 hours of labor per account per calendar day


  • New furniture for manufacture: Hammock
  • New building type: Pirate Hall
  • Brigand Kings are now spawned as expeditions; you can be tipped off to a ship that will have the king if you attack it
  • Each Brigand King now has two more trinkets to award (these new ones are more common than the older ones)
  • Brigand King eggs require the full set of trinkets, including these new ones
  • Fix bug with Brigand Kings not properly firing all managers when capturing an island
  • Fix bug with Brigand Kings maintaining Island Attraction buildings
  • Fix missing weaving stats for Brigand Kings
  • Fix bug with curly hair and shakos in portraits
  • New portrait item for foraging experience


  • Atlantean monster-spawning now reacts a bit quicker to being out-gunned
  • Point out the captain's clock's special ability in the ordering interface
  • Remove the two views of the large table involving a candelabra since it interacted poorly with other things

2010-04-16 : the Wrath of Khan

  • Greeter receiving requests from greenies get a louder announcement.
  • Bumblebeard now prods you if you don't take your sail or carpentry station promptly during the Learn-to-Pillage mission.


  • Sea Monster Tweaks
    • Shifted safe zone starting positions back toward the shallow end (it had crept toward deep end due to other changes).
    • Apply puzzle-balancing chest awards to Cursed Isles.
  • Pillaging Tutorial Tweaks
    • Fixed the bow placement.
    • Fixed some trouble with when Bumblebeard's speech does/doesn't appear
    • Fixed bug where swabbies didn't take their share.
    • Fixed bug where your target vessel would sometimes sail right past.
    • Added note about targeting to the swordfight tutorial.
  • Reduced the herbs required in the wildflowers recipes
  • Added an action on the Captain's Clock to show you the ocean's time (a la /info).


  • New navy tutorial mission: Learn to Pillage
  • Tweak some recipes on the new furniture
  • New furniture for manufacture: Captain's clock


  • Voyages stash a copy of the crew cut as well as the booty shares when they start, so give the appropriate message to folks on boats when that changes
  • The epaulet jacket is for the ladies, so stop claiming it's for males
  • Fix bug with some buttons (e.g. crew info, crew issues) not working
  • Fix bug causing black boxes to not show up for sale
  • Fix bug with building info panel on Java 1.5
  • In inactive buildings, allow the market bidding interface but act as if it has no access to the building's hold


  • Make the new Atlantis spawning better understand the strengths of monsters. In particular, it will properly understand the threat posed by an Archelon's dragoons
  • Ensure monkey boats always have room for Jell-O
  • New clothing for manufacture: Femal epaulet jacket
  • Use herbs, not cloth in the new flower recipes
  • Really enable the bowl of fruit for manufacture
  • Fix missing art for vase with wildflowers
  • Fix bug with the fancy place setting recipe producing the wrong item
  • Fix issues with existing portraits involving the monthly versions of the two newly-permanent backgrounds


  • In Atlantis, shift some chests away from the random divvy pool into the puzzler pool
  • In Atlantis, adjust the distribution of puzzler chests to the distribution of puzzles by pirate-hour
  • Permanently enable two monthly portrait backgrounds: Molasses' Commodities Market and Pishkirlin's Good Omens
  • New furniture for manufacture: Torn wall map, Desktop map, Large desktop map, Place setting, Basic meal, Fancy meal, Meal with wine, Bowl of fruit, Upholstered chair, Striped chair, Large table, Vase with wildflowers, Planter of wildflowers
  • Fix bug with labor type not being translated
  • When listing managers, if there's more than one, don't put the first one on the same line as the group label


  • Various changes to rebalance Atlantis:
    • Triketos sparklies now repair a fixed amount of damage, not a percentage of the ship's max
    • Overhaul monster spawning. The shallow end should stay shallow for small ships, but ramp up if larger ships come in to play
    • Lower difficulty monsters start with lower health
    • Lower difficulty monsters drop fewer dragoons
  • When clicking in bilge, warp the game cursor to the mouse's location
  • Snug up mouse controls in weaving, and snap on click like bilge now does
  • Clicking anywhere on the weave board now battens
  • Link pirate/crew/flag names from island/building tabs to their info pages
  • Better sort trinkets by category
  • Fix a few booched labor-related messages
  • Potential fix for bug in drinking where the client and server disagreed about whose turn it was


  • Allow this year's eggs in portraits
  • Don't sell boxes from Black Markets that have gone dark
  • No longer award repute points for losing to skellies/zombies
  • Award repute for purchasing houses
  • Fix two Cursed Isles scenes with non-functioning forage objects
  • Speed up how quickly skellies/zombies darken the sky on islands


  • Fix bug blocking forts from having managers


  • Fix a bug causing ironmongery games to hang
  • Clean up weaving sounds
  • Weaving mouse control now tracks the mouse instead of needing drags. Clicks anywhere on the reed (top or bottom) will batten
  • Spruce up the weaving tutorials some
  • The starting pieces on weaving boards are now properly battened down
  • Fix a bug with monsters not always making islands dark


  • Fix missing icon for palace managers on pirate pages
  • Clean up a few graphical glitches with Bumblebeard
  • Add a crafting mission for weaving
  • Show the crafting missions for puzzles on their free days even if you don't aren't subscribed/don't have a labor badge
  • Fix a bug where scenes could get booched when leaving shipwrecks
  • Fix missing translation for Black Market construction sites
  • Fix bug with foraging art being rendered in inconsistent orders (causing strangely glowing crates, ants without numbers, etc.)
  • Only humans can treasure haul, so don't allow you to order bots to try
  • Lots of translation updates for foreign languages


  • Potential fix for audio not working with 64-bit Java
  • Bring the fourth color sooner in weaving


  • Squash the long standing bug where chunks of scenes would sometimes be AWOL
  • Add some sounds to weaving
  • Fix another zombie/skeleton message mixup
  • Allow palaces, forts, and attraction buildings to have managers
  • Improve performance of overlayed animations (e.g. Bumblebeard)
  • Allow black boxes to be held in portraits


  • Fix message on zombie charms that said they summoned skeletons
  • Fix bug causing weaving to not show new pieces with Java 1.5
  • Make weaving sparklies rarer, but worth more points
  • Fix bug causing weaving to only let you pause once. This may also clear up the reports of weaving not showing a duty report until you hit escape.
  • Show weaving stats on pirate info pages
  • Fix bug where an error wrapping a black market box would result in a booched box
  • Fix bug with creating black big cats for the black market
  • Fix bug causing some expedition scenes to blow up


  • New puzzle: Weaving
  • Internal changes to wrapped presents
  • Adjust positioning of portals for Black Markets
  • Fix problem with some Black Market goods not being properly aged when unwrapped
  • Fix bug causing zombie charms to spawn skellies
  • Fix help URL for the Black Market
  • Add a "Fetch items" button to the purchasing interface for items that require a design


  • New Attraction: Black Market - Purchase a Black Box with a random prize inside. Production ocean price will be 10,000 PoE but will be cheaper on Ice for now for testing.


  • Yet another swordfight generation scheme - this should result in identical piece streams for different players.


  • Add several new Cursed Isles Island Scenes.
  • Adjust swordfight piece generation.


  • Fix a bug in Swordfight piece generation.
  • Fix bug where the design-required items didn't correctly identify that you had/needed a design.
  • Fix bug where imperial outposts weren't enterable


  • Imperial Outposts now award trinkets to "dedicated hands" (subscribers & pirate badge holders) similarly to the Brigand King trinkets.
  • New type of item: "Design" - Some items can be made at normal shoppes but require the orderer to supply a an appropriate Design item.
  • New items at the trading post: Shako Hat Design, Cockade Hat Design, Imperial Banner Design, Explorers' Banner, Brass Telescope
  • Removed the move counter from Alchemistry.
  • Fixed formatting for some cash numbers in poker.
  • Some internal cleanup of crafting puzzles.
  • Some internal changes to swordfighting, carpentry, and sailing to improve randomness.
  • Due to above change, note that swordfighters will no longer all see identical sequences of pieces.
  • Fix a bug where Pirate News Page slowness would lock the entire client.
  • Fix a bug related to deluxe labor badges (Obviously, won't notice this on ice)
  • Fix a bug in labor calculation related to exceptionally large amounts of reserve labor
  • Fix the plurality of some labor messages
  • Internal changes related to managing portrait backgrounds.
  • Longer introductory tutorial.
  • Fix a bug where if you left the ship too quickly after setting sail on a swabbie transport voyage, the swabbies wouldn't correctly take their stations.

2010-01-19 - Nerds in Paradise

  • Fix bug with trades and wagers that include items


  • Give out repute points for trading post purchases based on both the PoE spent and the value of trinkets cashed in
  • Fix bug with trading post items being greyed out in the ordering interface
  • Fix bug where the navy would sometimes get confused and refuse to pay out wages
  • Give feedback message when purchasing an item from a trading post


  • Allow more rotations for the tropical potted plant
  • Split the trading post items into tabs
  • In the trading post UI, allow items to be removed
  • Allow more than the required number of trinkets to be used toward the purchase of items at trading posts
  • Give feedback in failure cases for the fetch trinkets button
  • When pressing the fetch trinkets button, open the booty to trinkets

2010-01-15 #2

  • Fix booched BK egg trinket requirements.
  • Fix some layout bits on the trading post UI.


  • Fix missing translation for Trading Post construction sites
  • Add a button that attempts to fill in the required trinkets for a type from unequipped trinkets in your inventory
  • Merchants more accurately estimate the cost to ship to different islands
  • Trading Posts now sell Brigand King eggs in exchange for complete sets of trinkets for each king
  • Excise the weaving puzzle stubs
  • Fix bug with trading in conch shells
  • Fix bug with trinket value system not adjusting
  • Fix bug with purchases failing if the total trinket value exceeded the base item cost


  • New Attraction building: Trading Post
    • Players can trade in trinkets + PoE for special items
    • Trinkets are given a PoE value that counts towards the price of the item. This price adjusts dynamically based on the types of trinkets recently traded in.
    • Merchants prefer islands with Trading Posts
  • Newly delivered LE ships have custom adjectives
  • Fix non-exit rowboats on vessels (newly delivered ones will have this correct, old ones remain the same)
  • Pirates cashing out of a poker table with more than their buyin value go into the victory pose (this does not consider rebuys)
  • Provide swabbies to replace abandoning humans in all types of skirmishes except blockades instead of just in battles
  • Take appropriate cuts for swabbies from other skirmish payout types (e.g. PoE hauled)
  • Allow the shelves below decks on war brigs to be dusted
  • Players at low to mid performance levels dutying now contribute more to the ship's functionality
  • Swabbie skills and performance has been lowered so their contribution is the same as before.


  • Tweak column widths some more
  • Tweak sizing for foraging notices
  • Change wording around the checkboxes for registering job interest, and no longer have it auto-apply to everything currently on the board


  • If there are no job postings, say as much on the voyage board
  • Update the job notice if the OIC leaves the ship
  • Fix booch with brigand difficulty description almost always being "Very hard"
  • If nobody has the helm when someone becomes the OIC, give it to them
  • Don't allow carriage returns in job statements since they aren't displayed anyways
  • Fix issues with job statement text area resizing badly
  • If the statement hasn't changed, disable the button to update it
  • Move the ship itself to the leftmost column on job postings
  • Fix issue with blank tooltips on the job board
  • Add tooltips to the checkboxes to apply for all jobs showing how many people are interested in such a thing
  • Use an appropriate chart icon on sea monster job postings
  • When sorting sea monster job notices by the spot, sort on type then name
  • Add job notice information (if it exists) to job offers
  • Include "pieces of eight" in the tooltip for job info involving money
  • Better size columns on the job board by default
  • When someone chooses to apply to all jobs of a given type, automatically apply to those already on the board


  • New sortable table-based job board to replace the wall of text
  • New menu item on helm/navigation table to "manage jobbers" allowing you to set a statement about your voyage to show on the job board
  • Move the all-hands button onto this new manage jobbers panel
  • Add a button to hire swabbies without posting a real job notice on this new manage jobbers panel
  • From the voyage board, you can mark voyage types you're interested in, and this will automatically send applications for you when jobs are posted for such voyages
  • Make the color range on the voyage configuration difficulty slider more accurate
  • Show the max crew, not just the count of pirates aboard, on /vwho results
  • Fix some recipes listing their labor requirements sorted inconsistently


  • Fix longship railings/sideboards to use the same amount of paint as they used to
  • Raise the paint requirements for ship hulls
  • Don't let Explorers' Halls sell maps if they've gone dark


  • Adjust recipes for some products (See Hermes' post here)
  • Allow officers to narrow the all-hands call to only people in certain places
  • Fix a bug that could cause duplicate lines to be printed in chat logs
  • Make black-painted hulls a little less black
  • Adjust probabilities of monster spawns in Atlantis
  • Fix bug where the familiar rename option didn't exist when it should
  • Fix bug where cancelled familiar recolors would still show on the inventory icon
  • Sort the colors in the familiar recoloring interface
  • Adjust how errors are shown in the familiar recoloring interface
  • Fix bug with recoloring familiars not working for certain colors


  • Allow players to rename/recolor familiars from the familiar in the booty tab instead of involving an OM
  • Allow the hulls of ships to be painted as well as the railings and sideboards
  • Performance improvements in scene rendering
  • Add button to let officers call all hands (crew or jobbed) to their vessel.
  • New holiday trinkets in the palace shoppe
  • Candy canes can now be bought in non-red colors
  • New style of gift wrap in the palace shoppe
  • Tune down the number of dragoons an Archelon or Gorgonyx drops at a time
  • Tweak the rate random dragoons board from the water
  • Fix a bug that could allow people to labor without it using up their hours
  • Adjust down the price of Imperial Outpost maps a bit


  • Fix bug causing graphical lag when navigating in imperial outposts.
  • Fix bug preventing the creation of new trophy boxes.
  • Fix bug where ships sometimes couldn't enter imperial outposts.
  • Adjust payouts in imperial outposts - change most of the commodities into PoE and adjust how much is set aside for the ship owner.


  • Don't show sail button when in an expedition
  • Goose the carpentry skill of the outpost defenders down a hair more
  • Explicitly add the level of an outpost to its expedition map's attributes
  • Raise the payouts some for the lowest level outposts
  • Sort expedition maps by sinkingness, size, then level
  • Fix a bug with some shop orders not showing
  • Fix another bug with vessel tabs going AWOL coming out of expeditions
  • Don't allow greeter pillages or ships being transported by swabbies to enter expeditions


  • More messages in the Outpost expeditions
  • Give a hard edge on the Outpost mini-skirmishes
  • Better balance the types of expedition maps at explorers' halls
  • Over time, unpurchased maps slowly get cheaper and eventually disappear
  • Make expedition maps start at the island the hall is on if possible
  • More clearly differentiate between sinking and non-sinking Outposts
  • Fix bug causing the vessel tab to go AWOL when leaving an outpost
  • Don't clear an Imperial Outpost expedition unless you win the sword fight
  • Fix inconsistencies between the officer listed on the map and the officer in an Outpost
  • Fix bug with sword fights involving very large numbers of soldiers
  • Fix erroneously small payouts from Outposts
  • Fix bug with Cursed Island residents not coming out to play


  • Correctly scale imperial outposts based on what the maps claim
  • Don't regenerate the board every time you attack an outpost
  • Fix timing of soldiers leaving the barracks


  • Overhaul the UI for purchasing expeditions: they have a selection that refills over time when they are purchased
  • Charts to outposts now give indication of their size and whether they are sinking encounters
  • Different outposts of the same size range in difficulty as indicated by the ranking of their owners
  • Ease up a little on how well the ships guarding outposts can repair damage
  • Explorers' Halls now spawn maps near the island the hall is on if at all possible
  • Add coffer access object to Explorers' Halls so owners have someplace to pay the rent
  • New icon for Imperial Outpost expeditions on the map
  • New art for the Imperial Outposts on the water
  • Play imperial music when you land at the outpost
  • Convince shipwreck expeditions to draw where they used to
  • Imperial soldiers have been practicing their drillwork
  • Fix issue with /vwho on ships attacking outposts
  • Count "Learning" as poor, not fine when calculating blockade pay
  • Update various text


  • Fix bug with ships attacking Imperial outposts not generating moves, etc.
  • Split Able into Able and Proficient.
  • Split Aspiring into Aspiring and Obscure.
  • Color banners and flags on Imperial outposts to match the unit's colors.
  • Fix issue with CI/Atlantis maps displaying the wrong icon. Unfortunately, existing ones may still be booched, but new ones will be correct.
  • Fix some missing translations.


  • New bronze cannons and helm
  • New figurehead for large vessels
  • New experience levels beyond sublime
  • And then, the Explorer's Hall, which sells charts to expeditions to attack Imperial Outposts. See here for more high-level information. Some comments on the current state of this:
    • In the Explorer's Hall, you can purchase a chart for 1k. It will give you a chart to a random location, scaled for a sloop. This price is not final, nor is the interface. A drastic overhaul to this will be coming very shortly: at any given time, a particular hall will have a variety of maps available for purchase.
    • When placed on a ship, the chart will add the appropriate expedition. Right now, when it is NOT placed on a vessel, there is no good indicator of the outpost's location, but it will.
    • Removing the chart from the ship will take away the expedition. The chart itself is consumed when you defeat the imperial forces at the outpost. While you are in the expedition, you cannot remove the chart.
    • Currently, you can board shop by popping in and out of the expedition. This will be fixed.
    • Current payouts are not at all representative of what they will be
    • The bright green X for these expeditions is placeholder art
    • Imperial soldier positioning and other cosmetic scene details are not final.


  • Pirates, Crews, and Flags now have 4 types of "Reputation", viewable via the pirate, crew, and flag pages.
    • Each category of reputation may be earned through various in-game activities. Different activities earn different amounts of reputation. Additionally, activities performed more recently are worth more reputation than past activities.
    • Conqueror - Earned by fighting brigand kings, defeating skellies and zombies, fighting (and sinking) other players' ships, blockading, and attacking flotillas.
    • Explorer - Earned by visiting the Atlantis Citadel, visiting the Cursed Isles, Completing expeditions, and travelling around the ocean.
    • Patron - Earned by hosting tournaments and event blockades, as well as participating in tournaments and bakeoffs.
    • Magnate - Earned by purchasing items and earning loot from sea monsters.
  • New shoppe portrait background - Weavery
  • New limited edition portrait - Greylady's Tailor


  • Fix some issues with ice petitions being boochy.
  • Fix bug forcing gilded cannons to be placed backwards on longships.
  • Fix bug causing labor reports to sometimes claim excessive unused hours.
  • Various translation updates.


  • Do a better job choosing where to perform offline labor based on the wage we'd get.
  • Fix missing translations for old shoppe labor log entries.
  • Fix some boochiness with some labor related messages.
  • Fix logging foraging to a pirate's labor history; foraging done after this release should show up properly the following day.


