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For the furniture item which can be traded and unwrapped, see present.

The /gift command allows one player to transfer subscription time from one account to another. The pirate who wishes to use /gift must have longer than one month remaining on their subscription, so that a full month can be transferred. If a pirate has more than one full month remaining on their subscription, they can transfer up to as many full months as they have.

/gift <pirate name>
Example: /gift Cleaver

This will give the player Cleaver on that ocean one month of subscription time.

Some important things to remember:

  • To give subscription time to a player based on their Pirate name, Players can use the /gift function from within the game. To use this function, log on to Puzzle Pirates and type /gift and the name of the pirate who is to receive the subscription time. Remember to verify both the name and the ocean before continuing. This will launch a page that includes the Pirate's name for the account that will be credited.
  • Most importantly, remember that gift subscriptions cannot be undone. Be sure that the right account or Pirate has been selected. Remember that the same Pirate name may be used by different players on different Oceans so be sure to log into the correct Ocean when using /gift.
  • Subscription time cannot be gifted to or from a banned account, even from the account billing page.

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