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Team competition

From YPPedia

A Team Competition is a special type of in-game event organized by the ringers. Team competitions divide pirates into a number of teams, who must achieve certain feats in puzzles in order to score points for their team. Prizes may be trinkets or trophies; however, since Halloween 2007 only trophy prizes have been awarded.

The competitions last for different lengths of time, and usually correspond to actual events at the time, such as the Christmas 2006 event and Christmas. Trinkets and trophies awarded are similarly themed.

Instructions on how to score, as well as team listings and current scores, are given on a special "competition" tab on the notice board which appears only during competitions.

Nautical Kombat Team Competitions
2005: Zombie Apocalypse logo.png Icon Night Stalkers.png Zombie Apocalypse
2006: Rumble Fight Club large.png Icon Nautical Kombat.png Fight Club
Foot Brawl Logo.png Icon Lombard Avengers.png Foot Brawl 2006
Halloween2006.png Icon Roaming Omen.png Arrrmageddon
2006 Holiday Banner.png Icon Viejo Pascuero.png Santa Rampage!!!
2007: Halloween2007 banner.png Icon Bony Brawlers.png Ye Dread Dead
Winter2007.png Icon dancer.png Reindeer Games
2008: Pirate Summer Games.png Icon Hydra.png Pirate Summer Games
Halloween2008 banner.png Icon Bonbon Biting Bugaboos.png Trick-ARRR-Treat
Holiday2008 banner.png Icon Fruit Cake.png Yuletide Bake-Off
2009: Halloween2009 banner.png Icon Darkling Fliers.png Rise of the Vampirates
Holiday2009 banner.png Icon Ghosts of Holidays Past.png A Pirate Carol
2010: WinterGames2010 banner.png Icon Hydra.png Pirate Winter Games
Halloween2010 banner.png Icon Screamin' Specters.png Wraithly Raiders
December2010 banner.png Icon Polar Pixies.png Ye Jolly Toymakers
2011: June2011 banner.png Icon Plunderous Pirates.png The Tyrant's Toadies
Halloween2011 banner.png Icon Snarling Swashbucklers.png Tooth and Nail
Icebound 2011.png Icon Polar Plunderers.png Icebound
2012: July2012 banner.jpg Icon Hydra.png Pirate Summer Games
2014: December2014 banner.png Icon Bite-Sized Bombers.png A Krak in the Ice
2015: December2015 banner.png Icon Galvanic Gentoo.png Sealpocalypse
Now: A'uk's Revenge
2016: July2016 banner.png Icon Hydra.png Pirate Summer Games
December2016 banner.png Icon Ghosts of Holidays Past.png A Pirate Carol 2
2017: Halloween2017 banner.png Icon Bonbon Biting Bugaboos.png Trick-ARRR-Treat
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