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Release Notes

Here be a little summary of our recent releases; the complete archive of past releases can be viewed here. Our Alpha and Beta releases are available at Release (Alpha) and Release (Beta), respectively. If ye want to view what we have in public beta testing, please see the Ice Ocean changelog


Haunted Seas graveyard rebalancing update:

From the Release Notes:
  • Rebalancing some Graveyard changes made during our December update.
    • The post graveyard blast radius has been decreased.
    • The post graveyard protection radius and duration have been decreased.
    • Graveyard chests have decreased.


Barnabas’ Boo-Humbug and other Haunted Happenings

From the Release Notes:
  • December event: Barnabas Boo-Humbug
    • Gather wishes o' goodwill by participating in ghost frays, pillages and Haunted Seas graveyards.
    • Ghost frays will spawn on islands for the duration of the event.
    • Trade in wishes o' goodwill at the Barnabas statues for holiday prizes.
    • Players score points for their team anytime they win or trade in wishes o' goodwill.
    • Barnabas only reveals some of his trades, others have to be uncovered by having enough ingredients.
  • Haunted Seas graveyard update:
    • Players can now get chests from graveyard treasure hauling.
    • The post graveyard blast radius is increased.
    • The area around the graveyard is now protected for a short time after the blast -- opposing ships will avoid the area.
  • Windows installer fix:
    • The installer should now work with most versions of Java.


Werewolves and Bug Fixes

From the Release Notes:

Below is a small update that includes fixes for our werewolves. Because of these changes, we're going to extend the event for a week so we can all exact our revenge.

  • Event updates
    • The event has been extended due to the werewolf rumble bug. It will end sometime on the 7th. (see below)
    • Werewolves will continue spawning and their summoning charms may be available in tourneys and competitions for the rest of the event.
    • The vampires however will now be functioning on their regular new moon schedule and will not be spawning all the time.
  • New stuff
    • Added a Vampirate Booty Chest design to the Trading Post. Item can then be ordered at your local furnisher.
    • Added a special background to werewolf rumble.
    • Updated bat recolor trading.
      • Changed how bat color re-rolls work. You now shouldn't have the possibility of rolling the exact same color. This only applies to the color you're currently rolling. If you start with a black bat and reroll twice, it's possible to get a black bat for the second reroll, just not the first.
      • Added a confirmation box on the bat recolor roll. Are you sure?
      • Fixed an issue where the bat re-roll would allow you to enter multiple bats and you'd potentially lose one of your bats.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug with werewolves that would make the match end unexpectedly
    • Adjusted the TH graphics to no longer have alignment and redrawing issues.
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes the rake could apply to an uncalled bet.


Monster Bash

From the Release Notes:
  • New werewolf rumble:
    • Introduces a furball that replaces the orange ball.
    • The furball cluster will not count in a combo unless there are 2 charged balls in the cluster.
    • Adding more charge balls to a furball cluster adds more combo counters to a cluster. e.g. a red-orange-blue combo ends in a "BIM!" but a red-fur(with 3 charge balls)-blue combo ends in a "BOOM!". This is capped at 5 per cluster.
    • Since the fur cluster is only valid with a second charge ball, the second ball counts as the ordering for that cluster. e.g. a fur-red-fur-yellow combo will have the order red-fur-yellow.
    • There is a timing bug where players may randomly lose later in the game. This is being looked into and will be fixed, but for now players may want to race against the clock to finish off their werewolf opponents.
  • Vampirate updates:
    • Vampirate lairs now have more custom art and a new character.
      • If pirates last long enough, they'll be visited by the Mother of the Mother o' Nyght herself.
      • Treasure Haul in the lairs has all new art to fit the theme.
    • Vampirates now spawn on the new moon. (This mechanic has been reworked: see below)
    • Vampirate boat expeditions are also randomly awarded on the new moon schedule.
    • Vampirate boat expeditions now spawn from 1-3 leagues away to allow players a chance to recover after a battle.
    • Vampirate boats now follow players so they no longer sail away from players in other engagements.
    • The booty system has been reworked so that players get vampire chests only if they were involved in the vampire activities.
    • The Vampirate lair "back to ship" button should no longer disappear on relogging.
  • New Vampirate trading post options:
    • Winged cat pet: A new vampire themed pet
    • Vampirate overcoat: A new vampirate themed overcoat for both male and female pirates.
    • Bat familiar color reroll: A way to recolor bat familiars to different colors, including some reroll exclusive colors. Warning: this reroll is totally random and may give players a more common color or the same color.
    • Vampirate summoning table: A new furniture item that allows players to use vampire summoning charms in private buildings.
    • Vampirate calendar: A new furniture item that gives information on when vampirates are more likely to spawn.
    • MoN + Vampirate dolls: Trinkets that can be held in portraits.
    • Vampirate bilge/carp/helm/cannon: New furniture items that can be replace standard shipboard furniture.
    • Vampire lair portrait background: 3 new portrait backgrounds accessible only with the design. The design is consumed when used.
    • The garlic amulet is available from the trading post.
  • Other updates:
    • Added a 5% poker rake.
    • Garlic and wolfsbane amulets now block their respective curses from happening instead of solely removing them.
    • Inky hair dye is now available from the TP.
    • The moon mechanic has been reworked, so that monsters that rely on the moon now have multiple days of spawning around the new/full moon.
    • Werewolves were also put on the reworked moon mechanic.
    • Both werewolves and vampirates will be enabled full time until the end of the event.


