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Chrkut is a pirate on the Sage Ocean. Chrkut is currently a SO in Your Worse Nightmare.

She joined on July 21st, 2006. Chrkut started in Coldstonery's crew as a cabin person. She then rose to pirate soon after getting her stats up. Not soon after, she bought her boat, the Ambitious Needlefish (nicknamed Mr. Limey). Soon after that, she was expelled from the crew, and wandered around crew searching for a bit.

Chrkut joined Bottar's Dark Lords, as an officer, and got up to senior officer there. After a few months, she left there because of the problem with stock being stolen off her boat often. She then went to Greeg's crew, U.S. Marshals.

She stayed there for a month or two with no problems. Then she got annoyed, and left and came back a total of 4 times. After a bit, the crew changed it's name to Chaos in Paradise, and created their own flag. Chrkut was a royal was a short period of time, then got demoted, and the royalty taken away. After that, she left, and went to Dendrobia's crew, Your Worst Nightmare.

She joined YWN as an officer, and after a week or two, was promoted to fleet officer. She then had a few issues, and asked, and got demoted to pirate for a short period of time. Her friends, who couldn't stand to see her like that, re-promoted her and helped her. After about a month or two there, she grew unhappy and left.

From there she joined her best friend, Lacusclyne's crew, Cobra as a senior officer, and left after a bit after feeling that she was too bad of a pirate to be in there anymore, and went back to Your Worst Nightmare.

After a few weeks of being back in YWN, she was promoted to Senior Officer. She sometimes complains about her position, yet her complaints do not get anywhere.

She stays in YWN, as it is her only home.