  • New figurehead: Sea Serpent.
  • Fix icons for figureheads.
  • Fix issue causing two stalls on ice to break.
  • Fix bug causing higher level zombie trophies to be handed out erroneously.
  • Adjust the gold requirements for making dive helms.
  • Combine shoppe records for employee pay.
  • Combine foraging log records.


  • New furniture for manufacture: Mermaid Figurehead, Gryphon Figurehead, Gilded Cannons, and Gilded Helm. These can be used to replace existing cannons/prows/helms.
  • Adjust how offline labor is handled on subscription oceans: if one pirate on an account can't make use of the hour, try using it on the other pirates.
  • Make dummies match the target pirate's injuries.


  • Increase the reward for defeating the Atlantis Citadel
  • Log to the building records when someone works at a shoppe either on reserve labor or on anything else not covered by escrow.
  • Some behind-the-scenes excitement with sloop & warbrig bowsprits that if we did right, you won't notice.
  • Adjust fighting dummy difficulty and add better logging so we can see how well that's working.
  • Fix bug with choosing what players are booted in over-full skelly/zombie fights.


  • New hat: Buccaneer Hat. Similar but distinct from the savvy hat.
  • Small adjustment to cursed isles chest distribution to gunners and fighters.
  • Combine all of the shoppe/vessel commodity management interfaces onto one tabbed interface to make it easier to switch between them.
  • Fix somewackiness with typing prices into some of the commodity interfaces.
  • Use a smaller icon for furniture on the product pricing interface to fit more at a time.
  • Put shoppe recipes on its very own panel, accessible to everyone. Shopkeepers can find it on the shop management radial menu, others will find it where the management radial would be.
  • Orders may now be placed on behalf of your shoppe with any appropriate shoppe on the island (ones that make commodities or the same shoppe type) - the cost will be paid from the shoppe's coffers. These orders will be deliverable by any manager at your shoppe from the Manage Orders interface. On doubloon ocean, any doubloon delivery fee will still need to be paid by the delivering pirate.
  • Managers must now pay full price even at their own shoppe - they should generally use the Order for yer Shoppe mechanism to pay straight out of the shoppe coffers.
  • New fighting dummies (Swordfighting & Rumble versions) - you can associate these with a particular pirate and then fight against a dummy dressed and armed like yer hearty.
  • Cutters now have in-scene bowsprits to match their icon. (Yes, this seems random - I promise there is method to our madness)
  • Fix bug with wrapping of certain item names (e.g. Poniard) on the Completed Orders panel.
  • Fix a bug where Ice didn't allow promotion of non-subscribers when that pirate was offline.


  • Include description on potions on purchase screen.
  • Various translation fixes.


  • Fix broken text in sales tax tooltip.
  • Make ordering interface smarter about what items are available for manufacture.
  • New furniture for manufacture: pedestal.
  • If you have orders but none of them are done, don't show the ahoy.
  • Ship's wheels go in the on-wall category.
  • Fix bug with tooltip timing on shoppe interface.
  • Unbreak chat when set to Spanish.
  • Fix a few broken Spanish graphics.
  • Various translation updates.
  • Show the appropriate warning about requiring subscriberness to walk small dogs.
  • Don't claim framed portraits can't be customized; the drop box for a portrait is right there!


  • Fix problems with the mug purchase interface.
  • Move the Tap to its proper place on the Wall tab.
  • Allow quote table to grow for larger-resolution clients.
  • Add a description popup for vessel products showing max crew and cannons.
  • Add an ahoy panel showing completed orders and allowing their delivery. This appears on logon (if you have completed orders) or when the order is actually completed. Worth noting that the restrictions on where you can deliver items have NOT changed - you still need to be at the proper island.
  • Make the tooltips on the purchase panel stick around rather than going away after a few seconds.
  • Managers mousing over the cost column of the quote table will show the tax portion.

2009-07-28 - "Who Moved My Cheese?"

  • Play a celebration sound when ye are awarded a trophy or complete a mission.
  • The rest of the /who panels should no longer auto-close.
  • Add persimmon to available colors for prizes in Atlantis.
  • Correctly note eights paid for jobbing on trade voyages to the vessel log.
  • Rewards given in association with purchases and similar actions should now appear without requiring the player to logout.
  • Various Spanish translation updates.
  • Female version of the pirate bust furniture now available.
  • In-game/active labor now provides up to 2 hours of labor per puzzle completed if you a) have 2 hours available and b) don't Booch it.
  • New shoppe purchasing interface:
    • Revamped the overall interface to focus on the selection of the product you want to buy.
    • Purchasing now follows a more linear process - 1. Select a Product (top) 2. Customize the product (bottom left) 3. Select a Quote (bottom right).
    • Products for some types of shoppe are organized into tabs of related items.
    • Products with restrictions that ye don't meet (e.g. subscriber-only) are indicated by a lock icon. Products which have some special feature (e.g. able to store clothing) have an icon indicating this fact. Mousing over these icons explains the feature or restriction in detail.
    • Managers are able to see recipes for products on mouse-over of the actual product.
    • Managers (and only managers) can switch into local-only shopping mode to see availability and quotes only from their own shoppe.
    • Products can now be delivered from the Items tab from yer pirate page. - Expect some more improvements to better alert ye about completed orders in the near term.


  • Updated Spanish translations.
  • Fixed un-heartying.


  • Updated Spanish & German translations.
  • Fix problems with tells and away messages.


  • Set the reserve labor factor to 2 for tailors as opposed to 8 everywhere else.
  • Remove savvy hat from sale.
  • Fix highlighting of disallowed words on non-editable text.
  • Fix pirate busts missing add to scene actions.
  • Fix bonus moves returning if used when entering the citadel.
  • Fix that multiple trinket racks could be placed in a single room.


  • Add large display case furniture that holds up to 80 trinkets.
  • Add pirate bust furniture that can be inscribed with information about a pirate.
  • Add new clothing items: savvy hat and captain's bandana hat.
  • Add new color: persimmon. The color isn't available for production in cloth yet.
  • Add rose, lavender, mint, light green, magenta, lemon, peach, and light blue as colors for gems on rings.
  • Log labor reserve changes to building records.
  • Increase maximum reserve labor to 8 hours as a factor of throughput from 6.
  • Fix logging immediately-completed orders to building records.
  • Fix the count of pirates on buried treasure expeditions.
  • Fix random chat being flagged as cursing.
  • Fix opening dialogs on the initial screen after selecting a pirate.
  • Fix the free portrait mission.
  • Fix Barnabas getting a woefully underskilled crew against some ship types.


  • Allow banners to be placed on the back wall (below the quarterdeck) on a frigate just like on the side of the hull.
  • Disable the Ice-specific 10x labor throughput factor for all shop types - this will also affect max reserve labor limits.
  • Adjust how sunken treasure spots' contents are calculated to take into account what was sunk.
  • Sea Monsters will now more aggressively go after ships just off the edge of the board (but not those in safe zones).
  • On the product quotes panel - change 'Duration' to 'Est. Wait'


  • Reserve Labor - Shoppes & Stalls can enable reserve labor - this allows employees to perform work ahead of time (either online or offline) which will be automatically applied to any future orders made at that stall/shoppe. Managers can adjust their reserve labor limits from the labor management interface. Buyers purchasing from a shoppe with sufficient labor to cover their order will see the delivery time as "Immediate" and will indeed be able to pick up their order any time after placing it.
  • Flag & Crest Tapestries can now be hung on the side of larger ships (such as in place of the white ones which are there by default.)
  • Blockade job offers will now show on all islands.
  • Move the Vote on Booty button onto its very own Ahoy panel.
  • Fix a bug where the total PoE shown for chests was reporting inflated values.
  • Display Chest counts on buried treasure expedition ahoy.
  • Adjusted the swordfighting background once again.
  • Replaced DnD icon with an image version.
  • Don't require subscriberness to invite someone to be your hearty
  • If a player vessel sinks in Atlantis/blockade/flotilla, a portion of the PoE aboard is lost rather than added to the sunken treasure on the board.
  • The Ahoy panel resulting from a /who now stays around until you close it.
  • Adjust the awarding of chests for puzzle performance - this should be a fairly minor change to the prior iteration, but does fix the bug that hid more specific award titles.
  • Added giving of loot (rat & furni) to the intro tutorial mission.
  • Adjusted the bilge clear sound.
  • Your ships are now highlighted with a bright blue outline on the Where are My Vessels display
  • Fix a bug in generating shop labor reports that could sometimes misreport labor remaining in queue.
  • Fix a bug where bots on tutorial missions constantly booch.
  • Fix a bug where Bumblebeard would take over the top right panel over top of the map.
  • If you are quickly entering/reentering the gunnery puzzle, don't repeatedly play the intro music.
  • Add a note pointing out that by logging on, you're agreeing to the Puzzle Pirate Terms of Service.
  • Note: Spanish language support is not yet fully functional though you will find it under options. Please do not yet report any bugs with this, as it is known to be significantly incomplete/incorrect.


  • Fix the name of the Party Boat portrait background.
  • Fix a problem with Brigand Kings taking over islands.
  • Behind-the scenes change related to painting houses/vessels.
  • Behind-the-scenes change related to claiming rewards.
  • Behind-the-scenes change related to managing Dragoons/Zombies/Witch Doctors.


  • Desaturate the sky in the new swordfighting background to make it easier to see teaming on it.
  • Fix skellies and zombies misreporting the number of eights won.
  • Fix skellies and zombies giving maps to the wrong player.
  • Fix chests being counted more than once in the eights summary.
  • Fix title for new swordfighting background.


  • Added new puzzle intro music.
  • Added new swordfighting background image.
  • Reduced the probability of swords, gloves, and mugs from chests.


  • Fix NPPs going on drinking binges.
  • Fix men-at-arms selections for fights being disregarded in Atlantis and the Cursed Isles.
  • Fix puzzles failing to register after a round in blockades.
  • Fix skellie and zombie missions disappearing soon after the skellies or zombies spawned.
  • Fix that items from skellies and zombies always went to the first pirates to enter the fray.


  • Fix crew and flag fame calculations.


  • Fix more ways that pets couldn't get into rooms.
  • Fix NPPs not showing up on duty reports.
  • Fix the thrall icon not immediately appearing over a zombie's head.


  • Add rowboat bed and ship's bell furniture.
  • Add Atlantis and Cursed Isle specific map icons.
  • Fix NPPs ignoring orders given from the vessel tab.
  • Fix bug where pets were unable to enter various rooms.
  • Fix zombies appearing to be too hale and hearty.
  • Fix buried treasure and shipwreck expeditions appearing too far away from the current location.
  • Fix shipwreck mast not appearing for pirates in puzzles while the expedition starts.
  • Fix rigging maneuver progress not appearing in the proper location.
  • Fix merchant vessels not selling their commodities when reaching port.
  • Fix /vwho breaking after a vessel changes owners.


  • Fix bug with puzzle permission checking that caused many different symptoms (puzzle board boochery, vessel hold boochery, etc.)
  • Fix bug with calculation of shipwrightery scores in abandoned games.
  • Fix issue with sloop recipes so we can turn those back on.


  • Massive internal changes involving how NPPs are handled across the board. Please hammer on NPPs in all walks of life and make sure to /bug any booches or strange behavior.
  • Massive internal changes involving how product recipes are handled. Everything SHOULD transition smoothly to the new system, but please be sure to double check your shops and report any unfortunate side effects (e.g. losing settings for pricing)
  • Fix bug that stopped poker games from starting.
  • Toss the contents of a vessel's booty when "sunk" in non-sinking blockades.
  • Don't dump the cash contents of a vessel's regular hold when "sunk" in non-sinking flotillas.
  • Fix issues with Zazzle store items, and turn that back on.
  • Don't show NPPs' ratings in puzzles that are disabled.
  • Don't show palace challenge missions for disabled puzzles.
  • Don't highlight cursing on clients with the chat filter disabled. This may come back, since it's useful for showing parts of a message that SOME people may not see as you intended.


  • Add shipwreck expedition.
  • More evenly award performance-based chests.
  • Include the amount of evenly split treasure on the SMH division summary.
  • Give referers a bandana for referring a new player instead of eights.
  • Hide wagering-related stuff for folks banned from wagering.
  • Highlight curse words and stopwords in the chat interface.
  • Allow mugs, postcards and stamps of portraits to be created through Zazzle (Currently disabled till we fix a bug with passing the images along).
  • Adjust high end rumble AI to be less extraordinarily skillful at surviving with a nearly-full board.
  • Lower the difficulty of AI in the introduction missions for rumble and sword fighting.
  • Remove the item requirement from skellies/zombies.
  • If no one is fighting them, monsters will now get bored and start leaving one at a time.
  • Fix bug with competitions rankings 'overflowing' and booching when not participating in every puzzle.
  • Fix bug that prevents a disconnected pirate in an atoll from being able to set a vessel to sail.
  • Fix chests foraged near the end of a gauntlet round not counting.
  • Fix thralls in the Cursed Isles not following their new master if their current master leaves and extra, inactive thralls showing up in fights.
  • Fix missing text for the rumble introduction mission on the puzzle board.
  • Fix delay when boarding a fresh navy vessel.
  • Renamed Atlantean Princess Statue to Atlantean Priestess.


  • Return double-clicking a sailing station to bring you to sailing.
  • Fixed other half of a rigging bug where a splice next to a wild piece stalled the board.
  • Fixed rigging bug where a wild or similar next to the pulley didn't properly register as skipping a chain.


  • Fixed a rigging bug where a chain could start from a wild piece.
  • Fixed a rigging bug where a splice next to a wild piece stalled the board.
  • Updated German translations.


Update was initially unstable and was eventually released 2009-04-20

  • Added rigging tutorial mission.
  • Fix a bug that would sometimes let rigging board get out of sync with the server in blockades.
  • Add missing trophy translations.
  • Fix a bug that could result in not logging a pirate transacting with a ship's coffers.


  • Rigging Updates:
    • Changed the name of Hook to Gaff (by popular demand) and Popped to Looped.
    • Fixed a bug where client-side indicator showed a penalty when cancelling a move.
    • Fixed a bug where in blockades/sea monsters board would sometimes not reset properly. This may not be 100% fixed so bears continued scrutiny.
    • Updated puzzle background art.
    • Added puzzle board screenshot for rigging.
    • Improved pulley glow.
    • Reduced text size of Looped (was Popped) messages to better reflect actual scoring.
  • Include crew restocking cut on job notices.
  • If you're on a vessel, default to vessel chat regardless of chat-circleness.
  • Fix a broken translation: m.andlist11 .


  • Rigging Updates:
    • Alter the scoring for reduced-color boards. This was resulting in far too low scores at low levels of difficulty and partly leading to it taking too long to get the performance indicator up to a reasonable level. This will likely continue to be tweaked until we get it in balance.
    • Fix bug where extra wild pieces could end up floating on the board.
    • Fix bug where pieces could be moved half-steps using keyboard controls.
  • Navy missions and crew creation now allow rigging experience as an alternative to sailing in their requirements. Additionally, for crew creation - rumble is allowed instead of swordfighting and any duty puzzle experience is allowed for non-established server crew requirements
  • Fix bug where Brand New #1 trophy images go missing.
  • Fix bug where placing an Enthralling maneuver while there are more thralls on your boat than pirates would cause boochiness.


  • Rigging Updates:
    • Increased time between board clears.
    • Added a Rig with the Navy mission.
    • Clarified a few things in the tutorial tab text.
    • Enable the performance-based rigging trophies.
    • Add the rigging icon for use on pirate pages.
    • Rigging now counts towards sea monster chest award splits.
    • Decrease volume on the ambient rope-pull sounds.
    • Fixed maneuver-token frame to match background.
    • Fixed bug with tar piece being awarded for short chains.
    • Fixed bug with showing a high-level special piece at low difficulty levels, but then populating the board with the Wild.
    • Fixed bug with stuck tar splatter.


  • New Duty Puzzle - Rigging: Slide the ropes to rearrange the pieces. Form chains of like pieces adjacent to the active pulley to clear them. Just like sailing, puzzle is started from the ropes and makes the ship go faster. The Arrrrtists would like me to point out that some of the art currently included is not yet final (esp. the background). The full documentation page is not yet written, but the in-game Tutorial tab should be enough to get started.


  • Update German translations, including some changes to color names for consistency
  • Fix bug where atolls could booch the vessel tab
  • Fix bugs with atoll foraging & duty reports
  • Fix bugs with looted/ported merchant vessels still showing up on radar/haunting ports
  • Fix bug causing excessive scrolling on expedition ahoy panels
  • Don't hand out expeditions to hunt merchants excessively stronger or weaker than you
  • Clean up presentation of expeditions


  • Update sound library to hopefully fix skipping or stopping sounds
  • This year's egg trinket winners available in the palace shoppe
  • Fix bug with completed merchant hunts still being selected
  • Fix bug with brigand spawning sometimes resulting in woefully unskilled brigands
  • Only spawn expeditions when defeating brigands, not merchants or monkeys (Fixes bug causing broken payouts from merchants)
  • Take lazy pirates by the hand and walk them to the X
  • Mark all boats as "Ready to Leave" escape hatches
  • Keep quantities of 0 chests from showing up in the ship's booty


  • Evenly split money from buried treasure.
  • Mark merchant hunt expeditions as completed when defeating the merchants, or when they reach port. Should also fix bugs with unattackable ghost merchants stuck at islands.
  • Award appropriate charts when awarding an expedition to a stationary location.
  • Reduce probability of pets going all-in with poor cards.

2009-03-31 - Anchors Aweigh

  • Put the start digging label over the pirates standing around it on buried treasure atolls.
  • Add buried treasure starting music.
  • Finalize buried treasure placement system. Please /bug if expeditions show up on top of each other or at existing islands.
  • Fix vessels being anchored to buried treasure atolls.


  • New expedition type: you may be told about juicy merchants in the waters near you.
  • Awarded expeditions now show up in the "Booty Plundered" ahoy panel.
  • Divvying booty now removes all currently known expeditions.
  • Adjust payouts based on the size of the defeated brigand.
  • When foraging buried treasure, end the puzzle when a player pulls a chest and there aren't any left.
  • When departing atolls, record a treasureable round.
  • Teach brigands to come to terms with being hopelessly outnumbered and stop putting off the inevitable so much.
  • Rename color "cream" to "lemon".
  • New pet for sale in the palace shoppe: rabbits.


  • Add new colors: Cream, Peach, Light blue.
  • Add "Evading" voyage configuration. This is the same as a trade voyage, except you aren't paying your jobbers and you can set it anytime, not just at an island. Once it's on, you can't turn it off until you're at an island, though.
  • Display counts of the number of people searching, foraging and ready to leave the atoll.
  • Remove the time limit for being on an atoll.
  • Fix pet names being in German.
  • Fix expedition foraging duty reports not containing the chests foraged.
  • Fix helmsman being able to select the active expedition and start an expedition.
  • Fix vessels being able to sail while at the expedition atoll.
  • Fix bilge and damage while parked at an expedition atoll.
  • Fix client hanging when returning from expedition.
  • Fix expedition ahoy remaining open when leaving the vessel.

