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A crew merge combines two crews by disbanding one crew (the offering crew) and transferring all its members into another (the receiving crew). To propose a merger, go to the crew page, and press the Merge Crew button. In the resulting page, the player proposing the merger enters the name of the crew into which they will be merging and a reason, if needed or desired.

The button panel at the bottom of the crew page.

Who may propose the crew merger will depend on the crew's politics, as that determines who may post an issue. In an autocratic crew, only the captain is permitted. In an oligarchic crew, the senior officers are also permitted to propose a merger. In a democratic crew, anyone above cabin person may propose a merger. In democratic and oligarchic crews, the proposal must be approved by majority vote.

Crew merge page

Once the offer is approved, an issue is raised with the receiving crew requiring a vote following the crew politics. If approved, all crew members from the offering crew transfer to the receiving crew but retain their current ranks and titles, with the exception of the captain, who is demoted to senior officer.

If both the offering and receiving crews are in the same flag, all flag titles, if any, will remain in place. If they are in different flags, however, or the receiving crew is not a member of a flag, any titles from the offering crew are forfeit upon the merger. If the offering crew is the only crew in a flag, that flag shall be disbanded.

To prevent theft, members of combining crews should remember to lock the helms of their ships before a merge. Any potential mergers should also be discussed between at least the captains of the crews involved.

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