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Red monkey in a portrait
This article is about the type of familiar. For the monkeys which sail the high seas, see Monkey boat.
Not to be confused with Skeletal monkey familiar.

The monkey is a type of familiar which can be found on the oceans. Standard monkeys come only in "natural" colors: almond, brown, copper, ginger, grey, orange, red, tan, white, and yellow. Limited edition monkeys in non-standard colors can sometimes be found in mystery boxes.


Limited editions

The following colors are available for player-owned familiars:


The following colors are available as limited edition colors for played-owned familiars:


Monkey with Hat

Ice blue/silver hatted Monkey Familiar

Monkey familiars are also available in a few colors sporting a tricorne. The monkey with tricorne is available in only a few limited edition colors and is only obtainable through mystery box promotions:

Limited edition colors

Tan hatted monkeys

Monkey with hat familiars are not able to be recolored.


Historical notes

It was once possible (in Azure) to obtain monkeys of other colors, such as navy, pink, or even black.

In release 2009-12-08, when players could recolor their own familiars without Ocean Master assistance, the colors originally called beige and peach were renamed to almond and copper, respectively.

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