Functional Furniture Facelift

From the Release Notes:
  • Bilge pumps, carpentry boxes and booty boxes can now be replaced in the same way as cannons and helms.
  • Released simple painted versions of all the replaceable vessel furniture.


Unhallowed Halls

From the Release Notes:
  • It's time to take the fight directly to the Vampirates Sanctum. This adds to the Vampirate vessel expedition and requires both hammer and sword!
  • After a successful Vampirate Vessel Expedition, players can embark on a raid of the Vampirate's Sanctum.
  • Use your carpentry skills to board up those coffins or risk being overrun.
  • Haul in Blood Boxes during the expo to earn treasure and Vampirate themed items.


The Stakes Are Higher

From the Release Notes:
  • Vampirates are upon ye once again. This time as an expedition!
  • Vampire reliquaries will be dropping from vampirate frays. These work similarly to a BK compass, but for Vampirate Expeditions.
  • Pillage Blood Boxes during the expo to earn Vampirate themed items.


The Stakes Are High

From the Release Notes:
  • Vampirates are upon ye!
  • The reboot timer now warns you up to 3 hours before a reboot.
  • The game client window is now resizable. You can enable this by going to options > general and checking the box that is right above the size selection. (This isn't new but it was never announced)


Need for Greed!

From the Release Notes:
  • The maximum number of Greedies that spawn has been adjusted so that it will not exceed the number of human players on board the vessel.


Trading Spaces

From the Release Notes:
  • Greenies can no longer buy or trade Bid Tickets.
  • Guest accounts must now be saved at the time of creation.
  • Preventing links from being used in portrait captions.
  • Fixing bug that affected the trading of certain items.
    • There is currently a bug preventing Mystery Boxes from being traded, which will be fixed when the oceans reboot the morning of November 18th.


Pets need air!

From the Release Notes:
  • It has come to our attention that wrapping pets does not allow adequate ventilation for these lovable critters. Because of that, they may no longer be wrapped. Be kind to animals!


Get Yer Sea Legs, Landlubber!

From the Release Notes:


Belated Spring Cleaning

From the Release Notes:
  • Following directions from ASPCA, familiars can no longer be stuffed into wardrobes. Be kind to animals!


Scrambling Some Eggs

From the Release Notes:

Note: Some of these changes will not be fully implemented until after the morning ocean reboots on March 27th.

  • Adding seasonal content for April.
  • Adding the new player-created Eggs which will activate in April.
  • Adding a new Periwinkle recolor which can be won as a prize in future promotions.
  • Recent bugfixes (some fixed in prior stealth releases)
    • Fixed launch crash affecting certain Mac users on the most recent version of Java
    • Fixed bug that was causing players to get stuck when warping to and from rowboats in the Kraken Sea Monster Hunt
    • Fixed situation that could result in jobbing notices for empty vessels on the Notice Board
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the displayed bounty on a vessel to not correctly update after the vessel was sunk
    • Fixed a bug that could allow taxes to be paid by the owner of a shoppe that had been shut down by the governor
    • Fixed a bug that would cause emerald-colored clothing to dust into silver-colored rags
    • Updating some text on Obsidian that incorrectly referred to Port Venture as "deserted"


Dark Seas follow-up

From the Release Notes:

Note: Some of these fixes will not be fully implemented until after the morning ocean reboots on August 1st.

  • Fix to the dynamic ocean recoloring based on overall ocean control.
  • Fix to the outline coloring for War Galleons so that the outline color correctly shows as red for enemy ships at the dock.
  • Graphics fIx for werewolf pirates who are holding a shovel bludgeon.
  • Small adjustment for new portraits of female pirates who are wearing the Rogue Hat with the long curly hairstyle.
  • Adjusting the governor's shoppe shutdown timer so that it functions as a full 14 days.


Dark Seas!

From the Release Notes:


All Hands on Deck!

