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Nooblar is captain of the famed crew Siren's Song, and king of the flag Illium Eternae. Well established as a powerful force on the Sage Ocean, he is noted for his exceptional puzzling skills and sound leadership. In addition to these well known traits, he is also a renowned Skellington hunter, and boasts an extensive collection of skulls.

Nooblar's History

Nooblar's early history starts on the Viridian Ocean many moons ago. A founding member and senior officer of the Sirens Song crew on Viridian, he was also a founding member of the flag Sea Spell. When Sirens Song was partailly disbanded, He took his vow to help the crew with him, and moved to the Sage Ocean, determined to recreate his home crew there.

In April of 2006 Nooblar arrived on Sage ready to make his mark. He quickly climbed the ranks of the crew Irish Rogues, under captain Lezzy . Within Irish Rogues he was made senior officer, and a prince of their flag, Rogues of Sage. His opportunity to bring Siren's Song to the Sage Ocean was soon to be at hand.

Irish Rogues and Rogues of Sage eventually suffered from faction resulting in a split. Nooblar found himself voted into the position of captain of the newly formed Siren's Song (of Sage). Soon thereafter, the remnants of Irish Rogues were merged into Siren's Song, though Siren's Song was never under the flag Rogues of Sage. Subsequent to this merger and a slight reorganization, the crew that emerged became the fountainhead of the contemporary crew.

With Nooblar at the helm, Siren's Song has had a colorful flag history:

  • Founding crew of the flag Illium Eternae, with Nooblar as prince.
  • Subsequently moving the crew to the flag League of Light, with Nooblar serving as lord.
  • The transition into the now defunct flag Rum and Limes, again with Nooblar serving as lord.
  • Most recently Nooblar served as prince of the flag Hell's Wrath.

Nooblar is currently the king of the flag Illium Eternae.