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Grudz is Royalty on the Sage Ocean. He is a Captain and Ambassador of the crew Xensity and king of the flag Army Of Darkness.


Grudz started out his pirate career in late 2005, and has since rose to prominence, becoming a captain of a successful crew, and prince of a strong flag.

While relatively new to the game, Grudz's potential was easily recognisable, with his standings and experience levels growing very fast. Because of this, his first ever position in a crew was senior officer, in the Sage Executioners. After a large rift with their captain, Grudz left and soon created his own crew, Grudz Army but while rather inexperienced, he showed the leadership and strength to turn his crew into one of the more ambitious ones on Sage.

In early 2007, Grudz became more ambitious, and decided to form his own flag, called the Army of Darkness. His flag took off very quickly, and became very large due to hearties wishing to join in his revolution. The flag is currently continuing to grow at a fast pace.

During spring 2007, Grudz Army merged with upcoming crew Xensity, to form a formidable combination of power and strength. Xensity is currently occupying one of the top 3 positions of Sage's Crew Fame list.