2009-03-25 - The Tigers Have Spoken

  • Add expeditions to pillaging: sometimes after defeating a brigand or barbarian, ye will plunder information about an expedition. These currently consist of directions to an island with buried treasure, but other types will be added.


  • Fix bug where ships on the battle board would sometimes appear to warp around.


  • Fix bug with spades and hearts games failing to start.
  • Fix potential timing bugs in spades and hearts.
  • Fix poker bug with side pots and multiple folks and all-ins.
  • Fix issue with difficulty of sea monster leagues being displayed incorrectly.
  • Fix bug with horns not working properly in drinking.
  • More tweaks to the vessel classes & crews chosen for brigand spawns.


  • Smooth transitions between route difficulties.
  • Fix bug with medium chest graphics missing in CI.
  • Fix bug with vessel chat going AWOL.
  • Fix some booched way-too-thick lines on the chart display.


  • Display route difficulty on chart display. (note: route difficulties will be calculated and smoothed out more in later release)
  • Various tweaks to the chart display.
  • Fix timing bug with drinking & drunkeness; this should hopefully remedy the turn-taking issues.
  • Consider vessel firepower in might calculations; this will also impact spawning on sea monster maps, in flotillas, and in BK blockades.
  • Lessen the effects of older battles on the ramp.
  • Adjust impact of dnav performance on spawning.
  • Fix bug with vessels sinking while being hijacked.
  • Change default crew cut for new crews to 20%.
  • Make the monkey boat a little less aggressive based on high-value cargo.

2009-03-10 - Dead by Dawn

  • Fix bug that caused some brigands to never be near your vessel.
  • Spawn brigands a bit more frequently.
  • Remove brigands' aversions to attacking from near islands.


  • Coax the brigands back out of hiding.

2009-03-09 - The Legend of Curly's Gold

  • Fix bug that sometimes caused spawns to fail and sometimes caused brigand ships to swap crews erroneously while at sea.


  • Fix bug causing complete lack of booty payouts from brigands.
  • Tone down the newly super-aggressive brigand spawning.


  • Slight change to appearance of ships on radar
  • Fix colorization issues with foamy mugs in portraits
  • Adjust minimum crew numbers for NPP vessels
  • First cut at adjusting brigand spawns/payouts - more to come
  • Show helmsman & crew count for vessels on /vwho
  • In CI, record a treasurable round after each swordfight win, plus one more when leaving the island
  • Fix bug that sometimes caused brigands to be spawned behind you, moving more slowly than you
  • Only allow small ships (those with only one mast) to be used for greeter pillages
  • Tweak CI chest contents


  • Fixed some sound problems on certain setups.
  • Brigand payout changes, take 2


  • Reduced difficulty of Cursed Isles rumbling boarders.
  • Fixed some Tutorial mission/Bumblebeard bugs.


  • Fix missing portrait artwork for high enlightened mask
  • Make tutorial mission cope better with pirates going off the rails
  • Fix issues with Bumblebeard going AWOL on scene changes and showing/hiding the island map
  • Fix colors reported for plain knickers and shirts


  • Inject melanin into Vargas' hands
  • Improved antialiasing of outlined text
  • Improvements and fixes for first-time pirate tutorial


  • New tutorial mission for first-time pirates
  • New sounds on the Cursed Isle
  • New starter clothing: patchy pants and solid shirts for both genders
  • New clothing: plain knickers for ladies
  • Decreased the number of dragoons that board ships from gorgonyxen and achelons


  • Really add the new crew titles this time
  • Fix bug causing blacksmithing to fail to start at some difficulty levels


  • New valentine furni in palace shoppe: rose wreath
  • New titles assignable to crew members
  • Scale blacksmithing scoring with difficulty level
  • Cultists and Enlightened Ones now wield weapons of their own making
  • Make navy gunnery mission only require Apprentice instead of Narrow in the 3 basic duty puzzles
  • Make navy vessels better understand their available duty stations
  • Give a button to "Board" instead of "Apply" on the jobbing board when a pirate is already jobbed into that crew
  • Restrict what html is usable in trinket inscriptions/wrapped present text
  • Warp to portal arrows if necessary instead of complaining that they are unreachable
  • Use antialiased text throughout the UI
  • Antialias the outline on Bumblebeard's speech bubbles on tutorial missions
  • Shift balance a little more towards cash in Cursed Isles versus items
  • Flotillas now only blockade an island after at least two weeks of existence, versus one before
  • Tweak to the clothing color selection interface when creating a new pirate
  • Always show the 'To home' button, even when at home (and tell users as much if they try to use it there)
  • Don't require officerhood to see vessel lock status from the docks


  • Fix skull mug to properly only penalize by 40 pts on PLAYING the special, not drinking it
  • Stein - Make it +15/-10 instead of +10/-5
  • Horn - On playing specials, lose 10 points
  • New Cursed Chalice available from Cursed Isles - Pieces need not be played adjacent to other pieces, +30 points when chugging, become drunk more quickly
  • Added messages to help clarify certain actions
  • Fix timing issues with some messages relating to scoring and drunkenness; this includes timing issues causing incorrect scores to be displayed game-end involving tankards


  • Add missing layers for dreadlocks & long-straight hair
  • Allow holding of equipped flowers
  • Allow holding of equipped mugs
  • Solid experience or greater in drinking allows the option of foam in the held mug
  • Fix booch with buccaneer jacket sleeves being misaligned

Misc Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug with foraging scores in puzzle competitions.
  • Fix bug with inconsistently aged bandanas from item tutorial mission.
  • Fix bug with vessels sunk between the time they pull into the CI cove and the end of the turn.
  • Fix bug in ship placement coming out of cursed isle gauntlet - previously never placed to upper right of primary exit point.
  • Fix bug with rumble AI potentially acting bizarrely for higher-level bots.
  • Fix bug with the notice board's inn button when the inn is your home.


  • Prefer still-fighting zombies to those that have already been defeated when applying the zombie defeat and control bonus move in the Cursed Isles.
  • Add more island scenes for the Cursed Isles.
  • Keep pirates with long, flowing locks from showing up as bald in booty division after a hat change.
  • Fix blue-screen in reconnecting after a disconnect in the Cursed Isles.
  • Fix a huge number of punctuation and grammar inconsistencies. Thanks, Barrister!


  • Reduce the weight given to gunnery and defence of the ship in Cursed Isle payouts, and better spread out the number of chests given to everyone puzzling
  • Fix misalignment of animation when labor is applied to an order
  • Adjust graphics on playing cards to better line up
  • Make one-on-one fights against saboteurs unrated
  • Monkeys in male portraits are no longer double-jointed & able to hide their arms complete behind their backs
  • Fix dock interface to stop it truncating vessel names so prematurely
  • Zombie thralls lack the dexterity to wield swords and now go into battle with sticks
  • When awarding sea monster charts, be more likely to hand out Cursed Isles maps than Atlantis ones
  • When seeding gems to a market, set the price to an average of the existing gems at their lowered price and new gems at their normal price
  • Navy ships now better understand what stations they have available when selecting where to go for a mission
  • Randomize the order of items in skelly/zombie wagers
  • Wait a bit before playing entrance music in sinking situations so the music doesn't overlap with the danger whistle
  • Add a speed slider to gunnery to set a desired speed; the puzzle will run at either that desired speed or the speed based on your rating, whichever is higher
  • Sounds in skirmishes caused by distant ships are now quieter
  • Add a notification when logging on while a reboot is pending
  • Fix the border on crew chat for certain cases, such as large-font mode
  • Clarify messages for different ways saboteurs can board vessels
  • New player-made holiday trinkets available for purchase in the palace shoppe
  • Fix bug with booty division screens coping badly with wardrobe changes (especially removing certain hats)
  • Don't play vessel ambient sounds while standing on a cursed isle


  • Puzzle Competition layout tweaks
  • Fix performance problem when running on Java 1.6.0_10+ on Windows
  • Fix a problem with pirates being unexpectedly logged off as if they had gone idle
  • Fix problem with not all dragoons/zombies being pulled into the ship-takeover fray

2008-11-18 - Secret of the Ooze

  • Cursed Isles board adjustments
  • Updated translations
  • Adjust cursed puzzle backgrounds
  • Fix serpent display on pirate info pages
  • Fix portrait booch with monkey's arm in male portraits


  • Fix rafts dumping extra boarders at the end of a turn.
  • Fix swabbies being included in the forage reports in the gauntlet.
  • Fix Bellator's Bane being handed out for defeating zombies.


  • Hook up the first set of player-designed Cursed Isle scenes. Thanks to Emerson for the large isle, Sseth for the small isle and Orsino for both designing the medium isle and managing the proejct. More player isles coming soon.
  • Add Cursed Isle specific background in rumble, swordfighting and foraging.
  • Add Cursed Isle sounds.
  • Adjust the amounts in Cursed Isle payouts and add new items to the chests.
  • Increase the number of boarders from rafts.
  • Fix gauntlet foraging stopping after clearing a board.
  • Fix bilge bonus pieces in the Cursed Isles.
  • Fix the Cursed Isle zombie kill and control bonus not killing and controlling.
  • Fix rafts often not dropping boarders when a sloop already had boarders.
  • Fix that the gorgonyx and archelon didn't drop dragoons on player vessels when pulling up next to them. They were always intended to transfer dragoons in addition to their normal attacks. The number of dragoons spawned normally has been dropped to compensate.


  • Bring boarders from the raft to the island when landing and have them join in the initial gauntlet round.
  • Fix returning to the vessel after disconnecting while it was in the gauntlet.

2008-11-13 Part 2

  • Fix bug with showing stale duty reports
  • Update some Cursed Isles translations and art
  • Adjust size of boarding parties from zombie rafts
  • Adjust Cursed Isle and Atlantis spawning in empty sections of the board.
  • Adjust raft spawning.


  • Better messages indicating what's going on during the gauntlet
  • Fix bug with skirmish view getting out of sync while on Cursed Isles
  • Fix bug with duty puzzles getting stuck between boards in Cursed Isles
  • Fix some bugs with puzzle competition level categories
  • Cultist captains have gone to mandatory workplace safety training and no longer take joy in shooting each other
  • Layout cleanup on puzzle competition leaderboard


  • Fix boochy puzzle competition scoring.
  • Allow people to win more than one prize during a performance bracket competition.
  • Display cursed isle-style chests on the gauntlet foraging duty report.
  • Allow trashing of sticks.
  • Various other bug squishing.

2008-11-11 - Take Two

  • Fix bug where only one person's foraged goods would count on the cursed isle.


  • Add a leaderboard for puzzle competitions.
  • Show a duty report after foraging on a cursed isle.
  • Remove cursed ship captains' fear of ships larger than theirs.
  • Adjust cursed isle payouts. These are still not final.


  • Increase the speed of rafts.
  • Lower the effect of fog on small vessels.
  • Allow cursed vessels more freedom in moving about the board to attack.
  • Lower the CPU usage of fog while special effects are off even more.
  • Fix Cursed Isle boarders being laughably inept rumblers.


  • Add a progress meter on the Cursed Isles scoreboard showing distance from the isle
  • Islanders chase off people trying to raid their island multiple times in a skirmish (fixes bug where some people saw rocks in the isle's entrance after entering once)
  • Scale fog's impact more based on vessel size
  • Animate fog movement; a new option for controlling visual effects has been added that can disable it for systems that can't keep up
  • Fix a bug where sometimes vessels leaving the cursed isles would freeze the board
  • Fix a bug that would cause fog to be rendered in the wrong place/not at all sometimes


  • Fix bug with old clients being unable to connect to the server & update themselves.
  • Fix bug with Treasure Haul breaking skirmishes (causing a variety of bugs: stuck in haul, stuck on cursed isle, etc.)
  • Fix bug with bonus pieces and bilge (which resulted in various bilge boochage)
  • Completely disable shipwrecks in Cursed Isles
  • When a ship departs a Cursed Isle, reset its move tokens to the initial set for a skirmish
  • Revert sound libraries to an older version; the newer one performed extremely badly on some windows machines


  • Cursed Isles
    • Cultist ships fill these waters, defending their domain
    • Beware the noxious fog that chokes the seas
    • Witch doctors and their zombie minions attack from their rafts; avoid them, fight them off, or create a special maneuver to enthrall their ranks so they fight for you
    • Brave the isles themselves to fight the cultists and plunder their fortunes!
  • In puzzle competitions, don't consider puzzle sessions started before the competition
  • Fix booched non-scaling border around skirmish view
  • Change border around skirmish view on sinking battles
  • Skellies/zombies no longer take maps other than sea monster charts
  • Skellies/zombies no longer take injury repair potions
  • Skellies/zombies no longer take mostly used whisking potions
  • Don't swap ships between safe zones when exiting & reentering sea monster skirmishes
  • Add chests hauled to the score board in Atlantis
  • Lots of internal cleanup; please be on the watch for broken behavior in all aspects of the game


  • Rolled back earlier sound library change.


  • Fix bug with ordered-navvers charting courses.
  • New limited edition portraits: Bootlegpatch's Night of the Living Pumpkins, Ickessler's Skellies, Merethif's Fruit Manor, and Nordenx's Dragoon Kin.
  • Bring back Halloween portraits: Ye Dread Dead, Jack O Lantern, Nordenx's Skull Island.
  • Fix bug with cannons auto-clearing on the Attack Brigands mission - that is only supposed to affect the Gunning mission.
  • Fixed problem where some scenes would not load (and some pirates could load very few scenes
  • Atlantis monsters now will respawn to fill in as you've defeated the monsters in an area a bit quicker so that less waiting around is required.

2008-10-10 Part 2

  • Fix zombies showing up as normal humans.
  • Fix vessel, building and crew records appearing in reverse order.
  • Fix gunnery boards changing after cannons are fired.
  • Fix duty puzzles stopping after the first few pieces in blockades and Atlantis.
  • Fix sound in Java 6 on Macs.


  • Pirates ordered to navigate may change the ship's course.
  • Brigand kings holding islands show their power on the blockade board.
  • While in a safe zone, vessels will no longer generate special maneuver tokens (double-move, etc).
  • Layout change to the palace shoppe's top area - won't be so evident on Ice
  • Playing poker at high-buyin tables now requires some poker experience
  • Navy vessels no longer show might rings and radar blips.
  • Hearty name underlining now applies to names with faces as well as in-scene.
  • When you fill all four cannons in the navy gunning mission, fire them off so you can fill em again.
  • Vessel Speed indicator now reads in speed relative to maximum for the vessel - this means that a frigate at max speed will now show a FULL dial.
  • Fix some issues with the Notice Board News page, especially relating to the Home/Houses button.
  • Atlantis treasure awarding now better takes into account how long pirates were in Atlantis
  • Fixed bug where a brigand king taking over an outpost could cancel already-finished orders in a shoppe on the outpost.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes sent errors to chat while in foraging practice mode reminding them (repeatedly) that they cannot get commodities
  • Fixed bug with intro mission navy payouts.
  • Fixed bug in drinking where we would sometimes report inaccurate final scores.
  • Fixed bug where users whose chat circle has disappeared while on board a vessel didn't go back to vessel chat automatically.
  • Fixed sound bug in java 6 on macs.
  • Increased time before users are auto-logged-out after idling.
  • The Return of Autumn Leaves
  • Some underlying changes to management of swabbies/bots - shouldn't have any affect, but if you see any bots acting weird, file a /bug


  • Server-side performance improvements.


  • Send a notice to the vessel when the forage offer changes.
  • Don't allow pirates without the ability to forage to take forage offers.
  • Fix garbled text in labor reports.


  • Various sound tweaks and fixes.
  • Password no longer required for pirate deletion, since you've just entered it.


  • Ambient sound for vessels.
  • Adjust a few volumes of the ambient sounds to better match.
  • Fix a bug where puzzle competitions on notice board would show as "starting in less than a minute" when they were already started.
  • Make the foraging ant animate a little while walking.
  • Include newer colors on the cake trinket colors list.
  • Fix bug where monkey boat would sometimes fail to steal your stuff when they won.
  • Fix some weird cases with foraging practice mode that were causing the board not to properly reset
  • Fixed a bug where some stalls could not retrieve their labor reports.


  • Make gem thieves more aggressive.
  • Fix bug that could duplicate furniture.
  • Note to vessel records when a ship loses cash to a non-sinking flotilla or other such situation.
  • Ambient noises
  • Tweak foraging sounds some more
  • Don't automatically switch out of practice mode when an hour of labor is suddenly available (fixes bugs with the hour of labor being consumed despite empty crates appearing on the board)
  • Allow pets to join pirates in portraits.
  • Disallow officers from engaging in swabbie ship transport or trading voyages since it removes money from the hold which they normally shouldn't have access to.
  • Fix boochery with puzzle competition countdown times.
  • Allow the newer colors to be used on trinkets and wrapped presents from the palace shoppe.


  • Large piles of gems on board vessels have attracted a horde of gem thieves. Any boat with large numbers (where large is currently >= 50) of gems on board may be subject to these rampaging menaces, who will take a percentage of your stash. (They are similarly invisible/intangible to the gem thieves who take your gems if you abandon your boat)
  • Take foraging notices off the notice board properly when the boat is full.
  • Volume slider in options now has more levels of granularity.
  • Fix the bug causing job offers to become stuck on the notice board.
  • Shorter foraging chest-cleared sounds.
  • Fix a sporadic bug with auto-divvying booty at server shutdown.
  • Fix a bug where offers could be posted in markets and forts for gold ore.
  • Fix a bug where gem prices could drop to (just) below their intended sell price.
  • Activate the foraging stat trophies.


  • Add a mute button for the initial music.
  • Add foraging job offers: first officers and vessel owners can post offers to pay jobbers to forage commodities for them.
  • Raise the initial market sell price for gems and have it descend slowly to its old starting price.
  • Respect the last pirate's volume level when playing the intro music.
  • Don't show jobbing offers from muted players.
  • Move the new sound system onto its own thread to fix skipping. Please /bug any snaps, crackles, pops, skips, burps or other untoward sound artifacts.


  • Update background and star meter to be more visible in foraging
  • Fix bug with foraging ratings and lack of duty reports
  • Fix bug with foraging not functioning properly on free days
  • Fix bug with pausing foraging right before a duty report booching things
  • Fix bugs with shovel and machete animations
  • Shorten the earthquake sound
  • Add foraging to the puzzle board
  • Ants now animate when moving
  • If a pirate doesn't have enough labor to complete a full set of bananas when starting a foraging session, pre-fill bananas
  • Fix "First Gold" trophy to be awarded after the first gold nugget
  • Fix typed letters showing up in chat area when configuring puzzle keys
  • Change underpinnings of sounds to use OpenAL - linux users may get better performance by creating ~/.openalrc containing: (define devices '(sdl alsa native))


  • Glue faces on the monkeys.
  • Allow crates to force their way onto the forage board whenever they're available instead of waiting for space to become available.


