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drop pattern
Minimum delivery cost (doubloons) 10
(9 Dark Seas doubloon cost)
Decay rate 90 days

The falchion is one of the seventeen sword types available to players in the game. It is produced at iron mongers. On subscription oceans, the falchion may only be used by a subscriber.

The falchion (normal or reversed) is widely considered the best and most used sword in the game.

There is no limit to its strengths - as a matter of fact, its completely busted. It is incredibly easy to use and offers immense power.

The strikes have an absolutely overpowered pattern and completely brick boards. Getting hit by a massive middle strike or big duals is a death sentence and has no direct counterplay - you can only hope for a lot of breakers.

A lot of high tier games get decided on the spot after a potent opener or turn into a degeneracy of "breaking as much as you can as fast as you can" once the boards are scrambled in order to reach a playable boardstate.

The non reversed falchion:

  • Has weaker center sprinkles
  • Has absolutely broken middle strikes
  • Prefers a "dry" and fast gameplay; a lot of strikes with close to no sprinkles

The reversed falchion:

  • Has deadly alternating center sprinkles (hard to send)
  • Has a strong but weaker middle strike
  • Prefers a "mixed" and stacking gameplay; strikes should be combo'd and include 2+layers.

It does not matter which falchion you prefer as they both overshadow all other swords with the exception of the non reversed Saber, which is equally as broken in its own right.

Some people argue that the falchion is the perfect sword to display mastery of swordfighting as it rewards Attacking, Defending, Speed e.t.c, but in reality it rewards everything at the expense of nothing - its just too good at every metric.

Pattern overview

Note: Previewing the non-reversed version. Reversing the sword mirrors the pattern.

Sprinkle attack
Sprinkle board.png
Middle Strike
Middle strike board.png
Corner Strike
Corner strike board.png
Swordfight Attack smallSprinkle.png
A small sprinkle attack
Swordfight Pattern smallSprinkle Falchion.png
Swordfight Attack smallStrike.png
A small strike (2x4)
Swordfight Pattern smallStrike Falchion.png
Swordfight Attack smallDual.png
A small dual strike (2x4 + 2x4)
Swordfight Pattern smallDual Falchion.png
Swordfight Attack mediumSprinkle.png
A medium sprinkle attack
Swordfight Pattern mediumSprinkle Falchion.png
Swordfight Attack mediumStrike.png
A medium strike (2x6)
Swordfight Pattern mediumStrike Falchion.png
Swordfight Attack mediumDual.png
A medium dual strike (2x6 + 2x6)
Swordfight Pattern mediumDual Falchion.png
Swordfight Attack bigSprinkle.png
A massive sprinkle attack
Swordfight Pattern bigSprinkle Falchion.png
Swordfight Attack bigStrike.png
A massive strike (2x12)
Swordfight Pattern bigStrike Falchion.png
Swordfight Attack bigDual.png
A massive dual strike (2x12 + 2x12)
Swordfight Pattern bigDual Falchion.png
Sword Damage

Note: Greatly varies based on board state

Single sword (small)

Swordfight Damage Small Strike.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage smallStrike Falchion.png

Middle Duals (small)

Swordfight Damage Small Middle.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage smallMiddle Falchion.png

Corner Duals (small)

Swordfight Damage Small Corner.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage smallCorner Falchion.png

Single sword (big)

Swordfight Damage Strike.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage Strike Falchion.png

Middle Duals (big)

Swordfight Damage Middle.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage Middle Falchion.png

Corner Duals (big)

Swordfight Damage Corner.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage Corner Falchion.png



According to Wikipedia, the term Falchion describes several types of one-handed, single edged swords used in Medieval Europe.

Historical notes

The strike pattern of the falchion was revised in release 2005-02-11.

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