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Kisa Sohma
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Accomplishments and Contributions

  • One of the authors of the ACP Convention
  • Semi-finalist, Bilging Bake-off 4 times
  • 10th Place Atlantean Conch Bilging Bake-Off August 3rd 2007
  • Forth Place Atlantean Bilging Bake-Off, 8/4/07
  • Forth Place Lunchtime Bake Club! 2008/04/09 Cobalt
  • Nine Place Win real life prize or familiar! 2009/01/30 Viridian
  • Was given an Apollo doll by Apollo himself.

Old crews and flags

Historical Information

Yaruto started out late October 2005. He played sporadically over the first few weeks till he found his first crew Scuttle-Me Elmos. He quickly rose in rank to fleet officer and got to know a fine lad known as Rogueenergy along with fine people as Sorcha Ruthless and Faldrok Today Yaruto spends most of his times on the docks, at the poker table or in some blockade having fun.

Blockades Navigated (131)

Hunter Malachite Midnight Sage Viridian

Has not been updated since Sapih XXVIII

Has not been updated since Fugu I

(24-hour event blockade)