  • Rapacious bands of monkeys have been sighted on the oceans. Early reports indicate they target ships battling amongst themselves while heavily laden with commodities.
  • Emboldened by the arrival of his comrades, the monkey from foraging now sparkles while he dances.
  • Play sounds when starting or ending a foraging puzzle and whenever an item is foraged.
  • Adjust treasure haul scoring.
  • Break every piece of gold ore in existence into 10 gold nuggets. Adjust recipes, foraging and stats for gathering ore accordingly.



  • Fix earthquake related bugs
  • Remove the practice button when the duty report shows up
  • No longer rate games if no moves are made
  • Instantly end game after practice button is hit once board clears
  • Add background
  • Add vessel records for foraged items
  • Tweak images to be more distinguishable for the colorblind



  • Forage report tells you if you just finished using your labor
  • Decrease length of monkey sound
  • Decrease volume of earthquake sound
  • Adjust scoring
  • Adjust special piece probabilities
  • Foraging is free on Tuesdays
  • Clicking the practice button jumps to practice mode as soon as the board is cleared of crates
  • Fixed some practice-mode related bugs


  • Fix foraging status icon.
  • Fix practice mode consuming labor.
  • Fix ratings boochery.


  • Unveil the foraging puzzle. Art and sound are still in progress.
  • Play a little song when the drinking puzzle starts.
  • Fix Bumblebeard getting confused when jumping through tutorials quickly.

2008-07-30 Part 2

  • Add an award mode to puzzle competitions to complement the existing category based mode that awards prizes to 1st-4th places.
  • Reduce the score given for loading only the cannonball in gunnery.
  • Competition ahoy fixes: show an appropriate message for joining before the competition, stop rounding minutes off long competition times and only show the ahoy once again.


  • Allow puzzle competitions to paint portraits of the winners.


  • List upcoming and active puzzle competitions on the tournament board.
  • Calculate incredible, excellent and so on in multi-puzzle competitions relative to the competition scores so the 'best' category isn't needed.
  • Fix bug in puzzle competitions preventing prizes from being given out to lower performance levels if no one qualifies for a prize in a higher level.


  • Add puzzle competitions using the overall score from multiple types of puzzles.
  • Add a 'best' category to puzzle competitions that gives awards for the best score regardless of performance level.
  • Fix ahoys not appearing for pirates logging on in the middle of a puzzle competition.
  • Fix ahoy showing up multiple times for a single puzzle competition.


  • Add ocean-wide duty and crafting puzzle competitions.
  • Fix bugs in Bumblebeard tutorial that cut off his chat bubble, started the puzzle while the tutorial is still visible and prevented the use of dialogs while he's visible.
  • Fix bug where commodity options on the buy/sell interface other than the relevant ones were unselectable.


  • Fix bug causing pirates to start at seemingly random locations (inns, vessels, houses) rather than islands.
  • Don't erroneously show the league tracker when you're not on a boat.
  • Fix bug with the mission board not working while at sea.
  • Various internal cleanup.


  • Fix problem with some pirates encountering fiery death while trying to log on.
  • Add a button for the Puzzle board on the newbie ahoy panel.
  • A whole pile of under-the-cover cleanup.


  • Add a new in-game tutorial system starring Bumblebeard.
  • Add the league tracker to show how far along your vessel is on its course
  • Complete the the Japanese text translations.
  • Allow items to be placed on clear portions of bar segments.
  • Require Java 1.5 or greater.


  • Fix starting tournaments after incompatible changes to stored game configurations.
  • Fix the chat entry bar not appearing in scenes in Adventures.
  • Fix swords dusting to foils instead of sticks.


  • Add four new furniture items: potbelly stove, tigershark, pirate flag and shark jaws.
  • Fix the loading bar not appearing in Adventures.
  • Fix the loot pile image.


  • Add three new furniture items: wall-mounted sailfish, loot pile, and drinking vessels.
  • Add a cache for duplicated ground tiles in the visible area. Keep an eye out for the ground repeating incorrectly or pieces of the ground showing up in the wrong place.
  • Shrink in-memory character and object images in Adventures. Please report any visual artifacts or new slowdowns in adventures.
  • Fix painting with magenta.


  • Fix chat not appearing in Adventures for any login except the first in a browser session. This required changing the way chat was stored and displayed in the main client as well, so please /bug any changes you notice in chat in either client.
  • Fix swordfight tournaments hanging when a participant disconnected.


  • Fix swordfights and rumbles not starting on pillages and in Atlantis.
  • Fix parlor game settings not being stored between games.
  • Fix that Bumblebeard's speech bubble was poking him in the eye in German.
  • Fix that experience trophies weren't handed out immediately on reaching an experience level.
  • Fix that the ship's wheel was available in shoppe portraits.
  • Allow pirates with badges beyond the pirate badge to battle nav from the puzzle board as well.


  • Really add wall maps.
  • Fix fights not starting automatically in the first adventure.
  • Fix the third adventure not ending.

2008-06-17 - The Return of Hair Dye

  • Disable all but tells and crew chat in the pick adventure screen.
  • Fix alteration potions not being drinkable.
  • Fix recolorations on the ship's wheel.
  • Prevent double-clicking on the cannon in the third adventure from starting the puzzle twice and preventing the completion of the adventure.


  • Add female sleepinghat.
  • Add dart board and ship's wheel furniture.
  • Add shoppe portrait backgrounds: Distillery, Iron Monger and Shipwright.
  • Send pirates created in Adventures to a configuration scene before they're allowed to do anything else.
  • Include a URL to get to the adventure in invites to players in the regular client.
  • Allow player gloves in the first rumble in the second adventure.
  • Display a dialog to players waiting for the leader to finish recruiting.
  • Fix 'Play Again' button booching and preventing another round in crafting puzzles.
  • Fix logging into the regular client while being logged into an adventure causing the client to hang.


  • Start handing out a foil in the hideout adventure if a pirate has yet to receive a free sword.
  • Fix the AI not showing up for puzzles.
  • Fix player bludgeons not being used in the rumble in the hideout adventure.


  • Allow full screen chat and pirate info views to go over dialogs in adventures.
  • No longer rate duty puzzles in adventures.
  • Only give out the portrait and eights in adventure three once. If you've already gotten them, you'll be able to get them one more time.
  • Fix bug where dismissing while a howto is showing didn't cancel the puzzle.
  • Fix bug preventing multiple cannons from being loaded on adventures.
  • Fix the invite button in adventures.
  • Fix bug causing the flashing status icon to remain forever when eights are given out.


  • Added "puzzle board" to the notice board to show the various puzzles and related challenges that are available.
  • Prefetch faces and victory and defeat poses for all the participants in a puzzle in an adventure to reduce waits as they're required.
  • Fixed neverending treasure haul in the third adventure.
  • Fixed text and images not showing up in adventures in versions of Java not set to German or English.
  • Fixed sword pattern images in adventures.
  • Removed all references to "coins"


  • Added paints and enamels for all the recently added clothing colors: rose, mint, lavender, magenta and light green.


  • Add icons for owned houses on the pirate information page.
  • Award mugs from chests in Atlantis.


  • Two new clothing colors - Light green & Magenta.
  • Limited edition pet: the Mala-cat - in celebration of opening Malachite to new players this week.
  • New limited edition portrait background: Phillite's Spring Festival
  • New trophies for art contest winners.


  • Fix a bug that could cause island overviews from a different ocean to be displayed.
  • Fix formatting issue for some long lists on pirate pages.


  • Bugfix - Fix carpentry puzzle hanging during Sea Monster/Blockade/Flotilla situations.
  • Bugfix - Drinking appearance altering potions now works again.
  • Bugfix - Treasure Haul now properly awards PoE for treasure hauled.
  • Bugfix - Properly deactivate "Clear Charted" button on charting panel when it's not available.
  • Bugfix - Fix various checkbox text that was being truncated.
  • Bugfix - No longer show the rank & title options on the crew panel to those who cannot use them.
  • Bugfix - Fix chat shortcuts not persisting across logins.
  • Bugfix - Fix problem where bilge sounds continue after leaving bilge puzzle.
  • Bugfix - No longer kick players out of the crow's nest & swordfight/rumble when they enter a fight from that location.
  • Bugfix - Fix problem with java 1.4 users not being able to login.
  • Bugfix - Fix held trophies not showing up in portraits.
  • Bugfix - Fix navy pay sometimes not being awarded.


  • Will the behind the scenes goodness never end? Here comes some more...


  • Even more major behind-the-scenes changes that ideally shouldn't be seen. Should fix the various extreme boochage that appeared on 04/15.
  • Fix bug that caused newly memorized league points to be forgotton on logout.


  • Major behind the scenes changes that ideally you shouldn't see - most likely to affect missions, crafting/labor, and parlor tables


  • Recenter the screen on every right click instead of just once while the pirate is walking.
  • Fix bug that caused the screen to scroll in the wrong direction when starting to walk from near the edge of the screen.

2008-03-18 - Judgement Day

  • Add current vessel-holders to vessel bulletin boards.
  • Fix pirate/crew/flag pages to have the same background color as the rest of the interface.


  • Fix bug causing certain items to not appear in portraits.
  • Add an option on the general tab to configure where screenshots are saved.
  • Fix appearance of comboboxes on file selection dialogs.
  • Fix a few issues with non-ascii characters (mostly related to German pirate names)
  • Allow swordfighting and rumble tournaments to be unrated.

2008-03-10 - Beyond Thunderdome

  • Adjust Xebecs and Longships to make them easier to repair.
  • Minorly increase the damage a Xebec can withstand.
  • Fix some booched Japanese translations, include english versions of a few missing translated graphics.


  • Adjust Xebec scenes to remove items blocking bilge stations (existing Xebecs keep their old scenes)
  • Fix bug that caused disappearing pets.
  • Fix booched tournament titles on tournament status view.
  • Fix missing bit from the edge of the chat interface.
  • Fix bug causing the chat window to expand horizontally.
  • Fix bug with chat shortcuts going to the wrong channel while in a puzzle/bnavving.
  • Updated Japanese translations (some graphics are still missing)
  • Change the default shortcut for F12 to /print


  • Adjust Xebec recipe.
  • Adjust Xebec scenes (tone down some bling, fix issue with holds & stairs being non-functional)
  • Allow bands & gemstone rings to be displayed in portraits.
  • Fix bug with tournament names on the tournament ahoy panel.
  • Updated translations.


  • New vessel for manufacture: Xebec.
  • New colors of cloth for manufacture and use: rose, mint, lavender
  • New furniture for manufacture: fancy sink
  • Add chat shortcuts accessed via the function keys. Their value can be customized in the options panel.
  • Add functionality to save screenshots to the desktop via either the /print command or pressing Control-p.
  • Use a bnav icon on swabbies when listing their bnav skill.
  • Upon startup, if the configured client size is larger than the screen's actual size, attempt to drop to a saner resolution.
  • On the interface to choose facial expressions for portraits, include the eyepatch if you have one.
  • Give rag tops & bottoms distinct names.
  • Sort the list of assignable crew titles alphabetically.
  • Sort color options when painting a scene alphabetically.
  • Underline the names of hearties in the scene view.
  • Shorten the delay before recentering the view after moving.
  • Speed up the pan as the display is recentered.
  • New tab on yer pirate page with an expanded view of yer booty.
  • Adjust boxing background to help clarify the bottom row.
  • Make sea monsters extremely reluctant to spawn right next to player vessels.
  • Remove defending from boxing.
  • Fix bug that tied up attempted wagers against someone on the same computer until reboot.
  • Various internal cleanup and bugfixes


  • Internal logging and tweaks.


  • Add a button, instead of the link, to a user's pirate page if they have no portrait set and the portrait mission is available.
  • Fix bug booching some Atlantis sites.
  • More internal cleanup.


  • More internal restructuring of NPPs. Please report any strange behavior.


  • Clean up behavior of island news on island tab instead of having a scroll area embedded in a scroll area.
  • In boxing, let either mouse button be used. And show a right fist normally, or a left fist if mouse buttons are flipped.
  • Remove run-time need for JVMPI (specifically, this fixes a bug where the client would instantly close under certain vms, e.g. the "server" vm that gets used on some linux systems that are considered server-class by java)
  • When sinking in Atlantis, there's now a chance of having a starfish cling to you.
  • New potion available for manufacture at apothecaries to remove said starfish.
  • Show a message explaining to players why they don't qualify for a brigand king trinket if they don't.
  • New background for boxing.
  • If a user has the portrait mission available, show a link on their own pirate page to direct them there.
  • Remove clothing purchase prerequisite from the portrait mission.
  • Don't cache gallery data for as long; sometimes it would take several minutes for new portraits to show up in a player's gallery.
  • Fix bug causing periodic lag spikes on ice.
  • Fix bug that missed the first-time-greeter dialog when toggled to duty by joining a greeter pillage.
  • Fix bug that kept pvp records from being kept when they involved crewless ships.
  • Fix bug with scuttling brigand kings multiple times.
  • Various internal cleanup; in particular, NPPs have changed a bit under the hood, but should behave the same. Please report any broken NPP behavior.


  • Fix installer issues. To try the new installer, you'll need to uninstall then reinstall your copy of ice.


  • Re-enable unrated, unwagered matches between multiple clients on the same computer.
  • Update formatting of headers on various tabs under the sunshine panel.
  • Break labor report out to its own tab because of space issues.
  • Add missing translation for treasure haul portrait item.
  • Disable manufacture of firs and wreaths.
  • Minor adjustment to the blackjack's pattern.
  • Allow people to plank players from their homes while in a puzzle.
  • Fix an issue that could cause the sailing puzzle to get stuck between board changes. Please file bugs if you still see this happening.


  • Remove home island from ye tab to save space
  • New clothing for manufacture: chainmail
  • Minor tweaks to the mission page layout
  • Adjust color of santa hats to better match other attire
  • Disallow people on the same computer from challenging each other or joining parlor tables with each other
  • Adjust seeding in double-elimination tournaments to avoid repeat matches until as late as possible
  • New portrait item based on treasure haul experience
  • New portrait item to display trophies won by the player
  • Option on rumble to play "boxing" with only one launcher
  • Overhaul and rework aspects of the pirate info page
  • Disallow wrapping of snow furniture
  • Don't jump back to the start of the palace shoppe after purchasing something
  • Fix bug where players would sometimes get the brigand king swordfight background at parlor tables
  • Add buttons to the palace tab to conveniently access the shoppe and portrait room
  • Sort various lists of color options alphabetically
  • Remove pirates from the list signed up to fight skeletons/zombies when they disconnect
  • Reduce the amount of work needed before a bout of carpentry counts towards ratings
  • Various internal cleanup


  • Give Brynhild the regular king's swordfighting background.
  • Don't continue warning about overpaying if it's been corrected.
  • Fix sound for Java 1.4.
  • Various internal cleanup and restructuring.

2007-12-11 - Ohgodit'spastmidnightalready?

  • Allow recoloring of new-growth festive firs and wreaths.
  • New Frosty Fir!


  • Temporarily make ice show the new news rather than the release notes.
  • Don't claim to have room on ships to buy stuff when in fact we're bursting at the seams with booty.
  • Enable manufacture of Festive Firs and Holiday Wreaths.


  • Disallowed memorizing on greeter pillages and floating.
  • Allow a pirate access to all owned houses on their home island and on the current island from the noticeboard.
  • Fix bug causing noticeboard main panel to become gargantuan.
  • Fix bug causing noticeboards in the island scene to not work
  • Fix bug with new vessels dropdown on noticeboard not actually boarding vessels.


  • Notice board revamp: new news page (though on ice, it's currently showing the changelog, not the new news), event listing moved to 'Events' tab, which is no longer completely island-centric.
  • Make Brigand Kings follow regular sea lanes when looking for a nearby island to blockade.
  • Reduce gold ore needed to produce gold enamel.
  • Allow on-duty greeters to toggle greeter chat with the '/gmute' command.
  • Bugfix for internal maintenance task that would sometimes lag the ocean.
  • Various internal bugfixes and cleanup.


  • Added logging to help track down the targetting issues seen with skeletons.
  • Fix bug causing skeletons and zombies to hand out bogus clothing items as prizes.
  • Brigand Kings now take an interest in shopkeeping when presented the opportunity.


  • Fix various issues with scene changes (exhibited many symptoms: access denied spam trying to board ships in battle, winding up in strange scenes after scene changes, etc)
  • Warn shop owners who set their wages above their charged labor rate.
  • Internal changes to how sounds are managed; this should hopefully clear up issues some people are seeing with sounds causing lag in puzzles.
  • Various internal cleanup and restructuring.


  • Actually let apothecaries make the new enamel colors.
  • Fix boochy crew/hearty lists.
  • Fix missing menu items on pets.
  • Fix broken placed furniture list.


  • Enabled eight new enamel colors. These colors may not be used in the manufacture of swords.
  • Added new brigand queen.
  • Add chat only tab when playing puzzles in addition to having chat in a location specific tab. For example, when puzzling in a sea battle, chat will show up in a full sized tab of its own in addition to in a tab with the vessel controls and dutier list as it currently does.
  • Fixed bug where league points weren't visible under the selected course.
  • Fixed bug where portrait previews were grainy and low-resolution.


  • Reduced enamel usage for viking furniture.
  • New portrait background: Pinky77's "Green Night".
  • Fixed bug where target indicators in swordfight show wrong color.


  • New clothing for manufacture: Viking helmet, Overlord helmet, Valkyrie helmet
  • Fix missing views for carven table.
  • Fix layout issues with panel for saving guest pirates in german.
  • Fix audio problems with double sounds for balls landing in rumble.
  • Make looping rumble sounds stop playing more quickly.
  • Enable Mac keybindings in the full screen chat panel.
  • Fix position of enemy count in rumble.
  • Don't allow bid tickets to be filled, or commodity orders to be delivered to greeter-pillaging vessels.


  • Show end-of-voyage treasure summary to everyone on board, not just those receiving treasure.
  • Fix looping sounds.
  • Add viking chair, table and bench.
  • Allow ship-wide orders like "More/fewer pirates to treasure haul/sail/bilge" through the duty icons on the dutier list.


  • Fix issues with short sounds being completely missing, and long sounds being truncated.
  • Fix skellism in zombie mission text.
  • Various internal cleanup.


  • Fix issues with sounds; they should work in general now, though please report any specific issues you encounter.
  • Fix booched zombie trophy names.
  • Various internal cleanup.


  • Overhaul how sounds are stored and managed. Please file reports with details of any specific sounds that are missing, or erroneous behavior.
  • New vessel for manufacture: Viking Longship.
  • Fix missing graphics on top puzzler lists when viewed in a web browser.
  • Fix floating carpentry maneuver box (we finally reproduced it!)
  • Don't send repeat messages to everyone involved in a skelly fray when the skellies are outnumbered.
  • Allow a vessel's proposed course to be displayed at the same time as the existing course.
  • Don't let participation in event blockades keep flags from being able to change their relationships.
  • In flotillas, don't deploy supply ships while in retreat mode.
  • Lower face icon version of female eyepatches by one pixel to match their old position.