From the Release Notes:
  • Seasonal content for July.
  • Preparation for the upcoming Dark Seas release.
  • Increasing the maximum number of swabbies that can be hired. There will now be one swabbie for every station on the vessel except for navigation, as long as it doesn't exceed the maximum capacity of the vessel. We'll be monitoring the effects of this change to see if further adjustments are needed.
    • NOTE: Currently, some vessels are receiving less than the new intended number of swabbies. This issue will be fixed when the oceans restart in the morning.
  • Bugfix for a situation that could cause pirates to get stuck in the "preparation" phase when logging on.
  • Bugfix for a minor color inconsistency between the male and female Kraken tattoo. This will go into effect for any new Kraken Tattoos created from this point forward.
  • Bugfix to prevent the use of transformation artifacts during the portrait preparation phase. Pirates can still exit the portrait, apply the transformation, and then re-enter the portrait preparation.



From the Release Notes:

The following changes will go into effect after the oceans reboot on the morning of May 10th:


Dark Seas notes:


War Galleons

From the Release Notes:

The following changes are for all oceans (both Dark Seas and classic YPP)

  • New vessel type:
  • Adding seasonal content for May.


Hello, my pet!

From the Release Notes:

The following changes are for Dark Seas:

  • The Trading Post has been updated with a new Wolverine pet that can be purchased in exchange for Faction PvP trinkets. The special Crimson/Shadow colors have an increased cost.
  • From this point forward, faction trinkets will only be awarded in PvP sinkings if both vessels have an active bounty on them.
  • There is now a cool down period after a pirate receives a Faction PvP trinket, before they can receive more. This limit should very rarely affect pirates who are participating in legitimate PvP battles that require meaningful time and effort.
  • The vessel bounty icon will now appear in the voyages jobbing panel for vessels that are being hunted by the opposing faction.
  • Messages related to faction bounties will now be recorded in the vessel logs.
  • Island building records will now show when a shop is forced to close or allowed to reopen by the governor.
  • Bugfix for the text descriptions of the new PvP bounty trophies.
  • Bugfix to allow flagless vessels to pay the bribe in order to port at enemy faction islands.

These changes are for both Classic and Dark Seas:

  • Behind-the-scenes setup and preparation for the new War Galleon vessel type which will soon be added to the Ice ocean for testing and feedback.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow a sinking vessel to be repeatedly engaged before the sinking process completed.
  • Correcting the amount of labor required in the Gold warfrig and Dark warfrig recipes.
  • Adding seasonal content for March.


Bounty Hunters

From the Release Notes:

The following changes are for Dark Seas:

  • Vessels that have a faction bounty placed on them will now have a special icon shown in the sailing view, making them easier to identify (and pursue). There are 3 tiers of icon, based on how large the bounty on the vessel has become.
  • From this point forward, only vessels that have a faction bounty on them will be able to win faction trinkets for sinking enemy vessels. All sailors aboard the victorious ship will receive between 1 to 3 faction trinkets, based on how large their ship's bounty has become. This provides incentive for jobbing on a ship that has a bounty, despite the increased risk of being attacked by the other faction.
  • Adding new "Owl Eggs" that can be purchased at the Trading Post in exchange for Faction PvP trinkets (under the artifacts section). Opening the eggs will grant a non-tradeable Owl familiar with a randomly chosen color.
    • In exchange for a larger number of trinkets, pirates can purchase a Crimson or Shadow owl egg, which will grant an owl familiar in the respective color (rather than one of the randomly chosen colors).
  • Adding 3 new "Dark" vessel designs at the Trading Post in exchange for faction PvP trinkets.
  • Faction bounties that have been placed on vessels will now slowly decrease over time, so that inactive vessels will eventually fall off of the bounties board.
  • Faction icons will now appear on the island overview page in YoWeb.

These changes are for both Classic and Dark Seas:

  • The "Slithery Keepsake" trophy will now be retroactively awarded to players who attacked the white Kraken head during the December team competition.
  • Exploit fix: greedy brigands will now only appear on brigand vessels that were targeting your own vessel.
  • Bugfix: clear any pending transfers for a vessel if the deed changes hands.
  • Adding seasonal content for February.


Loading the Sleigh

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for December.
  • Updating the "Shoppe Jobs" tab of the Notice Board with buttons that allow viewing an expanded listed of the jobs available on the island.
  • Preparing the holiday Team Competition for later this month.
  • Preparing the monthly seals for 2018.
  • Bugfix for a specific situation that could result in a faceless portrait.


Back in Black pt. 2

Note that some of these changes will not take effect until the oceans reboot on the morning of Oct. 26th.

