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Status commands
/away (/afk)

The /mute command allows one player to block communications and forms of interaction from another player. This includes messages sent in all chat channels (including /tell), challenges, trade requests, hearty invitations, building invitations and jobbing invitations). A player who has muted someone will see a red circle with a line through it above the person they have muted. However, it is not possible for anyone else to know for certain who a player has or has not muted. This list of muted players can be found in the options menu of the game client.

A player cannot send tells, challenges, trade requests, hearty invitations or jobbing invitations to anyone on their mute list. If a player tries to message someone they have muted, they will receive a message saying 'Ye can't tell to a person that ye've muted.'

A muted person cannot message the player who has muted him or her using any chat channel. These messages are dropped before the latter can see them (but may still be seen by other players not affected by the mute). Any challenges, trades, hearty requests, building invitations or jobbing invitations from a muted player are automatically denied by the player who has muted them.

Lists of muted pirates are not stored on the server, but on the client, one for each account. These are not shared across different computers. Muting someone mutes the target pirate on all of the oceans and pirates belonging to one account, but the mute lists of other accounts on that computer are not affected.


A muted pirate.

The mute command is used as follows:
/mute <pirate name>

To be able to hear and interact with a muted pirate again, the unmute command should be used.

Historical notes

Prior to the release 2005-06-01, players could mute the pirate that they were playing as at the time. However, they can still mute one of their own pirates with an alt.[1] If a player attempts to mute the pirate that they are playing at the time a message comes up on screen that says: "Talking to oneself is a sign of impending insanity," (The same message comes up if one tries to send a /tell to oneself.)

The syntax of the mute command is such that a player may mute anything he or she wishes; for example muting 78jf7# will prompt the response, You have muted '78jf7#'.. However since this pirate name cannot exist, entering this user-line input will have no effect other than adding a line of clutter to that account's list of muted pirates.

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