  • Updated translations.
  • Fix more missing eyepatches.
  • Returning Halloween portrait background: Jack-'o-Lantern
  • New Halloween portrait background: Ye Dread Dead
  • New furniture: small pumpkin, large pumpkin


  • Added "Expand All" button to treasure summary ahoy panel.
  • Behind the scenes tweaks


  • Fix bug where arrange furniture screen would end up with some items off the top of the screen.
  • Fix bug that was causing some players to improperly get "Access Denied" when accessing certain info pages and being disallowed access to crew or flag management controls in others.
  • Add logging to once again investigate the puzzle-won't-restart bugs. PLEASE /bug if your duty puzzle refuses to start after a break/completing a difficulty/etc
  • Adjusted vessel job posting algorithm to be more consistent/reasonable.
  • Fix bug where vessel leaving sea monster map could occasionally get stuck in limbo.
  • Show better info about a vessel's current status on /vwho when in multiship battles.
  • Return missing eyepatches.


  • No longer protect ratings in blockades/flotillas/sea monsters from dropping.
  • Rework carpentry graphics:
    • Fix rendering glitch at certain screen sizes.
    • Rework the maneuver indicator so it can no longer move.
  • No longer let navy ships win maps to Atlantis.
  • Fix bug where actions on scene items were sometimes drawn incorrectly.
  • Internal bugfixes and cleanup.

2007-10-05 Part Deux

  • Slightly smaller refer-a-friend button.
  • Re-enable Japanese translations (We're aware there are still many missing Japanese translations - please don't yet bug report these).
  • Put dividers in the tailor interface to better differentiate genders.


  • Improve graphic performance on macs. Mac users, please /bug any strange graphical artifacts you might encounter.
  • Internal cleanup of permission management on ships. Please report any issues with people lacking permissions they should have, or gaining permissions they shouldn't.
  • Fix bugs caused by server reboots between blockade rounds.
  • Brigand King fleets now leave the board during blockade round breaks.
  • Flotillas now stick around for 15 minutes after being defeated.
  • Make the islands Brigand Kings blockade more predictable based on their flotilla's location.
  • Support mac shortcuts for copy, paste, et al.
  • Don't spawn skellies immediately after a reboot, but rather at some random point after that.
  • Include the defender in the flags shown on the initiate blockade dialog, and show the king's power if he's in the blockade.
  • Fix bug causing strange behavior with multi-ship ramming.
  • Fix bug causing some hung poker tables.
  • Fix bug where eyepatched females might show up without their eyepatches on the pick yer pirate screen.


  • List the station type when announcing someone abandoning a duty station.
  • Fix potential issues with buildings not allowing entry.
  • Fix issues with eyepatched female pirates not showing on the pick yer pirate screen.
  • Adjustments to skelly frays:
    • Skellies spawn in more manageable numbers on ice.
    • People can sign up for the skelly fray in excess of the number of skellies. When the fray starts, the skellies will randomly pick a subset of the players to fight, and refund wagers to the rest.
    • Skellies force a short break between voting to start a new fray after losing one, to give the last players standing and those with slower computers a chance to sign up.
    • For the moment, skellies spawn more frequently than usual on ice for testing.


  • Increased maximum hearties per pirate to 250.
  • Fixed more issues with dragoons not being properly removed from the boat.
  • Fixed problem where some people didn't show up on the duty station list.
  • Minor improvement to the appearance of eyepatches.
  • Fixed issue that could cause hearties' online status to be incorrectly reported.
  • Various behind-the-scenes improvements.


  • Fix bug with showing fist/hook patterns on the challenge negotiation panel.
  • Fix bug with sea monsters sometimes not leaving behind treasure.
  • Count all navy missions towards prerequisite for palace drinking challenge.
  • Fix bug with command-q quitting under mac os.
  • Keep the treasure chest divvy panel around until explicitly dismissed.
  • Don't animate all sea monsters surfacing upon entering the skirmish.
  • If a player is unable to enter a sea monster skirmish due to vessel locks, don't allow them to chart there either.
  • Allow players with the Antediluvian Conch trophy to still hold the conch in portraits.
  • Fix bug causing duplicate news to sometimes be shown.
  • Fix bug that sometimes caused an old duty report to appear, only to be updated a moment later.


  • Don't announce treasure haulers leaving their stations.
  • Use a sound less likely to make one think their speakers are broken for the citadel rising.
  • Show received orders in an ahoy panel rather than in chat.
  • Kick dragoons off the boat if they're challenged as the ship is sailing out of Atlantis.


  • Dragoons aboard a ship that leaves Atlantis will immediately assault it again if it returns.
  • Fix bug causing extra Atlantis score panels to hang around.
  • Fix Island tab showing up in place of Shoppe or House.
  • Keep volunteers in a battle going on when a citadel assault begins from being added to the assault twice.


  • Add extra logging to carpentry with maneuvers. If you get the bonus display roaming around on your carpentry board, PLEASE /bug it immediately.
  • At breaks in blockades/flotillas/sea monsters, auto-divvy half of the eights that've been hauled up in that segment.
  • Show exactly how much time is left before a map to sea monsters dusts.
  • Under Mac OS, correctly handle quit events and command-Q by logging out rather than disconnecting.
  • Don't allow users to chart courses to sea monsters if they aren't qualified to go.


  • Allow players to watch dragoon frays again.
  • No longer send messages to the vessel saying how many eights were hauled up, nor when chests are. Instead, put that information on the duty report.
  • No longer send lots of messages for opening treasure chests. Instead, put that information in a better organized panel.
  • Don't have the treasure haul popup disappear just because it's been around for a while; it should only go away if explicitly dismissed, or if the vessel is no longer in a place where it can haul treasure.
  • Fix a bug with shipwrecks still appearing on the board after being hauled completely dry.
  • Rearrange the panel for managing dragoon frays some.


  • Keep dragooon status ahoy from stealing focus after it initially opens
  • Include the station a volunteer is currently working in the dragoon ahoy
  • Lower the damage from Triketos and Gorgonyx ramming
  • Link share of treasure won from monsters to time spent in the battle as in flotillas and brigand king blockades
  • Add activity type for dragoon fighters to the dutier list
  • Prevent the blockade listing from scrolling down to a random point in the list on creation
  • Add a sound for the Atlantean citadel rising from the deep
  • Use vessel chat in rumbles with barbarians at sea.
  • Use game chat for dragoon frays.
  • List the correct color in the description of Atlantean helmets.


  • New portrait-holdable items for Treasure Drop, Shipwright, and Blacksmithing
  • Increase the likelihood of Treasure Boxes from the Atlantean Citadel
  • Fix bug with submerging citadel animation.
  • Fix bug with swordfighting board summary appearance for horizontal strikes.
  • Fix bug where players leaving a ship or disconnecting were sometimes not properly removed from a dragoon fight.
  • When you enter a puzzle, any ahoy tabs you had visible will now come with you.
  • Improved graphics and scoring for clearing a chest in treasure haul.
  • Reduced Archelon toughness.
  • Adjusted treasure creation parameters - more pieces of eight will be sunk with the monsters as well as the initial wrecks in the lair and the wrecks will take longer to be completely hauled.
  • Reduced booty stolen by brigands from the booty to 40% from 50%.
  • Increased the minimum pieces of eight prize a treasure chest can award.


  • Exorcise ghost dragoons summoned by challenging after losing in a volunteer battle.
  • Show blockade job offers for 0 eights and allow people onboard for said offer.
  • Fix bravery badge image.
  • Unblack Atlantis swordfight background.
  • Don't allow the purchase of a second bravery badge.


  • Better seed initial shipwrecks in Atlantean outposts.
  • Allow gems in treasure haul to be cleared even when against blank spaces or chests.
  • Show a tutorial to first-time pillagers about sticking around to earn more money.
  • More dragoon bugfixes.
  • Make treasure chests a little more frequent.

2007-09-03 2

  • Prevent boarders for tower battle from challenging players.
  • Break the blockade listing on the notice board into three groups: active, pending and completed.
  • Don't show the movement bar for monsters.


  • Fix bug with rescheduling BK blockades.
  • Fix bug with Dragoons and disconnected players.
  • Add more potential criteria for treasure chest bonuses.
  • Fix bugs with creating new sea monster spots.
  • Fix bug with magic ship repair not working.

2007-08-31 - GORGONYX LIVES

  • Place better treasure towards the back of the sea monster board.
  • Improved graphical performance during sea monster battles.


  • Dragoons no longer challenge navigators.
  • Disallow sailors fighting dragoons one-on-one from volunteering to join the boarding battle.
  • Better detect the areas to repaint on the Mac. Keep an eye out for graphical oddities on that platform.
  • Sailing into the safe zone should automatically exit a sea monster battle.


  • Sea monsters no longer chase players that are in safe zones or the Atlantean towers.
  • Fix boochery with the interactions between individual dragoon fights and larger frays.
  • Fix bug with treasure haul sometimes not bringing up any money.
  • When paying brigand bounties (in flotillas and BK blockades), add some extra money to the ship's hold.
  • Fix bug with entering other people's houses.
  • Keep sea monsters from spawning in such overwhelming numbers.
  • Adjust the rate dragoons board ships.
  • Include a few slightly fancier prizes in treasure chests.
  • Updated translations.
  • Reduce tell spam from dragoons.


  • Rendering on the Mac only redraws changed sections of the screen.
  • Disconnected players no longer win in tournaments.
  • Sinking with a saboteur on board doesn't booch further sea monstering at that location.


  • Add treasure awards for the vessel's owner. These are saved on the ship and can only be opened by the owner (via the booty chest).
  • Fix bug in drawing the turtle's net shot that would cause the board to stop updating after it fired.
  • Make merchant brigs show up before baghlahs when spawning brigand vessels.

2007-08-24 - Here there be dragoons

  • Reallow links in crew/flag news.
  • Rename saboteurs dragoons.
  • Stop the sabotage status ahoy from stealing focus constantly.
  • Give man-at-arms and officers the ability to choose which volunteers to include in boarding battles they start.
  • Remove man-at-arms from the dutier list.


  • Atlantean towers now rise from the depths. Ships may enter the space they surround to vie for riches.
  • Add an ahoy panel to help see what's going on with saboteurs aboard your vessel.
  • Add a new "Man at arms" position which players may be ordered to hold, to help restrict who can start a saboteur fray.
  • Disallow images and links in crew/flag news.
  • Narwhals spawn in less overwhelming numbers.
  • Narwhals now heal more slowly.
  • Saboteurs who overrun your ship will now hijack it rather than sinking it.
  • Disallow using swabbie ship transport to travel to sea monsters.
  • Defeated narwhals leave behind Atlantean magic that helps to repair ships.
  • Add a voyage configuration type for sea monster hunts.
  • Remove crews' home islands from job notices.
  • Keep sea monster layouts consistent across reboots.
  • Tweak nautilus artwork.
  • Show a scoreboard of monsters your ship has defeated.

2007-08-17 - Son of The Mask

  • Saboteurs now wander the vessel actively sabotaging things.
  • Fix problem with repeated notifications of some saboteurs boarding the vessel, and related fray issues caused by it.
  • Add some missing Japanese translated art.
  • Tweak to the graphics of the trident swordfighting piece.
  • Allow maps to sea monsters to be pillaged from brigands.


  • Fix issues with saboteurs getting stuck aboard vessels.
  • If duplicate sea monster maps are on the table, only bolt one down.
  • No longer erroneously allow ships to leave a sea monster engagement via the bottom right side.
  • Do not spawn sea monster treasure in the safe zones.
  • Fix bug with swordfights (skellies in particular) booching and not including everyone.
  • Tweak sea monster AI and make the shallow end of the pool a little bit safer.

2007-08-16 - Secret of the Ooze

  • Disallow removing sea monster maps from the table when actually at the spot.
  • Fix bug where booty was divvied when a vessel was sunk.
  • Limit saboteurs on a ship to the number of players allowed aboard. (E.g. a sloop can have at maximum, seven saboteurs aboard)
  • Changes to sea monster AI.
  • Some tweaks to treasure chest rewards.
  • Only allow a player to be personally challenged by one saboteur at a time.
  • Fix broken saboteur fray messages.
  • Fix bug where sometimes saboteurs weren't driven from the ship after being defeated.
  • Correctly handle shutting down saboteur frays when pulling people into an all-hands fray.
  • Fix bug that could break some pretty random things. (Most recently, some stalls)


  • This is an Alpha version - please report any bugs you notice. Names and art are likely to change. Atlantean art is currently in hidden (all-black) form.
  • Maps will be available initially to those with Conchs on production oceans. Please petition from the holding pirate to have an OM give a map to your ice character.
  • In order to chart to an Atlantis outpost, the chart must be on the charting table, not in your inventory. It will be locked on the ship while used in the charting to reach the location.
  • Sea Monster encounters are SINKING!
  • The deeper you proceed into a sea monster encounter, the deadlier the monsters will get.
  • Safe zones are on the top-right and bottom-left of the map. Ships will enter and leave from a particular portion of the safe zone dependent upon their might.
  • Narwhal - Most common Atlantean sea monster - likes to ram vessels with its nasty trident.
  • Nautilus - Strong attacking monster. Can ram your vessel with its shell. Watch out for boarding parties.
  • Turtle - Can ensnare your ship, costing you moves and sailing tokens. Deadly boarding parties.
  • Treasure Haul in Sea Monsters - When treasure hauling in a Sea Monster battle, you will sometimes receive a 2x2 chest block. If you manage to clear this off the top of the board, a chest commodity will be placed in your ship's booty. These may be opened during booty divvy and will give varying rewards to varying sets of the people on board the vessel.
  • Beware the saboteurs - If their initial challenge is answered and defeated, they will leave the vessel. If ignored or lost, they will roam the boat, sabotaging your efforts to carpent, bilge, or sail. They may be challenged by one or more of yer crew to drive them away. If too many of them get aboard they will attempt to take your battle. If they win, they will SINK your vessel.


  • Each turn, if any treasure has been hauled, announce the quantity to the vessel.
  • Reasonably handle uses of /gift without a pirate name.
  • Fix issue with missing slash commands when client is started in Japanese.
  • Fix bug with horizontal sword strikes.
  • Fix bug with restarting crafting puzzles.
  • Fix bug with missions failing to start if you were in the palace.
  • Fix bug with switching your home right as you start a mission.
  • No longer allow blackspots to automatically ban players who have never bought doubloons/subscribed.


  • Fix issues with it not realizing what scene pirates are in (unable to trade, view trinkets, invite to join crew, have pets follow, etc)
  • Start of Japanese translations. (Note that we are aware some art is still shown in English)
  • Show locked status of vessels on the "Where are my vessels?" view
  • Add a tooltip to the duty station in a list showing how many pirates are on the station, and how many total stations there are.
  • Change booty auto divide to 50-50 instead of 75-25.
  • Increase brigand/barbarian payouts slightly.
  • Various other behinds the scenes bugfixes


  • Blacksmithing bugfixes:
    • Use the correct font for 'Paused'.
    • Show the correct piece in an identical chain when a rum jug is hit instead of the rum jug.
    • Ensure the hit piece updates to the new piece on more aged computers.
    • Tweak the scoring for the number of pieces left on the blade to distinguish between true craftsmen and mere dilettantes.
  • Treasure Haulers find time to contribute a small amount to each duty puzzle while hauling.
  • Fix animation of the trick flying to the player in spades and hearts.


  • German Blacksmithing translations
  • Fixed problem with battle navigation ratings updating.
  • Fixed problem with blacksmithing pieces occasionally not being removed from the screen after the third hit.
  • Blacksmithing Help Docs now available


  • Add some variety to the hammering sounds in blacksmithing.
  • Fix bug where the number of tallies was wrong for sets on the second level in blacksmithing.
  • Fix bug that skill didn't control the level of labour produced in blacksmithing.


  • Blacksmithing changes:
    • Continue as much of the chain as possible on the next hit after a failure, not just one piece.
    • Add levels of difficulity.
    • Add sounds.
    • Add keyboard support.
    • Add tutorial.


  • Make blacksmithing games count towards your rating after hitting 3 or more pieces
  • Add animations for starting and finishing blacksmithing


  • Blacksmithing changes:
    • Add a wild card piece whenever a level of pieces is cleared
    • Give extra points for consecutive chains of numeric/chess pieces
    • Add tally marks to indicate consecutive chains
    • Count number of remaining pieces on board towards final score
    • Graphical tweaks
  • Fix bugs where certain activities were being permitted despite a lack of a captain or SO badge.
  • On linux, make attempts to fall back to a working browser if the configured one isn't available.
  • Fix portrait graphics for captain's jacket.
  • Make distilling games count towards your rating after moving 10 or more pieces.
  • Don't allow people to scuttle if their island is about to be blockaded by players.
  • Changes to trade interface: show more items at a time, and print a chat message showing what each side traded.


  • Add blacksmithing mission.
  • Tweak blacksmithing graphics some.
  • Fix up a few more spots to give doublooners full priviledges on Ice.
  • Internal changes to trinkets.


  • Slight tweaks to blacksmith scoring.
  • Fix bug where blacksmithing broke after large chains.
  • Various internal bugfixes.



  • Fix people entering scenes all standing on top of each other.
  • Internal reorganization of how restarting puzzles works: in particular, changes to repeatedly playing a crafting puzzle. Please be on the lookout for any strangeness with ending and restarting puzzles.
  • Various internal bug fixes.


  • Updated translations.
  • Various internal bug fixes.


  • Don't present scuttle button if you're not on a ship belonging to your flag.
  • Add a dismiss button to the scuttle panel.
  • Allow royalty whose islands have been recently blockaded by Brigand Kings to scuttle anyway.
  • Various internal bug fixes.

2007-06-21: The Quickening

  • More stuck duty puzzle fixes.
  • Give all rumbling Brigand Kings the fancy background.
  • Fix German rumble background for Vargas.


  • Bugfixes for duty puzzles: most notably, puzzles should not get stuck between boards.
  • Bugfixes for card games: cases where the game randomly doesn't start should be fixed.
  • An experiment on ice: in distilling, allow people to continue a CC12 for as long as they can maintain the perfect streak.
  • Fix problems with some pirates falling off the top N lists.
  • Various internal bug fixes.


  • Fix boochiness with pets following people.
  • Log money paid for swabbie ship transport.
  • Have ships remember as they pass islands while on swabbie ship transport.
  • Allow non-battle ready ships into non-sinking flotillas.
  • Fix bug where pirates in certain crews are unable to log in.
  • Fix bug where ships on swabbie ship transport would sometimes stop moving.
  • Remove erroneous extra 2 units of iron from recipe for the canopy bed.


  • Fix boochiness with curled slippers.
  • Fix issues with lingering baldness after removing wigs and divehelms.
  • Fix bug allowing free swabbie vessel transport.
  • Fix bug that showed the button to adjust BK blockade time when it shouldn't be available.