From the Release Notes:


Back in Black

From the Release Notes:
  • Updating the Black Box to Series VI. New prizes include a skeletal parrot familiar, two new furniture items (Vampire Basin and Large Smuggler Crate), as well as a black Patchy Fox.
  • Setting up a Halloween Team Competition that will begin tomorrow afternoon (Oct. 20th).
  • Allowing the "Blockades" tab of the Notice Board to be accessed even when not on an island.
  • Added an in-game Doubloon History link on the doubloons panel for the Steam client, since these players don't have access to Billing website login credentials.
  • Adding a "Shift+Escape" key combination that can be used to instantly close the client without triggering the logout process. This is sometimes useful when needing the restart the client without leaving an active voyage.
  • Performance fix for CPU usage in the Steam client.
  • Increasing the maximum number of free accounts that can be created by a player.
  • In chat, "nh" will no longer auto-replace to "nice hand".
  • Experimental update to allow shoppe inventory data to be exported to a text file in JSON format by double-clicking the "Inventory" tab in the client. If tools are created to parse and manage this sort of exported data, the functionality can be expanded to other areas of the game in the future.
  • Displaying faction icons next to job applicant notices in the Dark Seas client.



From the Release Notes:
  • There will now be some added requirements for pirates to be able to job in a blockade:
    • Participants can not be greenies or unsaved guest accounts.
    • Participants need to have at least Narrow experience in two or more piracy puzzles.
  • If a vessel attempts to enter a blockade but does not meet these requirements, a message will be sent listing the pirate names who are not eligible. The vessel will be unable to join the blockade until all pirates on board meet the above conditions.


Weigh Anchor

From the Release Notes:

Most changes for this release will go into effect after the morning server reboots on June 15th.

  • Adding seasonal content for July.
  • Making preparations for the public testing release of the Obsidian ocean in the coming weeks as part of our ongoing Dark Seas development.
  • Certain items that are normally created by shops (various swords, bludgeons, mugs, clothing, furniture) will no longer drop from Sea Monster Hunts. These items should instead be ordered via shops and constructed using labor.
  • The Pirate badge will no longer be required.
  • Increasing the maximum number of Hearties that can be stored.
  • Adding a command that will allow the Ocean Masters to fix pirates who are stuck with a "pirate preparation error" during login.
  • Updating copyright info in the "About" tab.
  • Scene Editor:
    • Fixing the "Display commodity object counts" action in the Scene Editor.
    • Increasing memory allotment to allow saving map images for large island scenes.
    • Large assortment of new tiles (props, plants, etc.) for scene creation.


Flotilla Frenzy

From the Release Notes:
  • Flotilla changes:
    • Adding the Cutter as a possible type of supply ship in Flotillas.
    • Adding trophies for Flotilla participation (details will need to be discovered by players).
    • Switching Vargas and Yu Jian to sinking Flotillas.
    • Moving Flotilla jobs higher up on the voyages panel.
    • Increasing payouts for non-sinking Flotillas.
    • Flotillas should no longer spawn in uncolonized archipelagos.
  • Competitions:
    • Adding another check to ensure that puzzle performance only counts towards the competition if it took place after the competition started.
      • Players will receive a message notifying them that their puzzle performance did not count if this situation occurs.
    • Fixed a competition scoring mechanic that would sometimes allow lazing to be useful after a high-scoring situation.
  • Adding a global chat channel:
    • This channel is muted by default, but players can join by typing the command "/global-on". It can be switched back off with the "/global-off" command.
    • To use this chat channel, type "/global " before the start of your message.
    • There is a wait period between consecutive messages in this channel from the same player.
    • This channel will replace "/greeter" chat.
  • The Sloop Mark II can now be constructed by Shipyards.
    • This ship has the same functionality as the normal sloop, but uses the expanded floorplan that's found on Limited Edition sloops (sometimes preferred by decorators).


Spring Cleaning

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for April
  • Added a new YoWeb page to view a list of Colonized Islands, including tax information and links to governor names
  • Adding a new Trade chat channel that can be used by pirates looking to buy or sell items
    • "/tmute" can be used to toggle this chat channel
    • Players can only use this channel once every few minutes
  • Updating the requirements that must be met before joining a competition, in order to prevent pirates from "saving" a high scoring situation for use in a pending competition
    • If on board a vessel that has recently turned about, players will be required to wait until the vessel reaches a league point before they can join a competition.
    • If a player had already joined a pending competition at the time the vessel turns about, a message will be displayed that the player must rejoin the competition after reaching a league point.
  • Attacking vessels that are much weaker will now greatly reduce the number of Greedy brigands that appear in the melee.
  • Adding a warning message to the client if a player's mute list exceeds 750 names . Storing more names than this can exceed the size limit defined by the Java Preferences class.
  • Fixing a bug that could cause LE ship NPPs to get stuck in the crow's nest
  • Fix for client window size on 4k monitors; the window will now be shown at 2x scale at sufficiently high resolutions
  • Minor update to chat filter


Make Ready the Guns

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for March.
  • Updating code to begin preparing for Dark Seas later in the year.
  • Making it possible to pay a small bribe in pieces of eight in order to port a vessel at an embargoed island. The bribe lasts for one hour, and the cost increases based on the size of the vessel that is porting. The pieces of eight are placed in the Palace coffers.
    • UPDATE: This feature will go into effect after the oceans complete their normal morning reboot. The bribe panel will then be displayed when you attempt to port your vessel at an embargoed island.
  • When a vessel sinks, a note will now be recorded in the vessel logs listing the players who were on board the vessel when it was engaged.
  • Vessel Deeds can no longer be traded while the vessel is currently at sea.
  • Commodities can no longer be destroyed when placing a new building construction site.
  • Removing obsolete link from the doubloon purchase panel.


