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Evilard is a senior officer of the crew Hardcore Sea Ravers and a member of the flag Margaritaville. He sails the Sage Ocean.


Evilard was educated on the ocean of Viridian, but moved to Sage when it opened. There he and his real-life wife, Symonds, founded the flag Hardcore Explorers.

Early in his Sage career, Evilard befriended Shodan and Helystra, forming the early stages of the "SMA" (Super Mega Alliance), also known as "BOB." As time went on, this alliance network expanded, creating new friendships between Evilard and the other monarchs. Evilard instilled his ideal manifesto into Hardcore Explorers, forming it into a powerful flag with loyal allies.

Because of the amount of support given to the flag The Infested, with which it was allied, it was believed that Evilard and Hardcore Explorers took over Blackthorpe Island through this smaller flag. This belief was reinforced when Bbkiller, Hardcore Explorers's key politician, took governorship of the island. Both Evilard and Bbkiller recieved part blame for the poor development of Blackthorpe. The pressure was taken off of Evilard and Hardcore Explorers when Bbkiller took full blame for the series of events.

Despite the rivalry between the SMA and the "Notorious Alliances", Evilard has had several enjoyable discussions with most of their leaders and those of many other flags in the ocean, remembering the key element of Puzzle Pirates, "It's just a game". After the deterioration of the SMA in May 2006, Evilard and Symonds managed to convince the other remaining SMA monarchs to open up to new alliances.

On 9 October 2006 Evilard stepped down as monarch of Hardcore Explorers and Captaindredd took over. On 2 November of the same year Evilard re-assumed command of Hardcore Explorers with renewed determination and a new direction for the flag. He later moved on to the crew Blockade, where he was a senior officer. He is now in the 'Hardcore Sea Ravers' again.

Evilard is renowned for his bilging and battle navigation skills, however, he is better known for his booched spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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