  • Mark sinking v non-sinking flotillas differently on the sailing view and chart
  • New clothing - veil for women and curled boots for men
  • Fixed transporting swabbie payments
  • Fix hair to not stick out of dive helm and wig.
  • Ensure any brigand king blockade declared will be at least one week from the date of declaration.


  • Swabbie vessel transport now costs money.
  • Disallow initiating greeter pillages or swabbie vessel transport with goods in the booty.
  • Fix broken drinking graphics.
  • Vessels being transported by swabbies can no longer enter flotillas.
  • Flotillas for Finius, Azarbad, Vargas, and Gretchen are now non-sinking. Payouts in Barnabas and Widow Queen flotillas (which are still sinking) have been increased. Being "sunk" in a non-sinking flotilla will toss your booty overboard, and whisk the vessel back to its last port.
  • When turning off swabbie vessel transport, boot excess swabbies off.
  • New trinkets in the palace shop: exotic card, exotic coffee, bangled bracelet.
  • Do not rate the sword fights/rumbles at the end of 1v1 sea battle.
  • Fix coloring of new furniture.
  • Disallow course changes while swabbies are transporting vessels.
  • Fix booch with governors adjusting scheduling of BK blockades.


  • New voyage type for signify flotilla attacks on the notice board. Successful dnav will reduce brigand spawn while en route.
  • New voyage type to hire swabbies to safely and automatically transport empty ships. For the moment, this is free, but will have a cost in the future.
  • Increase flotilla bounty payouts.
  • New furniture for manufacture: Exotic Carpet, Exotic Canopy Bed, Pile of Pillows, Large Pile of Pillows, Striped Pillow, Patterned Pillow, Drum.


  • Retired Valentine's Day portrait backgrounds.
  • New limited edition background: Aryet's Stone Urns with Flowers.
  • Fix issues with editability of tell menu under Java 1.6.
  • Don't allow vessels on greeter pillages into flotillas.
  • Various internal tweaking.


  • Fix bug with reclaiming container furniture (wardrobes, trinket cases, etc)
  • Significantly reduce lag caused by multi-ship battles with brigands.


  • Fix bugs relating to flotilla freezes.
  • Fix bug when hearties log on simultaneously.


  • Added more fancy graphics in Treasure Haul.
  • Fixed bug where battle ready vessels didn't always register as such.
  • Don't show locks for ships you don't know the lock status of.


  • Shutdown abandoned ships in a Flotilla after a while
  • Fancy carpet in Dhow/Baghlah cabins
  • Treasure Haul is now entered through an Ahoy panel or through the booty or hold
  • Booty division takes into account rounds spent in a treasure situation (Flotillas or *Brigand King Blockade - Each round is equivalent to a battle.
  • Multiple levels of ship locking - now three levels - Personal: only deed holder has permissions, Crew: Officers have permissions, except for entering Flotillas or Sinking Blockades, Battle Ready: Officers have all permissions, including entering Flotillas and Sinking Blockades
  • Gems in treasure haul now chain.
  • Added some fancy graphics to Treasure Haul.


  • Fix sunken treasure not disappearing from board when dried up.
  • Merchant ships in flotillas are now worth more in treasure and bounty than warships.
  • Various other miscellaneous bugfixes.


  • New gem special-pieces in Treasure Haul.
  • Some graphical additions in Treasure Haul.
  • Added portraits and more info on Brigand Kings' info pages.
  • Fix some graphical bugginess on sinking.
  • Flotilla score panel now shows sunk supply vessels for each flag.


  • Brigand King Flotillas - kings may now gather their forces at a league point on the ocean. This force may be attacked to attempt to drive the king to a different part of the ocean. Since kings will declare blockades against islands nearby to their current base location, this may be useful to get rid of nasty influences from the neighborhood.
    • Flotilla attacks are SINKING
    • Flotilla locations are marked on the world chart (I hear Finius has been spotted somewhere between Shatterstone and Eieio). They're also indicated on the sailing view with a special league point icon for each king.
    • They may be entered via the "Attack Flotilla" button on the vessel tab.
    • The king's supply ships (merchant vessels, marked in green) can be attacked to run him out of supplies and drive him away. He also will have some other ships roaming the board to help protect his supplies.
    • All players are on the same team in terms of "friendly fire"
    • Flotilla attacks provide bounties for sinking brigand vessels and sunk treasure for treasure hauling.
    • Flotilla boards only have a single safe zone on which you may enter/exit.
    • Flotilla attacks allow the use of maneuvers, like blockades
  • New Brigand King: Azarbad the Great
  • A few fixes to the Dhow/Baghlah scenes. Existing ships are not affected.
  • Fix problem with Treasure Haul scoring leading to widespread booching.
  • Treasure hauling is now more effective if you're directly over the wreck than if you're next to it.
  • Dhow/Baghlah now appear slightly smaller while sailing around
  • A few multi-ship AI adjustments


  • Fix Treasure Haul so it doesn't instantly haul all the treasure in a spot.
  • Stop Treasure Haulers when the treasure runs dry.


  • Increase hold size of cutters.
  • Make merchant brigs/galleons slightly less leaky.
  • Tweak details of which ship types brigand use.
  • Two new ship types: Dhow and Baghlah
  • Award bounties for damaging/sinking brigand vessels when a brigand king attacks. Temporarily enable this for event blockades as well as real blockades where a king is vying for island ownership.
  • When a brigand king ship is sunk in a blockade (or a player ship with money in the hold/booty is sunk in a sinking blockade), add sunken treasure to the board.
    • A ship that has spent all four parts of the previous turn adjacent to sunken treasure will have the option to play a new puzzle, Treasure Haul, to bring gold aboard.
    • The transition to treasure haul will be improved, but for now, when a ship has the ability to haul treasure, all duty stations (as well as the hold & booty chest) gain an additional radial menu item to start the treasure haul puzzle.
    • Currently, when a spot is completely hauled up, it will not alert players, so they could keep playing treasure haul indefinitely, however no actual money will be hauled up. This will be fixed soon.
  • For now, grant anyone with access to Ice subscriber privileges status there. There are a few things that don't fully recognize this, but the important things (generating influence in a blockade, forming crews, being promoted to officer, etc.) should work. This may change in the future.


  • Better sorting of /vwho results
  • Improve old salts' estimation of which ships have good booty aboard.
  • Brigand Kings may now appear in blockades - as of now they must be told to show up, but expect that to change in the near future.
  • Fixed problem where pirates on a vessel fully damaged in a non-sinking blockade were removed from the ship before actually seeing the ship damaged and faded out.


  • Fixed problem with stuck tournaments.
  • Fixed problem with stuck brigand battles.
  • Fixed problem with duplicate job postings on noticeboards.


  • Changed the updater to automatically update the java version being run to java 1.5 if it is being run on an older version.
  • Tweak the AI once again.
  • Fixed problems with display of tourney status on repeat viewings.
  • Fixed problems with tournament prizes and completion.
  • No longer show greeter reminder to new players who've turned off new player help.
  • Fixed problem where /who could stop working within an archipelago.


  • Brigand Kings can no longer be found on greeter pillages or trading voyages.
  • Fixed problem with tournament dismiss button showing up before a player was completely eliminated from a double-elimination tournament.
  • Minor change to the AI to reduce the occurrence of Really Stupid Moves.
  • Ice-Only Change: Increased the effect a vessel's recent battle results have on brigand difficulty due to ratings on Ice being far from indicative of actual skill.
  • Fixed some problems with handing out prizes for tournaments.
  • Fixed appearance of multiple place prizes on tournament list with long-named tournaments.


  • Hiring Jobbers & Auto-targetting buttons now on single line on vessel tab.
  • Greenie broadcast now sent automatically instead of by greeters.
  • Greeter-pillage per-league pay now paid to greenies from the system rather than from the hold.
  • Brigands and Barbarians are now marked as such by an icon on their might ring.
  • Double-elimination tournaments & Single-elimination tournaments with playoff for third place.
  • Tournament prizes can be given for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places, where appropriate.
  • Fixed problem where we didn't properly collect back-rent from players who left their shops dark for more than a week. Now we will collect for the missed weeks.
  • Significant changes to the ship AI. It should now be significantly less predictable, especially at higher difficulties.
  • Fixed problem with greeter pillage auto-targetting where ships that should not have been were auto-targetted
  • Fixed problem where interface to reclaim furniture/pets wouldn't list homes/stalls of the same type on multiple islands.
  • Gems are now active on this ocean. The markets at Shatterstone, Fort Royal, and Cold Spring will buy em. If you're not familiar with Gems, check
  • Various internal/minor bugfixes


  • Add a checkbox to toggle auto-targeting of ships.
  • Add message to palace shop indicating you can inscribe medals/pins.
  • Fix a bug where closing the configure voyage panel after changing trade payment amounts would break context menus.
  • Various internal tweaks.


  • Fix the back button on the pirate chooser scren.
  • Updated translations.
  • New monthly portrait background winner: Deadstarr's Secret Cove
  • Various infrastructure tweaks.


  • Display a summary of the total value in the booty chest after winning a battle.
  • Issue a warning when a trade involves a familiar.
  • Don't ever auto-engage a ship that might incur the wrath of the Black Ship.
  • Put all job applicants into a single ahoy panel instead of one per applicant.
  • UI changes with pirate creation.
  • Various infrastructure tweaks.
  • Fix spades and hearts.
  • Fix tutorial panels on duty puzzles.
  • Fix issue where the client could not be closed while at the pirate chooser screen.


  • Fix league point memorization.
  • Compensate for low-performing players on Greeter Voyages.
  • When a ship is sunk in a non-sinking blockade, boot all jobbers to land.
  • Updated translations.
  • Various infrastructure tweaks.


  • Fixed problem where the text brigand/barbarian difficulty descriptions were wrong.
  • Fixed problem where showing the voyage config panel would lock the client.
  • Fixed problem where the create new account button was available to players who already had an account.
  • A vessel may not greeter pillage with anything in the hold.
  • Fixed problem where brigands would sometimes end up fighting against a player ship in a rumble.
  • Fixed problem where booty was not properly auto-divided from a ship when the ship was shutdown.
  • Fixed problem where the final league point/island of a route didn't pay for trade/greeter voyages.
  • Slight change to the way brigand difficulty is calculated to hopefully reduce the impact of barbarians on the brigand difficulty curve (and vice versa).
  • Fixed graphical problems with the Order Queue shown during laboring in German
  • Booty divided immediately after a battle on a ship with no one with access to the hold (usually means no Fleet Officers) will now be divided as if an officer aboard (the navigator if possible) performed the booty division, thus transferring the crew cut to their person instead of to the hold and logging it accordingly. This makes this division more like the end-of-voyage booty division.


  • Voyage Configuration: There are now 4 different types of voyages that can be selected: Pillaging, Trading, Blockading, and Greeter Pillaging. Voyage configuration can be changed from the action on the Helm/Wheel or the Navigation Table and may only be changed while at an island.
    • Pillaging: This is the default mode, and allows you to specify the type and difficulty of ships you wish to fight.
    • Trading: This allows you to specify an amount to pay yer crew per league point sailed. This amount is adjusted based on their performance.
    • Blockading: This signs the ship up to participate in its flag's blockade job offer, if any.
    • Greeter Pillaging: This type of voyage is designed to allow greeters to help introduce greenies to the game. Anyone aboard who is greeter eligible will be made on-duty to answer the questions of any greenies aboard. No rum or shot is used during the voyage, and cannons are loaded automatically at the start of battles. The payouts are reduced significantly for any non-greenies aboard and less restocking fee is collected (since no rum & shot is being used). Greenies aboard are also paid an average of 10 PoE (depending on performance) per league. A new mission has been added that will let greenies easily access these voyages.
Whether you actually find the type of ships you wish is determined by how well the helmsman is navigating. Better navigation = better chance of finding the ships you want.
  • Booty division change: 75% of pieces of eight pillaged are now divided immediately amongst the pirates aboard.
  • Accordingly, since less booty will remain in the chest, a larger percentage of the pieces of eight in the booty is at risk to brigands and barbarians in each battle.
  • Any ships which fall within the range of what the ship is looking for will be automatically targetted to increase the likelihood of a fight with the ships you're after.
  • If two player ships set to pillage for Barbarians grapple, they will engage in a Rumble instead of Swordfight.
  • It is now slightly easier to engage a brigand or barbarian ship that you are targetting without needing to turn about several times to get the speeds exactly right.
  • The difficulty of the initial navigation puzzle boards has been adjusted to better reflect the actual abilities of the pirate navigating.
  • The notice board has been updated to divide the various types of voyage jobs into their own sections.
  • It is now slightly easier to repair the most severe damage and drain the most severe bilge when out of battle.
  • Added some new trinkets for sale in the palace shoppe. As always, the prices will change for use on the production servers.
  • When creating new pirates, more immediate feedback is given on whether the name is available
  • Islands now correctly report the commodities they produce immediately upon startup.
  • Improved estimated time-to-completion for orders shortly after reboots
  • Fixed problem in portrait drawing where which pirates were in front was sometimes inconsistent
  • Fixed problem in portrait drawing which was sometimes drawing hooks darker than the normal silver.
  • Fixed problem where loaded cannonballs on a vessel when the server was rebooted could sometimes be lost.


  • More puzzle sync fixes


  • Fix puzzle sync issues in blockades w/ maneuvers enabled.
  • Fix issues with crew mergers, crews leaving flags, etc. Note: some things may still be in a strange state (multiple monarchs in particular), and we're looking into that.
  • Turn off festive fir and wreath manufacture.
  • Fix wardrobes, racks, and the like.


  • Keep stats from dropping in blockades (belt + suspenders now)
  • Fix gunnery sync issues
  • Fix chat history boochiness
  • Remove extraneous "{1}" from german tells


  • New Valentine's trinkets in the palace shoppe.
  • Remove in-puzzle maneuver-related sounds for re-tooling.


  • Added maneuver-related sounds for blockades.
  • Added some additional animations on blockade ship controls.
  • Add a few missing error messages
  • Fixed issue in counting how many maneuvers a ship had available.
  • New monthly portrait background.
  • Valentine's portrait backgrounds & trinkets enabled.


  • Added tutorial panels for duty puzzles on the topic of Maneuvers.
  • Don't let job applications change your tab while in a duty puzzle.
  • Improved maneuver token cursors on linux and other colorly-challenged platforms


  • Thaw's been a cold January
  • System infrastructure changes
  • Updated German translations
  • Palace sword challenge no longer requires completion of the Pollywog sword mission
  • Ratings can't drop in blockades (really, I mean it this time)
  • Stop generating bonus pieces if you aren't performing well enough at the time
  • Fix lifespans for fezes and male diving helmets; the first lasted too long, the latter too short. All existing fezes have been given a complementary cleaning, and are now as good as new.
  • Add option to event blockades to turn on/off duty puzzle bonuses


  • Fix major gunnery bug

2006-12-22 - The Wrath of Khan

  • More system infrastructure changes


  • System infrastructure changes


  • Translation fixes


  • Added FO rank icon
  • Various German translation improvements.
  • A few improved animations for blockade maneuvers.
  • Fix colorization problem with Fireplace and tropical potted plant.
  • Tweaked the "Play with Swords!" mission timing.


  • Fix candy canes in female portraits
  • More German translation fixes
  • Split up regular red santa hats and fancier colored santa hats


  • Fix various German translations/art
  • Clearly mark foreign-language oceans on ocean selector
  • Fix client confusion where it would be stuck as a hybrid of German and English
  • Recover missing sailing bonus messages
  • New items for purchase in the palace shop: candy canes, santa hats
  • New furniture for manufacture: potted tropical plant, fireplace
  • New items displayable in portraits: candy canes, fruitcake, wrapped gifts
  • Ratings will drop in blockades again (implementation was buggy, needs more testing before going live)
  • New monthly portrait background winner: Nordenx's Pipe Organ
  • Returning portrait background: Under the Mistletoe


  • Fix problems with language selection when you switch oceans
  • Added some missing German-localized art
  • Fixed German help links (though the help docs are in English still for now)


  • Fix German-mode for Java 1.4. Really, I mean it this time.
  • Fix full install of the client so ice clients can be installed from scratch again.
  • Various l10n tweaks.

2006-12-05 (Zweiter Versuch)

  • Fix German-mode for Java 1.4 (or not; looks like it's still got a few issues)
  • Fix things so you can select Ice again after selecting Opal.
  • Fix a bunch of missing German translations.


  • More animations relating to the navigation bonus maneuvers.
  • Adjust artwork for duty puzle bonuses.
  • Incredible/ultimate trophies return to ice.
  • Don't allow upside-down bilge bonus token formation.
  • Allow flotsam to be dropped on wind. (Wind does NOT move flotsam)
  • Fix incorrect icons for bonus token correction on duty report.
  • When picking a bonus from multiple in one hole/sail clear, choose the one asked for by the person at the helm if we can.
  • Don't award bonus tokens for sloopy work in carpentry.
  • Give double credit for forming a bonus token as part of a masterpiece.
  • Give double credit for forming a bonus token as part of a triple or higher in sailing.
  • Allow island govenors to return pets wandering the wilderness to their owners.
  • Fix location of carpentry bonus animation.
  • In blockades, don't allow ratings to drop.
  • Only add the duty puzzle bonus meta-puzzle if the puzzler was at star level 3 or higher when they sat down at the station.
  • Various work and translations for the upcoming German ocean. You might now see the option to connect to the opal ocean, but it will NOT work. Do NOT set your client to German if you are running java 1.4! Your client will refuse to start up. We're working to fix this.


  • Improved puzzle bonus mechanics for sailing - now instead of matching a square of four corners, to get a token you need two adjacent bonuses of the same shape within a target or a four-in-a-row. The shapes are shown in the center now as the orientation no longer matters.
  • Improved token part images for carpentry.
  • When there are multiple possible bonus shapes in a carpentry hole, selects one randomly rather than selecting the upper-left one. (Sailing also works this way)
  • Chain/skull shot now takes away more tokens when fired from a large cannon and fewer from a small cannon.
  • Increase the number of bilge tokens required to complete each maneuver.
  • Fixed problem where Join Event button was appearing for people who couldn't use it.

2006-11-20 (Electric Boogaloo)

  • Fixes for the general boochiness; sea battle & blockades should work properly again.


  • Duty Puzzle Bonuses in Blockades: Please see the post in Game Design for details.
  • Remove remember password button for security reasons.
  • Miscellaneous little UI tweaks and fixes.

2006-11-06 PM

  • Fix problem where puzzles (esp gunnery) would be stuck after pausing to view duty reports in certain situations.