Howl at the Moon

From the Release Notes:
  • Halloween event will begin after the servers restart:
    • Special candy trinkets can be won from Brigand Kings and Sea Monster Hunts. Three new trinkets have been added for this year's event, in addition to candy from last year. The new trinkets are classified as "Spooky Trinkets", and can be exchanged at the Trading Post for some new items.
    • Two new mask designs have been added to the Trading Post in exchange for Spooky Trinkets: the Catrina mask (female), and Calavera mask (male)
    • Five new furniture designs have been added to the Trading post in exchange for Spooky Trinkets: Lycanthropic Chair, Mounted Deer Skull, Wall Hanging Wolfsbane, Tabletop Meat, and a Werewolf Banner
  • A special new LE ship is being released early in time for Halloween. The Pirate News and Spyglass blog will be updated with details shortly after release. It will remain available until the end of November.


Pillage and Plunder

From the Release Notes:
  • Pillaging update!
    • During pillages, players will now encounter new "greedy" brigands. Greedy brigands and barbarians are a special type of enemy brigand, who selfishly hoard bits of treasure for themselves. They appear randomly during the melee phase of a sea battle while pillaging, and are identifiable by their extravagant jewelry that they collect and hoard, such as gold eyepatches and flashy necklaces.
    • Players can win new treasure chests called "Lavish Lockers" by performing certain types of attacks in Swordfight and Rumble. More details on these mechanics are included on the Greedy brigand YPPedia page.
    • Lavish Lockers contain many new types of prizes, including a new familiar, a new pet, furniture items, a new Silver chroma, and special trinkets that can be traded in at the Trading Post.
    • Two new furniture designs and one new clothing design have been added to the Trading post in exchange for greedy trinkets. The trading post also now contains a new Greedy Purse artifact, which can be opened to grant pieces of eight to the owner.
    • Many new trophies have been added related to Greedy Brigands. These will need to be discovered!
    • Pillage payouts have been greatly increased with this update.


Hoisting the sails

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for June
  • Updating the Mac Puzzle Pirates installer to support more versions of Java
  • Fixing Steam achievements; all Steam users will automatically resend all of their trophies to Steam the next time they log on to their pirate
  • The "Recent PVP battles" section on the crew battle page will begin tracking battles correctly again after the reboot
  • Fixing bug that caused Meridian server crash


Swabbing the decks

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for May.


Sunny Side Up

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for April.
  • The latest batch of player created Eggs will appear in the Palace Shoppe shortly after the oceans finish rebooting.


March Ahead

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for March.


Sort It Out

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for February.
  • The "Clothing" and "Trinkets" section of the booty will now remember their previous collapsed/expanded state and default to that after logging in.
  • A new checkbox has been added when editing trophy boxes on your trophy page. By checking "Hide these trophies", the box will default to a collapsed state when anyone views your trophy collection.
    • The trophy box can still be viewed by anyone who clicks the "Show" link.
    • If a pirate has more than 1 trophy box that is hidden, a "Show All" link will appear at the bottom of their trophy page.
  • Adding a warning message on login for players who have an excessive number of items in their inventory.
  • Adding grey back into the Gold Box as a possible color for trinkets, furniture, and clothing.


Acting Sealy

From the Release Notes:


Feeling Jolly

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for December.
  • The 12th Order of the Jolly Roger will now be awarded to those who qualify.
    • The trophy will be granted when logging in any time after this release is completed.
  • Minor adjustments to the Events section on the Notice Board:
    • Gallery Exhibits will now include the island name in the Notice Board description.
    • The description text for Parties and Exhibits will now correctly line wrap, rather than being cut off.
  • Fixed a bug where the Large Display Stand would stop working if certain special characters were used in the displayed text.


