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A black market is an island attraction building placed on a medium or large island. Players can purchase black boxes from them, which have a random item inside.

Attraction buildings are nearly identical to regular infrastructure buildings: they change ownership along with an island's governance and they do not count against an island's building limit on medium islands. There are however a few differences:

  • Attraction buildings typically have a higher tax rate than standard buildings, and decay a week after failing to have their taxes paid. A black market has a base tax of 3,000 PoE.
  • A limited number of attractions can be built on a given island: 1 on medium islands and 2 on large islands. Outpost islands cannot build attractions.
  • Only one of each type of attraction can be built on an island at a time.
  • Each attraction building has a different effect when it is built. A black market will increase the density of brigands and barbarians around nearby leagues.


Construction Costs
Doubloons: 0
Basic Upgrade Downgrade
Basic labor 300 N/A N/A
Skilled labor 200 N/A N/A
Expert labor 100 N/A N/A
Iron 100 N/A N/A
Stone 4,000 N/A N/A
Tan cloth N/A N/A N/A
Wood 250 N/A N/A

An island needs only a completed fort to begin construction of a black market. A black market is 5x5 tiles in the governor's interface.



A black market sells black boxes for 10,000 PoE each. These are identical to presents in functionality (including usage as floor furniture), but they come with a random item inside of them. Each black box is labeled with a series number, which indicates the set of items possible inside. The probability of each item in a Series 7 black box is as follows (see Official:Black Box for the official list):

(Items in bold are new, added in with series 7.)


These trinkets may be used (in bulk quantities, along with PoE) at a trading post to purchase a design for one of the rogue class ships. They may also be used to purchase the spider familiar, or else the emperor bust or smuggler wine crates furniture items.

Black box trinkets may be held in portraits.

(The numbers in parenthesis are the first black box series in which the specified trinket may be found. They may also be found in all subsequent series.)




A black market has no hold. A chest near the back can be used to deposit pieces of eight in order to pay the tax.

Rooms and furnishing

Black market Building
Left (click for larger view)
  • No floor plans available.
  • Paint:
    • Unknown
  • Special items:
    • Purchase black box (bar segment (left end))
  • Props:
    • The props in this room are unknown.
Right (click for larger view)
  • No floor plans available.
  • Paint:
    • Unknown
  • Special items:
    • Purchase black box (bar segment (right end))
  • Props:
    • The props in this room are unknown.

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