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Jobbing pirate (more commonly jobber) is a temporary position in a crew. Jobbing pirates apply for a position on a ship that is exploring Atlantis, attacking a flotilla, participating in a Blockade, pillaging or trading.

Jobbing pirates can only play the Bilging, Carpentry, Patching, Rigging and Sailing puzzles on ships unless an officer gives them an order to play Gunnery or Navigation. (Note: Jobbers can not be given an order to navigate unless they are a subscriber (Subscription Oceans).

A jobbing pirate can hear discussion of the jobbing crew's crew chat and communicate on it using the /jcrew command. However, a jobbing pirate will not be informed of players logging on and off of the crew they are jobbing with.

At the end of a pillage, crew officers or above will often invite jobbing pirates to become permanent members of the crew. Crews do almost all of their recruiting in this way, as only players who are first jobbing pirates can permanently join a crew.

Depending on a crew's booty shares, jobbing pirates may receive a different share than those of other ranks during booty division.

Historical notes

  • The pirate badge's removal in release 2017-06-14 removed any requirement to be ordered to navigate on doubloon oceans.
  • Prior to release 2005-03-28, pirates did not need to be invited as jobbers before being invited to join as a full member.

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