Ocean Wide

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for November.
  • Gallery Exhibits for the entire ocean will now be available in the "Events" tab of the Notice Board.
  • Adding three new trinket dolls to the Trading Post that require Ghastly Trinkets.
  • Guestbook messages can now contain HTML entities (such as ♥) and some additional types of characters, such as less-than and greater-than signs.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixing a bug that would sometimes leave a puzzle icon over a pirate's head after leaving a vessel.
    • Increasing the size of the Guestbook panel to accommodate the larger font size in Options.
    • Fixing an Internal Error when deleting the only message on the last page of a guestbook.
    • Sounds for the Patching puzzle will now be muted if "Game sound effects" are disabled in Options.


Be My Guest

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for October.
  • Adding 3 new interactive furniture items that can be constructed by furnishers:
    • Guestbook
      • Allows pirates to leave their name and a short message in the guestbook.
      • The owner of the guestbook can remove any entry, and pirates can remove their own messages.
    • Large Display Stand
      • The owner of the Display Stand can write a medium length message that will be shown when other pirates click on the furniture.
      • The owner can change this message as many times as they like, it does not affect the furniture age.
    • Small Display Sign
      • This furniture can be inscribed with a short message that will be visible to anyone in the scene; it doesn't have to be clicked on.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Pirate pages will now show the Gallery icon for pirates who are roommates in a Gallery.
    • Adding a separate note in the vessel logs when a pirate uses their personal PoE (rather than the vessel coffers) to pay for commodities.
    • Fixing a vessel log message that is created when commodities are lost because a vessel was abandoned.
    • The Radiant Phoenix feather will be awarded in colors other than red for future Gold Boxes.


Out of the Woodwork

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for September.
  • Adding 17 new pieces of furniture, all of which can be constructed by furnishers:
    • Chroma Crate (stores chromas)
    • Potion Cabinet (stores potions)
    • Garden Shed
    • Large Mess Table with Runner (plain and fancy versions)
    • Regular Table with Runner (plain and fancy version)
    • Square Table
    • Aquarium
    • Pet Food and Water Bowl
    • Small and Large Pet Beds
    • Small, Medium, and Large Decorative Cannons
    • Coat rack
    • Lit candles (toggles colored room lighting)


Make an Exhibition of Yourself

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for August.
  • Adding a new type of House: the Gallery. Features a variety of large open rooms with extensive wall space, designed for pirates with large furniture collections.
    • Instead of parties, pirates can host an "exhibit" in their gallery. Exhibits last a week and are shown in the Events section of the Notice Board.
    • The Gallery will be offered at a 20% discount until 3pm PDT August 10th.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes stop a building from finishing the deletion process, leaving behind an invalid portal to nowhere.
    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause swabbies to not look for duty stations in certain scenes.
    • Marking the Skelly Table as a Seasonal furniture item.


Treasure Hunt

From the Release Notes:


Make ready the cannons!

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for June.
  • Adding new player-created Summer trinkets and portrait backgrounds.
  • Adding an icon to the Duty Report for each cannon that is filled by a pirate in the Gunnery puzzle.
  • The /who display will now include a "Help" button, and no longer include a list of Ocean Masters.
  • Adding new "Quinquennial Seal o' Piracy" trophy for pirates who have achieved 5 annual Seals of Piracy. The Seals o' Piracy do not have to be consecutive.
  • Bug fixes
    • Removed incorrect recoloring from the "Golden Dragon Scale" and "Radiant Phoenix Feather" trinkets.
    • Logging on to the Ice client will no longer affect the ocean used by the regular client.
    • Fixed two cannons on the Calamity cutter that were not functioning as duty stations.


Have ye got a map?

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content and new player-created portrait backgrounds for May.
  • The Explorers' Hall has been reworked to make it easier to find specific maps and compasses:
    • There are now 3 separate sections, one for each kind of map: Viking Raid Maps, Imperial Outpost Maps, and Brigand King Compasses
    • Each section will have up to 8 items. When new maps are spawned, the Explorers' Hall will attempt to replace any missing map types (i.e. small non-sinking maps, or medium swordfight maps, etc.)
    • Decreased the map respawn timer from 7 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • It is now possible to hide a vessel's planned moves during Battle Navigation. By clicking on a vessel's helm, pirates who have at least Officer level privileges in the vessel's crew will see a button to "Hide Navigation Moves". This can be toggled at any time.
    • While navigation moves are hidden, anyone who does not have Officer status in the vessel's crew will not see the individual moves, but rather a simplified token count.
    • If a pirate is ordered to navigate, they will be able to see the navigation moves, regardless of their crew or rank.
  • Added portrait art for the 5 recently added Spring Trinkets: Seed Bag, Lime Lexicon, Flower Pot, Spring Rake, Lime Cocktail
  • Bug fixes:
    • The Patching puzzle was not correctly contributing to the list of requirements for the Battered Hat trophy. This has been fixed, and it should once again be possible to earn this trophy.
    • Fixed a rare bug that would cause a shop order to appear ready for delivery even though a tiny fraction of puzzle labor was still required. Attempting to deliver before the labor was complete would cause an internal error.


