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Cecidrake is a senior officer and damsel of the crew The Lost Lot and a member of the flag The Sewing Circle on the Emerald Ocean, formerly of the Sage Ocean.


Contributions and Achievements

Sage Ocean


Cecidrake started playing on the Viridian side of Meridian Ocean on August 2005. Shortly after she moved to the Sage side of Emerald Ocean where she quickly joined the crew Headless Doubloon. There she began her pirate career. Later on, Headless Doubloon was renamed Power of Moonlight and Cecidrake became Senior Officer.

In January, 2006 she moved to the crew Morbid Dreams. From this moment she actively participated in crew and flag matters and in July, 2006 she was named both Captain of Morbid Dreams and Princess of Lunatic Fringe. Although being captain of Morbid Dreams this rank was shared both by Cecidrake and Marux alike.

In September, 2006 Morbid Dreams left Lunatic Fringe and joined Candy Coated Chaos. Shortly Cecidrake became princess in flag.

In March 2007, Morbid Dreams was merged into the The Lost Lot. Cecidrake became a senior officer in her new crew.


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Cecidrake is the owner of the following renamed vessels:

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  • Found Muffin Sprat
  • Sweet Argentine
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