  • Fix problem where duty reports would get stuck onscreen after dismissing a duty puzzle tutorial page


  • Added brief pause at beginning of battle to allow dutiers to see their performance during the last league.
  • Show the most recent duty report during a puzzle when paused.
  • Show the most recent duty report when NOT in a puzzle (in crow's nest sea battle, wandering the ship) when you press "ESC" or "PAUSE".
  • Treasure drop tables can now be unrated as well as challenges.
  • Improve crew member list formatting on crew pages.
  • Raised maximum pieces of eight per segment job offer from 1000 to 9999.
  • Fixed problem where pets were getting stuck in scenes.
  • Fix problem with crew page link for dormant cabin persons
  • Changed skelly furniture recipes - reduced white enamel, added chalcocite
  • Fix problem with showing top hearties on hearty list.


  • Skelly spawn time randomized.
  • Three columns of crew members on crew pages.
  • Jobbers returned to crew pages.
  • Slap a bigger muzzle on old salts now that people are making them spam the inns.
  • Pets can no longer be placed in crows' nests.
  • Free portrait mission now correctly whisks you to the portrait room.
  • Blockade job offers can now be removed between rounds.
  • Treasure drop challenges can now be unrated - tables still cannot yet.


  • New furniture: Skeleton chair, Skeleton table, Skeleton in Shackles, Pile of Bones, Gibbet, Tombstone
  • Halloween Masks: Sold in the palace shoppe
  • Limited Edition Black Cats
  • Event blockade scheduling fixes


  • Crew/flag portraits work properly now - before they sometimes failed if you didn't hold all prints of the portrait. NOTE: All existing crew/flag portrait information has been lost. If you successfully set one before, you will need to do it again.
  • Return link to create a flag
  • Fix pages for looking at non-existant crews/flags
  • Construction sites show properly on owner's info page
  • Show founded dates for flagless crews.
  • Fix player-notification of petitions
  • Raise max hearties to 150
  • Fix for blockade pay issues/never-ending blockades


  • Crew page fixes
  • Flag page revamp
  • Support for crew/flag portraits (your captain/monarch can set them from their gallery interfaces)
  • #1 Trophy-related fixes


  • Crew page revamp to match the new pirate page.
  • Fixes to pirate page and trophy management so it works with Java 1.4
  • Fixed problem where blockades didn't end.
  • Fixed problem where dutiers sometimes didn't get paid in blockades.


  • Gunners are now more reliably compensated for their time dutying during blockades.
  • Let jobbers on a ship know about the ship's blockade job (or lack thereof)
  • Show silhouette in place of the portrait area on the pirate info page if the pirate has no portrait.
  • New free portrait mission - If you've purchased clothes, you're eligible to get yer portrait painted for free to hang on the new pirate info page. However, there is only one background option and you cannot hold an item.
  • Revamp to the greeter system. New rules in place for recruiting greeters. More details to come.
  • Fix problem where blockade nav graphics were getting out of sync with the server
  • Fix problem where blockade job offers sometimes appeared under the wrong team.
  • Fix problem with removing furniture under a dusted item from a scene.


  • Improved portrait generation mechanism - should now be quicker.
  • Fix bug where ships couldn't leave the blockade board on the land side.
  • Fix bug where puzzles would sometimes not reset after the "Nice work" message - if you still see this bug, be sure to /bug it!
  • Another attempt to make barbarians more balanced.


  • Displaying Top Mateys no longer bypasses Secret Matey filters.
  • Refinements to blockade pay.
  • Event blockade configuration is disabled for people who shouldn't be able to change it.


  • Hearties can now be shown to others on your info page. Note that all of yer pre-existing hearties should be set to hidden already, so until both you and yer hearty set em to non-hidden, they won't be seen.
  • Hearty display preference settings should now actually affect their display.
  • Configuration options for event blockades: # of rounds, sinking/non-sinking/no-removal-at-all, disallowed-ships, obstacle-frequency, ignore-allies, cannons-do-no-damage.
  • Fix bug where sometimes ships would be told they weren't contenders in the event blockade but actually were.
  • Fix bug where blockade jobs would sometimes show up on the wrong team and notices would show up multiple times.


  • Fixed bug which caused blockade job notices not to show on the proper island's notice board.
  • Fixed a few other small bugs.


  • Fixed bug in awarding ultimate rumble trophy to non-ultimate rumblers.
  • Fix top-N puzzler pages.
  • Fix problems letting jobbers join a ship in blockade, even when the flag had enough money to cover em.
  • As soon as a flag offers a job in the blockade - declare em as a team.
  • Fix missing shop icons on pirate info page.

2006-09-19 (part deux)

  • Treasure Drop, zero Poe wagers, and chat circles work again.
  • Team battles work properly again (no more fighting on yer opponents' ship). This also will clear up the issues with it thinking you lost despite winning in a sea battle, and vice versa.
  • Missing graphics for Senior Officers and Cabin People on the new info page have been found.
  • Ye can make new hearties again.
  • Pages for puzzle standings work again.


  • Event Blockades! From the Blockades tab on the Notice Board, Island governors can schedule event blockades. There be no configuration options yet, but keep watch. Exciting things be on the horizon.
  • Voyage Configuration! From the helm of yer ship, ye can configure details about yer voyage. For now, it only allows you to say whether or not to hire jobbers for the blockade yer flag is in, but exciting things are on the horizon. To hire blockade jobbers, ye must check both the new box on yer helm, and the regular hiring jobbers button. Speaking of hiring blockade jobbers...
  • Blockade pay! Gettin the money out to mates who've come out to help has always been a hassle, so now ye can post a jobbing offer for a blockade! Royals in a flag can post jobbing notices to hire mates to come help out the war effort. The job posting shows on the notice board like any other, and jobbers get paid every pause when the duty report shows up.
  • Named Familiars! Ye can now name yer familiars. Be careful, though: while the first name is free, any other will cost ye 200,000 PoE, and require the services of an Ocean Master. Where might ye see the names, ye ask? Well, named familiars in yer possession will be shown on your....
  • Revamped Pirate Info Page! The Arrtists have given their help to shine up the Info Pages. In addition to being saucier than ever, several new things have been added, not just yer familiars.
  • Share yer Hearties! Yer hearties have been added to yer info page. "But I've got some dastardly mates, there!" ye say? Well, if ye be havin some secret mates that ye'd be keelhauled for speakin of, go to yer info page, and mark them as Secret Hearties! Fer the moment, to give everyone a chance to clean up their lists, yer hearties are only shown on yer own info page, so yer secrets are safe for now.
  • Trophies! Sometimes pirates be doing things particularly exceptional, and now they'll be rewarded fer their efforts. Trophies are awarded and can be displayed on yer pirate page, and configured in a gallery much like yer portraits.
  • Increased order abandonment time; now ye have 40 days, rather than 30 to pick up yer booty at shops.
  • Various typo and bug fixes. Yarr!


  • Carp out-of-sync bug fix? Maybe?


  • Added radial menu option to view the owner of a pet.
  • When buildings are destroyed/upgraded/downgraded - return the pets inside to their owners.
  • When ships are sunk - return pets on board to their owners.
  • Skellies can no longer steal EQUIPPED pets.
  • Clarified text of the "Allow pets"/"Disallow pets" options for buildings and vessels.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem with some pets claiming they were too old to wrap.
  • Bugfix: Fix problem where non-officer deed-holders were unable to set pet privileges for the ship or place pets in the scene.
  • Bugfix: Prevent lag from causing equipped pets to get into a weird state where they stick around with X's over their heads.


  • Another attempt to fix pets getting stuck in scenes half-shutdown.

2006-08-09 #2

  • Bugfix: Fixed problem with pet speech bubbles not appearing.
  • Bugfix: Fixed missing warning for non-subscribers that they cannot have non-rats follow them.


  • New 2-pirate portrait background: "Clear Skies"
  • New monthly portrait backgrounds: Nordenx series.
  • Cleaned up colorizations on big cat animations.
  • Restricted pet names a little to reduce names with nothing but special characters.
  • Changed pet behavior so that you can join a chat circle with the pet that's following you.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem with pets sometimes getting stuck in scene with "X" overhead.


  • Replaced lock helm and disallow pets radial menu icons with their own unique icons.
  • Reorganized palace shoppe into tabs to better organize the inventory.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem where pets would sometimes disappear when you whisked home.


  • Bugfix: Fixed problem where pets could be placed into a scene while equipped. This caused several of the problems with pets not deactivating on logout and multiple pets following one pirate and such.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem where renaming a pet wouldn't take effect until the pet moved to another scene.


  • Building & Vessel ownership now have control to forbid pets from following pirates into their building/ship. On ships, the control appears next to Lock helm on the navigation table for deed-holders. In buildings, it is a button on the sun panel. Inn owners do not have this control, as all Inns are still no-pet zones. Note: if someone already is in your scene, disallowing will not boot that pet out. Rather, it will take effect when they next change scenes (to another room or enter/leave the house). The control also has no effect on pets roaming/placed directly into a scene by the scene's ownership.
  • Another bugfix which should stop pets from stopping following on scene changes.
  • The free rat in the furni mission appears in the scene rather than just in your booty.
  • More pet fixes and some logging to assist with even more fixes.


  • More pet fixes and some logging to assist with even more fixes.


  • Bugfix: Fix problem with portraits auto-cancelling
  • Bugfix: Fix problem where some users who completed the furni mission when it was very new did not get a free rat - these users should be able to enter the furni mission now. If it STILL doesn't show up, make sure your home is set to a shack or other house area.
  • Bugfix: Fix problem with pets' radial menus appearing/not appearing at improper times
  • Bugfix: Fix problem with reclaiming recently placed pets.
  • Bugfix: Fix problem with pets switching between too many scenes in quick succession (or to the same scene multiple times) causing the pet to get left behind.


  • Bugfix: Fix problem with pets sometimes failing to properly leave scenes.
  • Bugfix: Fix problem with pets aboard ships being counted as sailors aboard for hiring swabbies and such.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem with reclaiming pets sometimes getting roommates' as well.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem with pig graphics
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem with following animals appearing to leave to a different scene than their owner.


  • Pets! - Now available from the palace shoppe (final location may change). You can walk your pet by equipping it (subscribers only, except the rat) or place it in a scene anywhere you could modify furniture. NOTE: Pet prices are intentionally lower here initially. They WILL be much higher on production oceans and will be raised here later. Pets which are following you will not be visible while you are outside on the island or in an Inn due to congestion issues. Additionally, the number of pets per scene is limited, though the limit is relaxed somewhat it yer house. Non-subscriber Note: Access to pets for non-subscribers is likely to change somewhat, though the rat should still be fully accessible.
  • Free Rat! - When you perform the furniture mission, you will receive a free rat. If you have already performed the mission, you should find a free rat in yer inventory (will take a little bit after the reboot to give all of em out).
  • Better handling of referrals where the same person has activated referrals multiple times on different oceans/pirates.


  • Fix problem where referred players placed in crews are not fully made cabin people and thus register as jobbers.
  • Reorganize the Ye panel buttons slightly


  • Fix problem where some users were being given erroneous cannot-connect errors when in reality, the program was just trying to use an incorrect port.
  • Unwrapped items should now be treated as if they had been on a rack for decay purposes.
  • Fix bug where new pirates who select furniture mission first had the mission auto-cancelled.
  • Yet more carpentry logging. Still searching for the bug...


  • Doublooners should once again be able to get to Ice if they've purchased enough doubloons within the last month.
  • Modified initial screen seen by brand new pirates.
  • Fix bug where pirates appear to stay online after the user logs off.


  • Possible carpentry bug fix.


  • More changes to carpentry syncronization. Now, you should get removed from the puzzle as soon as the server detects an out-of-sync condition rather than letting you continue and just get reduced score & ratings. If you see this condition, please /bug it and let us know as much as you can about what you did in the 3 or 4 placements before the error. (Did the ship reach a league point? Enter battle? Did you finish a column of stars? Place a T piece, then bump it left one square?) Unfortunately, we are having a tough time replicating the particular conditions that cause the bug...
  • Changed the way connections occur at login time. Hopefully this will fix a problem some users with windows network sharing are experiencing.


  • Added some logging to carpentry to attempt to track down the puzzle out-of-sync bugs we've been seeing - Please do some carpentry so we can get this tested, fixed, and generally taken care of ASAP!
  • Temporarily upped brigand/barbarian payouts to encourage participation on Ice.
  • Fixed rumble client to allow shafts to come in just after (but still not just before) a drop. This was how it was always intended and why the server believed there was cheating involved...
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem where duty puzzles would not restart if you joined them or completed a column of stars just as the ship reached a league point or entered battle.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem with dragging grapple icons on sea battle controls causing invalid skirmish moves.
  • Bugfix: Fixed animation of ship on a turning ram
  • Bugfix: Fixed colorization of midriff blouse and sash for portraits.


  • Bugfix: Names should once again appear on parlor tables.
  • Bugfix: Large ships can again shoot 2 shots per side.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem with initial welcome email sending.
  • Bugfix: Fixed missing corset in portrait creation.


  • Tweak the barbarian difficulty
  • A few tweaks to the new clothing
  • Fix the rumbling cheat detection, hopefully for good this time.
  • Sounds when your teammate or opponent is knocked out in rumble.
  • New monthly portrait Usil2's Dusk Sky


  • New clothing items at the tailor! Portraits are not yet ready for the new clothing, so unexpected things may result if you try a portrait with the new clothes. Ye've been warned! (Also note that recipes may change from their current form before final release, which may affect the coloring of your clothes)
  • Harpsichord furniture item.
  • Bugfix: Fixed another battle nav ramming problem


  • Bugfix: Fixed battle nav problem where a left or right turn would sometimes push ships back.
  • Bugfix: Fixed another rumble cheat detection problem.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem where commodities were not properly removed from ships abandoned at sea.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem where creating one's first pirate caused the interface to hang
  • Bugfix: Fixed missing private table message


  • Sea battle controls rearranged to be more consistent and intuitive. Sail tokens you have run out of are now more obviously indicated, and selection of which tokens you want to acquire from your sailors can be done by clicking on the token. Controls are now arranged the same whether you are battle-navigating while puzzling or from the crow's nest/wheel.
  • Increased maximum number of hearties to 100.
  • Ice now has butterfly weed produced at Wyeth Island.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem where Swordfight cheat detector would sometimes miss certain types of cheaters.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem with rumble cheat detection that would sometimes flag players as cheaters (usually in barbarian encounters) when they weren't actually cheating.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem where refer-a-friend didn't properly add referred players to the referrer's crew (if they're an officer)


  • Furniture that has vanished from a scene without being removed (as shown in the building logs) will now return to the owner's booty once an update has been made to the scene (ie: adding, removing or moving any furniture in the scene).
  • Reclaiming furniture can now reclaim tables which have other pieces of furniture on them. The other pieces of furniture will be returned to their respective owners.
  • Minor blows in Rumble (aka: sprinkles), will not be applied just before, or while your board is shaking.
  • Fixed a problem with the Rumble shaft patterns not wrapping properly for large major blows.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problems where you pirate was moved while in a puzzle (occuring in most parlour games).
  • Bugfix: Fixed carpentry duty puzzle sync issues (ie: duty reports that don't match your performance)


  • Behind the scenes stuff


  • Bugfix: Fixed problem where duty puzzles (esp gunnery and nav) were generally booched.


  • Slight tweak to booty awards for beating brigands
  • Sofas now available from the furnisher
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem where sea battle tokens sometimes became locked and unchangeable.
  • Various random behind-the-scenes duty puzzle changes - if you notice anything out of the ordinary in the duty puzzles, be sure to /bug it


  • Bugfix: Fixed problems with sea battle sword fights ending early if only bots are fighting.
  • Bugfix: Code changes to improve server stability


  • Bugfix: Tells should be working again
  • Bugfix: After the melee portion of a battle, the vessels should now properly disengage.
  • Bugfix: Rumble NPPs should start playing by the rules again.


  • Bugfix: Fixed problems with defending while in a team Rumble match
  • Bugfix: Refer a friend should work again
  • Bugfix: Fixed problems in Poker not dealing out the right number of cards
  • Bugfix: Rumble tournaments can once again specify which Bludgeon to use
  • Bugfix: Fixed problems with the globes changing color when placed


  • Government deeds are again tradeable. A warning message will appear in the reciever's trade window if a government deed is added.
  • NPPs on a vessel will now automatically dismiss a challenge puzzle if ordered to a duty station.
  • Bugfix: fixed new furniture position issues.


  • Bugfix: Fixed Drinking scoring for Stein when placing on already-colored squares
  • Bugfix: Fixed a confusing message for Bludgeon Trunk
  • Various behind-the-scenes stuff which you hopefully won't ever see.


  • Bugfix: Rumble should now show up properly on the parlour tables and be properly labeled for tournaments
  • Bugfix: tan/tan Bludgeons and red/red Swords should be colored properly in portraits


  • Being planked or forced to move to a new scene while in a puzzle should no longer auto-dismiss the puzzle (unless it's a duty puzzle)
  • New furniture: Tub, Globe, Globe Table, Bench, Bar segments and Potted Plants
  • Portraits with Bludgeons are now available
  • Tweaks to the new Sea Battle system to prevent ping-ponging and to more quickly adapt to the win/loss record
  • Bugfix: Have the skull that shows up in the birds eye view always center properly
  • Bugfix: Minor fixes to the new cheat detection system
  • Bugfix: Rumble combo message #34 now exists
  • Bugfix: Minor fixes to Rumble sound effects
  • Bugfix: People jobbing for the navy (and not navigating) should no longer be placed on Brigand hunting navy vessels
  • Bugfix: More fixes for duty puzzles not playing properly after league points
  • Bugfix: Properly assign Battle Nav performance
  • Bugfix: Ultra-high rated players should now be able to encounter Brigand Kings
  • Bugfix: Brigand Trinkets should now be properly handed out on Doubloon Oceans
  • Bugfix: Fixed scoring while using a hook and chalice in drinking


  • Bugfix: Fixed problem in S/F cheat detection that was incorrectly flagging stallers (a perfectly legitimate strategy) as cheaters.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem laying out large fonts on configure house panel.


