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Dendrobia is captain and counselor of the crew Your Worst Nightmare and queen of the flag Hardcore Explorers on the Sage Ocean.


  • Started in April 2006
  • Captain of Your Worst Nightmare
  • Queen of Hardcore Explorers


Starting on Sage in April of 2006, Dendrobia has worked for every PoE she has seen. As a greenie, she quickly took a liking to the crew Hardcore Sea Ravers. As she advanced through the ranks, she quickly found herself as a senior officer.

Seeking to help out a friend, she joined Your Worst Nightmare as a Senior Officer. Seeing the crew through some turbulent times, she was named Captain in October of 2006. Dendrobia picked up the crew and ran with it. In her term as captain, the crew grew from a band of 38 rumored pirates to a pillage driven crew of 280 pirates with illustrious fame .

Dendrobia was made Queen of Hardcore Explorers in April of 2007. In June of the same year, her flag succussfully colonized Bowditch Island at Bowditch I, and she served as governor for the nine months the island was held by her flag.

Dendrobia has many friends on Sage as well as in the other oceans and enjoys being with other pirates and helping whoever she can. She also enjoys collecting skellie skulls and oddly named sloops.