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Pinga is a pirate who found her home on the Sage Ocean. She started to play in October 2005, and shortly became an officer of the crew Sea Riders, before joining Gaisgich na Mara, where she met some of her best friends in the game. She rose to senior officer rank, and began collecting shoppes and stalls to manage. She also collects skull trinkets.

In July 2006, she joined the crew Ocean's Fury with her friend and captain Magua. She later became a lady of the flag Deadman's Vengeance. In September 2006, Ocean's Fury joined the flag Far Side of Sage, and Pinga became a lady of the flag.

A few months after she became Luigi's XO (executive officer), changing crews all the time. Some of these crews include Nagamar, Orestes and Your Worst Nightmare.

Her favorite hobby is to collect heads, she is a headhunter. Her collection has above 200 names, between friends and famous people in Sage. (skull trinkets collection)

She also enjoys jobbing contact and executive officer work a lot, and has worked in some of the most important blockades of the Sage Ocean.

Pinga owns Dressed to Kill on Admiral Island. She manages Lethal Potion and Mona Lisa Style on Admiral Island.


  • Officer in Sea Riders
  • Senior officer in Gaisgich na Mara
  • Senior officer in Shaken Not Stirred
  • Senior officer in Ocean's Fury
  • Fleet officer in Hell's Angels
  • Senior officer in Nagamar
  • Senior officer in Orestes
  • Senior officer in Your Worst Nightmare
  • Lady of Deadman's Vengeance
  • Lady of Far Side Of Sage
  • Jobbing contact for over 20 Blockades
  • Executive officer (Officer in Charge) for over 15 blockades

  • 13th top ultimate bilger
  • 17 in Bilging experience before her retirement for a few months
  • Owns the biggest head collection is Sage containing some rare heads like
    • The only Helystra's skull
    • The only Michaud's skull
    • The only Brokenangel's skull
    • The only Grampa's skull
    • The rare Inkaitspant's skull
    • The only two Antartic's skull

Skull Collection

Here is a list of her collection, December, 28, 2007 - 313 Total

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