To the Victor go the Spoils

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding eggceptional seasonal content for April.
  • Adding a new class of inscribable trophy furniture that can be awarded by Ocean Masters as tournament and competition prizes. The inscription will be visible in the scene in which the furniture is placed.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that affected the earning of bonus maneuver tokens in the Patching puzzle while using Java 8.
    • When a pirate is rabbit cursed, the color of the face icon will now match the color of the rabbit's fur.
    • The rabbit curse will now be removed when starting a Yeti expedition so that the free portrait can be taken.
    • Fixing the capitalization of several of the previously added Winter trinkets.


Hop to it, Matey!

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for March.
  • The following types of items will now show color information in their mouse hover tooltips, if the specific item supports recoloring:
  • Potions with multiple swigs can now be split apart, and multiple potions of the same type can be combined, similar to stackable items like Rogue Marks.
    • There is a limit of 100 swigs on potions. If you try to combine more than this, a new potion bottle will be started.
  • Added a recipe for a larger Whisk potion.
  • While in the drinking puzzle, a player's stain count can be viewed by hovering over their picture.
  • Bugfixes:
    • The Snow Globe furniture item incorrectly melted with the snow. Players who received a snow globe from the December promotion will be automatically granted a replacement when the oceans reboot following this release.
    • The festive yeti will now appear in portraits.


Krak in the Ice

From the Release Notes:


Get Inked

From the Release Notes:
  • Added new Kraken Tattoo clothing item for both male and female pirates.
    • Requires a design from the trading post in exchange for 20 Kraken trinkets.
      • Note that tailors will need 5 Kraken ink for each tattoo kit they produce.
  • Trinkets are now divided into collapsible groups in the booty display. This is intended to help pirates who have huge trinket collections and sometimes have slowness or freezes when displaying their booty.
  • Halloween candy trinkets will no longer drop.
  • Applying database maintenance to fix data inconsistencies with pirates and vessels that have been renamed over the years. Players should not encounter any visible changes, but note that the servers may take a little longer to start up just this once.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Patching to not record a score and display a message about a network connection issue.
    • Added missing image for the November Seal of Piracy.



From the Release Notes:
  • Added new furniture items to Kraken chests.
  • Allowing pirates to "Go Home" from the Kraken.
  • Added a slight cooldown period between leaving the Kraken and re-entering, so that no one gets left behind.
  • Requiring that all pirates aboard first leave any multi-player puzzles, such as Swordfighting, before entering a Kraken lair.
  • Adjusted booty share for bombing the Kraken head.
  • Adding seasonal content.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixing cases where portions of Kraken boards could get cut off or placed partially out of bounds.
    • Don't allow defendacles spawn on top of powder kegs.
    • Prevent ink from spawning on top of treasure spawns.
    • Fixed issue where an "invisible" powder keg would get left on the board when a vessel turned through two kegs in one move.
    • Fixing bugged map after Viking Expeditions.
    • Hitting "Enter" while creating a new account will no longer lock a player out if they have not yet selected their age.


Release the Kraken!

From the Release Notes:

Adding the Kraken Sea Monster Hunt. Maps can be won while pillaging, as with other Sea Monster zones.

  • Upon reaching the Kraken, all players aboard the vessel will enter their own personal rowboat to perform Battle Navigation. There will be various treasure, and occasionally Kraken ink, located on the map. Rowboats can retrieve these items by moving over them, and then safely returning to the safezone.
    • If a rowboat sinks, any treasure on board is lost and the player is returned to the safe zone. There is no other penalty for sinking a rowboat.
  • The encounter lasts for 30 minutes, after which players are returned to the original vessel.
  • Requirements for engaging the Kraken:
    • On doubloon oceans, a Bravery badge is required, and on subscription oceans you must be subscribed.
    • The vessel owner will need to have one "Lifeboat" commodity for each pirate that is being brought into the Kraken zone (swabbies don't count as they will not enter the Kraken zone). These commodities are produced by shipyards and "consumed" when the vessel enters the Kraken zone.
  • "Rowboat kits" are a new item type that will be found in your pirate's booty under "Rowboats". If your pirate has a particular rowboat kit in their booty, then the corresponding boat type will be available for you to choose from while battling the Kraken.
    • For example, if you have the "Harpoon kit" in your inventory, then you will be able to select the Harpoon boat while visiting the Kraken lair. If you equip a rowboat kit, then that will be the first rowboat type you pilot when entering.
    • A pirate can proceed to sink as many rowboats as they like in the Kraken instance at no additional cost. If a pirate does not own any rowboat kits, the default "Rowboat" vessel option will still be available to all players and will not require a kit.
    • The following kits can be purchased at furnishers: Bumper, Speed, Chum, Harpoon, and Powder
  • The Kraken can only be approached by the following vessels:
    • Sloop, Cutter, Dhow, Fanchuan, Longship, Baghlah, and Junk
      • (Theories suggest that these vessels are small enough that the Kraken doesn't take notice; any larger, and the Kraken would immediately sink the entire vessel)