  • Improved visiblility of Rumble targetting indicators
  • Updated Rumble AI
  • Improved cheating detection in swordfighting matches - please let us know if this incorrectly flags you as cheating
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug where non-brigand-king ships would sometimes show up as being in the brigand king flag
  • Bugfix: Fixed some broken brigand king sayings
  • Bugfix: Fixed various minor rumble issues
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue where wrapped items were sometimes unable to be placed on a rack after unwrapping


  • Fixes to might rating calcuations
  • Battle Nav experience should be generated at a more reasonable rate
  • Bugfix: Creating a Rumble tournament and specifying 'everyone use this bludgeon' but not providing a bludgeon would cause serious booching
  • Vessels should no longer be mislabeled as Brigand King on the Battle Nav board


  • Fixes to Rumble NPPs, they should now feel the full brunt of your combo attacks
  • Rumble sea battles should no longer take forever to complete (if only NPPs are left alive)
  • Painted Eggs
  • More Brigand Kings
  • Minor Bug Fixes


  • Updated Bludgeon recipes
  • Minor bugfix for gift wrap


  • New generic greeting card available from the Palace Shoppe
  • Battle Nav screen will now show Flag names
  • New Rumble Pit and Bludgeon Trunk furniture
  • Bludgeons can now use 16 different colors (as a result, current bludgeons will have all recolored themselves)
  • Minor adjustments to the Bludgeon drop patterns and NPP Rumble AI
  • There are now FAQ's displayed prior to the petition form


  • Retooling of the Bludgeon drop patterns
  • Bugfixes for NPPs that would freeze during combat


  • You can now use A and S to move between targets in Rumble
  • Various Rumble sound fixes
  • More changes to the Rumble AI, Board Summaries will give a more accurate representation of the NPPs state
  • Bugfix: You should no longer be knocked out early in Rumble Sea Battles when your board is not full


  • NPPs have been made easier
  • Bugfix: Rumble sounds should now always end when the game is over
  • Bugfix: You should no longer have your bots die early during a sea battle
  • Bugfix: Various Rumble animation fixes


  • NPPs can now accept Rumble challenges
  • Rumble training mission now available
  • Rumble now has sound and a new cursor
  • Changed the name of Gloves to Bludgeons
  • Barbarians now roam the seas ready to Rumble any pirates they grapple
  • Pirates with hook injuries will show the hook which Rumbling (if fighting bare handed)
  • Manager/Roomate invitations will now require the pirate to accept the position instead of having the position automatically forced on them
  • Fancy beds can now be bought in a variety of colors
  • Bugfix: Fixed problems with Bilge not reporting the correct performance
  • Bugfix: Rumble team games can no longer be started when the starting teams side has more participants
  • Bugfix: Poker ratings should no longer show up on portraits made before Poker's addition
  • Bugfix: Fixed a problem where during Rumble your active window could become really small


  • Rumble games can be played many players again!
  • Note: in multiplayer games, you may defend a teammate by targetting them. This will prevent some of the damage they would have taken, but some will be incurred by yerself.
  • Gloves can be specified for Rumble tournaments, no gloves is an option for normal Rumble challenges.
  • Various rumble graphical improvements and stability fixes.
  • Gift wrap is now available in the palace shoppe. (Note: Deeds cannot be gift wrapped)
  • Brigand King now gives out one of several special trinkets.
  • When players are deleted, attempt to transfer any stalls they may own to a manager.
  • Sea Battle rating should again be visible in older portraits. Newer should not include it.
  • Poker ratings adjustments modified to be more stable.
  • Bugfix: Players returning to their seat at a poker game were not always shown their cards.
  • Bugfix: Ships which had temporary battling swabbies aboard didn't properly refill with normal swabbies at end of battle.
  • Petitions can now be rated for whether or not your question was answered, if you are a paying customer.
  • An OceanMaster can request more information from you in order to answer your question.
  • You will be notified upon login if a petition needs your attention.


  • Bugfix: Trinkets should now be given out upon defeating a Brigand King
  • Bugfix: Shipyards should now be able to sell Gloves
  • Rumble games can no longer be more than 1 vs. 1 until bugs are fixed
  • A new option has been added to specify using a left handed mouse
  • Rumble keys should now be configurable
  • Bugfix: Watchers and eliminated players will no longer have their fists displayed on the playing board
  • Bugfix: Bug reporting should be working again



  • Drinking mugs rebalanced.
  • Play-to-stain games ends if all players are passed out.
  • Minor changes to poker rating system.
  • Enforce minimum rebuy in poker.
  • Bugfix: Building/vessel records no longer auto-scroll to bottom.
  • Bugfix: Players could get a black screen when attempting to arrange furniture.
  • Officer chat color changed.
  • Flag news posted when crew joins/leaves flag.


  • Poker fixes


  • Poker fixes


  • More poker improvements


  • New Valentine's Portrait for this year
  • More poker improvements


  • Re-added Valentine Portrait
  • Added Valentine trinkets to palace shoppe.
  • Chat enhanced to allow display of pieces of eight graphically.
  • Poker table furniture
  • Various Poker improvements


  • Fixed poker slowness, other minor poker changes.


  • More poker improvements, fixes


  • Poker improvements - added Check/Fold option, modified some animations, fixed some graphical oddities.
  • Fixed bug where duty puzzles sometimes didn't give credit for work performed.
  • Improved chat display efficiency.


  • Various Poker improvements, fixes
  • New monthly portrait background - Sky's Winter Aurora


  • Poker! (Consider this game still in Alpha, please let us know if you see any issues.)
  • Bugfix for server sometimes not restarting after reboot.
  • Fixed a bug where badges could be bought twice.
  • New items for sale in the palace shoppe.


  • Building and Vessel logs can now be highlighted for copying and pasting.
  • Made flag chat types look more distinct: now every chat has a unique color/shape combination.
  • More sparkles have been added to sailing, currently a work in progress.
  • Bugfix: Cabin people will get proper booty division on doubloon servers.
  • Bugfix: When merging crews with jobbing pirates from either crew in the merge, the client should now show the proper crew and rank after the merge.
  • Bugfix: Joining a new crew if you were the last member of your old crew will no longer leave you crewless.
  • Bugfix: Setting home island will now work in the port interface.


  • Added a limited-edition holiday portrait background: "Under the mistletoe"
  • Non-subscribers can have their names turn yellow if they've played long enough.
  • When painting on a ship or in a shop and buying some or all of the paint on-the-fly, the money to buy the paint must be in the coffers. This is different from painting your house, where you must be holding the money. Altered the error message to indicate this.


  • Display a confirm dialog prior to setting a place as your 'home'.
  • Send an info message to a player when their rank is downgraded during booty division for not having the right badge.
  • Bugfixes:
    • In swordfighting, fixed display of new target after your targetted opponent was knocked out.
    • If you were alive at the end of a swordfight, your miniboard was shown as others see it. Fixed to show you the board as you see it, because that will cause us less bug reports.
    • Non-roommates will no longer see management controls and invitation requests.
    • Fixed a few TD bugs that have been cropping up especially in turbo or with holes: laggy players would not see the correct round, scores, etc.
    • Skelly missions will again correctly detect when the mission is completed.
    • Fixed certain bungalows to have the rooms in the right place (homes already in bungalows will not be fixed).
    • Fixed a problem that caused some building deeds to not properly adjust their owner when traded.
    • Fixed a longstanding mutelist bug that caused people you've unmuted to still be muted.
    • Fixed a bug that caused duplicate matey messages for some people.
    • Added some fixes that should help with problems of dismissing the wrong puzzle. This would happen when you were watching a game and your tourney game is about to start, and you click "dismiss", and it booches your tourney game.
    • Fixed a bug that caused a sword you no longer have to be shown when configuring a sword tourney.


  • When a player is eliminated in a swordfight, their mini board view will be updated with a full-color version. When the swordfight is over, all remaining players will be exposed at full-color as well. Non-player pirates and skellies will never be full-color.
  • When a swordfight ends, you will no longer be autokicked out of the game, except when sea battling.
  • Relaxed home restrictions: any building at which you are owner, manager, or roommate can be made your home. Anyone can home at an inn, and the island can be set as home too, like the old days.
  • Added some holiday pieces of furniture. They must be explicitely enabled by a furnisher to sell them.
  • Fixed the sorting of the time remaining on the pending order table.
  • Fixed a bug that took down jobbing notices on ships with a mixture of players and swabbies.


  • Made Treasure Drop Turbo work better for people with slower computers. Please try it out and give us feedback.
  • Fixed a bug with scheduling automated tournaments.
  • In order to be ordered to navigate, you need to be a subscriber or hold the pirate badge.
  • In order to get the navy navigation missions, you need to be a subscriber or hold the pirate badge.


  • Non-subscribers can no longer open stalls.
  • Fixed it so that returning your free shack will let you get another free shack elsewhere.
  • If an island has houses on it, you cannot set your home there unless you take a house.
  • Existing users will be converted so that they have a primary house. If you, dear ice tester, already set your primary house, it may get changed once. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed a bug introduced in the last release that caused people to get an internal error when closing the home page.
    • After the "Where are my vessels?" report is viewed on the docks, the button will again be enabled.
    • "No tourneys" will not be reported when the list of tournaments is being downloaded.
    • Fixed a bug that caused newly-created pirates to sometimes lock up during the first login.


  • Furniture reclaiming is cleaned up and better feedback is provided.
  • Since the first shack is now given automatically, that mission has been replaced with a "learn about furniture" mission. (We still haven't fixed it so that you can return your free shack and get another free one elsewhere, but we will.)
  • Skellies now confirm with the user the total value of the wager- displaying which item they'll take from you. They will no longer accept crappy items.
  • Possibly fixed score out-of-sync problems between the server and clients in TD turbo. Please test it some more, I'd like to push 'turbo' out to the other oceans...
  • New limited-edition monthly portrait background.


  • Fixed the options panel.
  • More work on scheduled tourneys.
  • Primary houses: In any home at which you're an owner or roommate, ye can set the home as your primary home. The 'go home' button will whisk you directly there, and a special label will be added to the island map.
  • New users now get their first shack automatically, and it is registered as their primary home.
  • Building management buttons will immediately be available when someone is made a roommate or manager.
  • Furniture can now always be reclaimed, even if you do not have access to the place where the furniture is. On the furniture report, there are clickable "Reclaim" links that currently provide no feedback, but they should work. We'll clean this up soon, but please test now.


  • Fixed it so that skellie missions will be listed even if you're not a subscriber (or don't have the parlor badge).
  • More work on scheduled tourneys.


  • Fixed crow's nest battle bug. (Already fixed on production oceans)
  • Made the pending order panels sort nicely.
  • Captains may change their own titles.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the duty report from showing up sometimes. Note: It'd be great if ye could test this a bunch, if you do the sailing puzzle and sit at the league points, the duty report should always eventually come up.
  • We're testing "Scheduled Tournaments": OMs may configure recurring tournaments that will happen every few hours, or daily, or weekly.
  • Your game configuration settings are now saved to your preferences after you configure a game. Tournament-specific settings are not yet saved.
  • All tournaments are now "immediate play".
  • On doubloon oceans:
    • You must have a captain's badge to create a crew.
    • Your booty division rank is now determined by the minimum of your actual rank and your highest crew badge.


  • Swords and mugs are de-equipped upon logon if ye do not have the ability to equip them.
  • Pending order and product quote tables are sortable by clicking the column header.
  • Fixed bugs with duty reports not showing up and the puzzle booching if an animation was going and the officer on duty set sail rapidly.
  • Tourney entry fees can no longer be larger than what the creator can afford.
  • Tournament matches will start as soon as possible.
  • Fixed, for real, hopefully, striped clothing turning into rags.
  • Governed islands and owned shops are displayed on pirate info pages.
  • Buttons and pulldowns and such are no longer focusable, which will greatly fix strange UI blunders. Let us know if this irks you.


  • Separated the options for 'turbo' and 'holes' in Treasure Drop, and fixed some bugs with the holes.
  • Skull trinkets are now tradeable and can be placed in display cases.


  • Trinket weilding is persisted, and fixed if you change scenes.
  • Changed the 'news' button on the ye panel to a notice board button.
  • Explain league points and duty reports briefly during the intro missions.
  • Allow brawls to be private, have ratings ranges, and allow them to be rated for two players.
  • Treasure Drop allows for private tables and other options.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Vessel owners can again take maps off the table if they're not fleet officers.
    • Fixed a bug with rating a bailed drinking game.
    • Always take the bandana back when the intro mission is cancelled early.
    • Stripey -> rags really fixed now.
    • Fixed some problems with merging crews.


  • The arrange furniture panel will now have a close button and automatically show the furniture items in yer booty.
  • The bandana will now be swiped back if you cancel the intro to items mission.
  • A crewmember can always be demoted, even if they don't have the badge to be the new, lower, rank.
  • The new recipes will be disabled in all shoppes for the release.
  • When a tournament match starts, if either player has watching turned off, the game will be private and unwatchable in any way, even from the radial menus.
  • Private parlor tables will also be actually private now.


  • More work on the intro missions.
  • Fixed up the 'restricted' game panels to give a little more info.


  • Lapsed subscribers will lose their crew rank privileges, and will be stripped of their fancy clothing, much like having an officer badge dust on a doubloon server.
  • Cleaned up the button/text ye cannot play a game due to it being restricted that day and ye not being a subscriber.
  • Fixed the bug with not being able to enter a house that wasn't yer own from the courtyard.
  • The furniture placing mission can now be cancelled. You'll still get it over and over until you do it...
  • Many potion names have been changed.
  • The chart group in inventory now always shows 'ye known world'.
  • Fixed some bits with some of the intro missions.


  • Crews may now propose to merge with another crew.
  • Fixed the bug with seeing the stall list in bazaars with no stalls.
  • Modified the house entry panel to look similar to the new stall entry panel.
  • Advanced navy missions will stay on the mission board list, no matter how many times you've done them.
  • Use nice icons on popup dialogs.
  • Fixed the 'unlock games' button.
  • More 'home page' layout and fiddling. Lots of new tips added.


  • More cleanup on missions and the new 'home page'.
  • The 'free game of the day' panel should look good now even when the text is long.
  • The noticeboard is now the first icon on the island map.
  • Added a new "intro to your inventory" intro mission.
  • A new display case furniture item has been added to display trinkets.
  • Stripey clothing will now degrade into rags of the color of the stripes.
  • Potions and Badges now have their own inventory groups.
  • The scroll position of a list of stalls is now random, to remove an advantage for A-names.
  • Bugfix: house chat will only be in the pulldown when in houses.


  • House chat has been added as the default chat mode when in a house.
  • Your home island houses will be listed first on the jump panel.
  • When you purchase a house, you will automatically go inside it!
  • Yellow arrows will now be clickable even if a pirate is standing in front of them!
  • Clicking on the map when viewing the login noticeboard takes you directly to the map (rather than entering the island).
  • Mission prerequisites have been reworked.
  • Fixed the 'free day' panel so that it rolls over to the next day at midnight (server time).
  • On intro missions, tutorial panels will again be shown for reaching higher star levels (assuming you haven't already seen them).
  • The new hair and clothing components should now work correctly in portraits.
  • Fixed more bugs with taking the same mission after cancelling it.
  • Fixed the bug where the login noticeboard would turn blank if another panel was pushed over it.
  • Starter islands will now require shacks.
  • Racks may now be viewed by anyone.
  • Chat messages can no longer be very long after transforming them. ("OMG OMG OMG")


  • Pirates now start again on the last island, but not in the actual dock area, to avoid lag. Yes, there will be even more changes coming.
  • The list of homes now includes homes at which you're a roommate, and pressing a button to go there takes you straight inside the home.
  • From now on, when clothes dust they will turn into rags that are of the same color, except that rags dusting will always turn into one of white, blue, brown tan, or red.
  • Brawls of more than 2 people were never rated, but this was not displayed properly in brawl configuration. Now the table interface will make it clear that all brawls are never rated.
  • Fixed potion usage by bald pirates, enable a male pirate to become bald.
  • Female pirates will get a warning message if they try to order the facial hair altering potion.


  • More work on the 'home page' panel. Ye start on your home island now every login, but can use the home page to whisk to your last island. This will be changed further soon, so hang on.
  • Fixed the sailing intro mission so that ye don't always booch it.
  • Fixed bugs related to jumping directly from the vessel of one intro mission to another.
  • Fixed the sword intro mission so that the master can challenge ye even if DnD is on.
  • Fixed the new potions: the change won't be temporarily undone if you leave a tailor anymore.
  • Also don't use up the altering potions if no change was made but "Alter" was pressed instead of "cancel".
  • Fixed it so that pirates aren't sad when they leave duty or crafting puzzles.


  • The mission system has been changed around and a new panel is shown when ye log in. You're probably looking at it right now. There is still a lot of work to do, expect to see upgrades and fixes throughout the week.
  • When removing racks or chests from your house/shop, a warning will be issued to explain what's happened to the items or POE in them.
  • There are two new hairstyles: pigtails for girls and dreads for boys.
  • There are some new articles of clothing: jerkin and musketeer hat for the gents, and a muffin hat and buccaneer jacket for the ladies.
  • Male pants can now be ordered with a vertical stripe on the side.
  • 4 new potions have been added to alter the appearance of your pirate. The recipes for these new potions have not yet been finalized.
  • Fixed the workaround for Microsoft Internet Sharing so that it should behave better for people affected by that bug.
  • There's a new limited-edition portrait background.
  • Hearts and Spades will continue to show the user's name and score (but not the face) when a player leaves the game.


  • Added a config (under "General") for advanced players to turn off the in-puzzle tutorials history.
  • Fixed bug with chat showing up double.


  • Fixed bugs with jobbers appearing as full crew members when a crew was renamed.
  • Fixed a painting bug.


  • Wardrobes, sword racks, and mug shelves now prevent aging, as long as the items are kept on them.
  • Fixed some bugs that would lock out furniture placing.
  • The furniture summary has been optimized to place less strain on the server.
  • The "Row House" is now called a "Townhouse", the "Walk-up" is now called "Rowhouse".
  • All tutorials are available for review in a tab in puzzles that have them.
  • 'Building Records' is now the last button in the panel. Also, a different message will now be displayed while the logs are being downloaded.
  • A few other serverside optimizations that should hopefully improve performance.


  • Changed the name of the house to "Walk-Up", changed home to "Row House". Each player's house name now includes the grade of house: "Bob's Shack" instead of "Bob's Rooms".
  • The turtle and pig special furniture items will now not decay.
  • Added some new items of furniture: portrait easels (let you have portraits painted), a Bedroll and an old crate.
  • Familiars may not be placed in clothing racks.
  • Added a checkbox for each participant in a tournament: you may choose to remove the 'watch' buttons from the tournament bracket panel for any game in which you participate. Note: watchers may still enter by clicking on your pirate.
  • Added a workaround (hopefully) for a change in the last release that caused problems for people using Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing.
  • If you have Do Not Disturb turned on, you will not see knocks on your house (except from hearties), and if you have another player muted you will never hear them knocking or receive invitations from them.
  • Fixed some Macintosh furniture placement bugs.
  • Bugfix: before entering a party the house double-checks that you are allowed access to prevent getting stuck in limbo.
  • Bugfix: parties are stopped when a house or shop is upgraded or destroyed.
  • Fixed some bugs with 'stuck' tournaments.


  • Doubloon players can access test server only if they've purchased at least 24 doubloons in the past month.
  • Added /party command, which allows you to buy an advertisement on the island's notice board for parties at your building.


  • Portraits may be framed at a furnisher and turned into furniture!
  • Furniture that has more than one 'view' may now be examined fully in the ordering interface.
  • Some furniture has restrictions on where it may be placed. Fountains will not be allowed on ships or indoors, for example. The big outside-only furniture has been removed until we add finer grained controls to prevent Governors Gone Wild!
  • Some bugs were fixed with furniture placing.
  • Two new commodities have been added: varnish and fine varnish. They will be used in furnishing- expect changes to the current furniture recipes.


  • People who have bought doubloons can now log in to Ice.

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