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Klondor is captain of the crew Certifiable Cephalopods on the Sage Ocean.

Contributions and Awards


Klondor started in February of 2006. His hearty, Velmarox, created a character for him. Velmarox knew that Klondor would be the best name. Velmarox customized Klondor to look like the avatar's real-life owner. Klondor joined several crews before landing in a crew named the Deep Sea Demonz. He isn't even sure if he even met the captain. By the time he understood how things work, the captain was dormant and a new captain took over the crew, Alzic. He worked and was quickly promoted to senior officer along with two other people. One day the captain showed him that he had 900 dubs. The next day his alt logged on and told him that he had been banned from the game because his credit card didn't go through. One of the SOs left the crew which left only 2 of them, Blueblade and himself.

He did not want to be captain at first, but then thought it may be fun. Blueblade voted him in as captain. From there he made it his goal to grow the crew. The crew joined the Candy Coated Chaos flag and he renamed the crew to the Certifiable Cephalopods. Candy Coated Chaos was on the move. He acted as an executive officer in 6 blockades as they took Amity Island and Gauntlet Island. Late in 2006 he decided that he wanted to be more involved. He went to the monarch of Candy Coated Chaos at the time, Inanna, and mentioned creating his own flag. There were people that thought her flag would never succeed.

On January 1, 2007 he started a flag called Astute Tentacle Mariners. Twenty-eight days later they took Amity from Candy Coated Chaos. They then lost the island to Passive Aggression. Ventress was taken a few months later and successfully defended two weeks after they took it.

He encourages everyone to talk with him about what they want to accomplish in the game, and he will try to help them get there. He loves to help people learn. He wishes he could send a special thanks to people that helped the crew and flag grow, but the list is too long.