Eggs Marks the Spot

From the Release Notes:
  • Added eggcellent and foolish seasonal content for April.
  • The number of possible chests from Haunted Sea Ship Graveyards has been increased.
  • Added an Ahoy! notice when earning a new trophy
    • This notice will not auto-open the Ahoy! tab
  • Allowing players to relinquish their roommate privileges
    • This button is located at the bottom of the "Configure house" panel for the house in which you are a roommate
  • Allowing players to relinquish their manager privileges
    • This button is located at the bottom right of the "Manage labor" panel for the shoppe in which you are a manager
  • Adding an age confirmation check on the pirate creation page when creating a new account
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed Pirate Page width.
      • Pirate pages linked from the puzzle standings lists will take 1 day to update.
    • Fixed bug that could allow two Blockades to be declared on the same island at the same time.
    • Fixed intro animation on the Main Deck for Shipwreck Expeditions.
    • When a pirate is deleted or purged, their sunken vessels will be removed from the crew's vessel list.


It's Not Easy Being Greenie

From the Release Notes:


Dream a Little Dream of Ye

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content.
  • Added crystal ball furniture to Gold Boxes.
  • Reduced base rent for attractions: 5,000 PoE for Explorers' Halls, 3,000 for Trading Posts, and 3,000 for Black Markets.
  • The maximum numbers of pirates allowed in a portrait will now be shown in parentheses next to the background names in the portrait setup panel.
  • Added logging of paint usage to building and vessel records.
  • Bug fixes
    • Citadels were refusing to spawn if the first vessel to enter Atlantis remained in a safe zone. When multiple vessels are present, citadels will now spawn normally so long as at least one vessel is out of the safe zone.
    • Fixed internal error when replacing the prow or helm on a vessel multiple times before committing changes.
    • The coffer withdraw button on the vessel will no longer be shown if pirate doesn't have sufficient rank to make the withdrawal (rather than just giving an error message).
    • Made sure counts of "done" pirates are kept consistent between client and server to keep players from getting stuck in Buried Treasure expeditions, even when pirates log off. Moved "Return to Ship" button up to be more visible in Ahoy panel.
    • Allowing Steam accounts to make purchases when swapping their session between non-Steam and Steam clients.
    • Added trophy image for Seal o' Piracy: Winter 2014.
    • Haunted seas carpets will no longer recolor with seasonal changes like icy seas.


The Truth Be Out There

From the Release Notes:


Signs Point to Aye

From the Release Notes:
  • Added seasonal content.
  • Added "10th Order of the Jolly Roger" trophy.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed Valkyrie Statue recoloring.
    • Added icons and tooltips in the furnisher for functional skelly furniture.


Ghosts of Hedgehogs Past

From the Release Notes:
  • Added seasonal content.
  • Added Ghost hedgehogs to the possible pets found in Haunted Seas treasure chests.
  • Added persimmon as a possible color from the Gold Box.
  • Changed ordering of items available from the Trading Post.
  • Removed subscription requirement for wearing Vampire raiment.
  • Added Valkyrie Statue recipe and Hellenic Statue furniture to the trading post.
  • Added the Viking Bed and Valkyrie Statue to furnishers.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed potential bug when entering a graveyard while a fray is taking place.
    • Fixed colors for Skelly throne furniture.
    • Stolen imperial plans and Plunder bag trinkets will now show up correctly when held in portraits.
    • Made pirates face the same direction in the "Haunted Night" portrait background.
    • Fixed cuff of Vampire raiment when worn in portraits.


Swabbies Ahoy!

From the Release Notes:


Indecent Monkey Prevention Society

From the Release Notes:
  • Tutorial mission changes.
  • Adding new trophies for number of leagues sailed (not retroactive).
  • Adding new content for September.


This and That

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding content for August and September
  • Added two furniture items for construction at furnishers: Fancy Bookcase and Small Cannonball Stack
  • Added two furniture items to the trading post: Emperor Bust and Smuggler Wine Crates
  • Minor adjustments to some tutorial text
  • Improving the station pathfinding for NPPs on the Alice sloop
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fix potential error when exporting more than 100 Steam trophies at a time
    • Updating the deed in a player's inventory immediately after a building upgrade/downgrade
    • Allow desktop furniture to be placed on top of short lumber stacks
    • Minor fix to the outlines for many of the items that can be held in a portrait, as well as outlines used for male hands
    • Removing invalid mission text when switching session from the Tablet client

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