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Coatosilver is the captain in the crew Forget About It on the Sage Ocean but maintains the same named pirates on the other oceans.


History and Activites

Coatosilver joined Puzzle Pirates on 2006-03-24. After a few days he became a member of the crew No Nonsense and within a few weeks rose through the ranks to become a senior officer. In summer 2006 many key members of the crew including the captain became inactive. After some attempts of Coatosilver to keep the crew active, he decided to leave it.

He joined Forget About It under captain Mads in the flag League of Light. Here he also quickly rose to the rank senior officer. He also became an active member in the flag and got titled rank. He was especially involved in the preparation of the 24-hour blockade and the Scrimshaw I blockade that League of Light won while he was on vacation. After that he got titled in all the flags Forget About It happend to join after League of Light, namely Mind Games, Black Flag and Candy Coated Chaos. In Black Flag he was promoted to prince for a short period of time. In Candy Coated Chaos he was titled for some time after he assumed the position of king.

Coatosilver tends to lurk in the forum. He follows most discussions there and actively contributes in some Game Design threads as well as in a few Global Parley issues. In the game he is a rather good puzzler achieving high standings in most puzzles. He likes to lead pillages, especially on big boats, battle navigate on pillages as well as on the blockade board, and contributes his skills to other pirates pillages and for blockades. Furthermore he can be found at the high stakes poker tables, where he wins more than he looses.


Coatosilver is known to have a few alternate pirates. He plays them mainly for blockade purposes but also uses them as labor alts. Due to the use their crew- and flag affiliation changes randomly. The known and public alts are:

Coatoiron, Coatorags, Coatosmurf, Coatosteel, Coatowhat

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