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For the pirate named Building, see Building (pirate).

A building is any structure on an island that pirates can enter. On colonized islands, they are placed either by the Ringers or the governor. Buildings are accessible by the minimap or by the yellow arrows located on the island.


Governors can construct shoppes on islands, and the deeds may be traded between players.

Infrastructure buildings

Infrastructure buildings are the core buildings of the island. Most deeds will be transferred away to the new governor if the governorship of the island changes.

Note that at this time, inn deeds do not transfer with a change in governor, except on the Dark Seas onlyObsidian Ocean.


Bazaars are like shoppes, but instead host multiple mini-shoppes named stalls.



The following types of houses are available for individual pirates.

For crews and flags, the type of house available is the pirate hall.

Building renames

Buildings may be renamed via the rogue mark shoppe. Some restrictions on names apply:

  • Buildings should not be named after individual pirates, nor should they duplicate the name of an already-existing building.
  • Building names cannot exceed 34 characters in length.
  • Some building names are subject to change by an Ocean Master—particularly if they are offensive, hard to spell, or do not fit within the Puzzle Pirate universe.
  • The final call on whether a building name is acceptable rests with the Ocean Master; users are asked to respect his or her decision, without arguing or "shopping" around for a second opinion.

For further details on building renames, see Official:Services.

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