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Weejonnyb is officer of the crew On the Rocks on the Emerald Ocean, formerly of the Sage Ocean.


Weejonnyb was washed ashore onto Sage around mid-August 2005. He never found the right crew until early 2006 when he joined skeletons in your closet under the command of Jackspeed. He stayed with them until the flag Go with the Flow was disbanded by Shodan.

He later joined Daggerdarla when she left skeletons in your closet to make her crew Obsidian Daggers. But when Daggerdarla disbanded Kraken's Demise he went on to become captain of his own crew. After his crew imploded in a fiery ball of doom, he joined his good friend Panteraa in the crew Ticklers.


  • Was on of only three active senior officers in the crew Obsidian Daggers
  • Was one of two royalty of the flag Kraken's Demise
  • Former fleet officer of skeletons in your closet
  • Former senior officer in Ticklers
  • On June 19, Weejonnyb's flag went to war with The Government, this war he was especially proud of.
  • Won a "Festive Facelift" in the Christmas 2006 Booty or no Booty, in which Nobooty gave him the potions to grow a beard, a ponytail, and change his skin to a pale white, and his hair also to white, to resemble Santa. Unfortunately, Nobooty did not give him the potions to change back, which he decided to tell him after he made the change.
  • Won a Sand Dollar in the Sage Andeluvean Conch Bilge Bake-off.

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