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Limited edition ship

From YPPedia

Shipyards began selling limited edition ships (aka LE ships) in December 2009. Each ship was available for approximately one month. There has been a new limited edition ship almost every month (the months for which there was no LE ship are shown in the table below).

Limited edition ships have a special "limited edition" icon appearing on their dock/vessel image.

There also exist otherwise-standard ships that come pre-painted in one of the promotion-only colors. These special-colored ships are awarded from mystery boxes from seasonal promotions. In spite of their special colored paint scheme, those ships are not truly "limited edition" ships.



Frost class sloop dock.png
Frost class sloop
January February March April May June
Midas class grand frigate dock.png
Midas class grand frigate
Cupid class war brig dock.png
Cupid class war brig
Emerald class sloop dock.png
Emerald class sloop
Imperial class war frigate dock.png
Imperial class war frigate
Verdant class cutter dock.png
Verdant class cutter
Inferno class sloop dock.png
Inferno class sloop
July August September October November December
No ship Midas class sloop dock.png
Midas class sloop
Imperial class war brig dock.png
Imperial class war brig
Phantom class sloop dock.png
Phantom class sloop
Harvest class sloop dock.png
Harvest class sloop
Gingerbread class war brig dock.png
Gingerbread class war brig
January February March April May June
Fortune class junk dock.png
Fortune class junk
Cupid class sloop dock.png
Cupid class sloop
No ship Verdant class sloop dock.png
Verdant class sloop
No ship Wondrous class xebec dock.png
Wondrous class xebec
July August September October November December
Lagoon class sloop dock.png
Lagoon class sloop
Inferno class war brig dock.png
Inferno class war brig
Ancient class sloop dock.png
Ancient class sloop
Phantom class war frigate dock.png
Phantom class war frigate
Harvest class cutter dock.png
Harvest class cutter
Gingerbread class sloop dock.png
Gingerbread class sloop
January February March April May June
Dragon class fanchuan dock.png
Dragon class fanchuan
Chocolate class sloop dock.png
Chocolate class sloop
Bardic class sloop dock.png
Bardic class sloop
No ship Steam class sloop dock.png
Steam class sloop
Casino class sloop dock.png
Casino class sloop
July August September October November December
Smuggler class sloop dock.png
Smuggler class sloop
Tiburon class sloop dock.png
Tiburon class sloop
Vampire class sloop dock.png
Vampire class sloop
Skelly class sloop dock.png
Skelly class sloop
Gunpowder class sloop dock.png
Gunpowder class sloop
Casino class war frigate dock.png
Casino class war frigate
January February March April May June
Hunter class sloop dock.png
Hunter class sloop
Serpent class sloop dock.png
Serpent class sloop
Valkyrie class sloop dock.png
Valkyrie class sloop
Smuggler class war brig dock.png
Smuggler class war brig
No ship No ship
July August September October November December
Alice class sloop dock.png
Alice class sloop
Roister class sloop dock.png
Roister class sloop
Skelly class war brig dock.png
Skelly class war brig
Celestial class sloop dock.png
Celestial class sloop
January February March April May June
Blizzard class sloop dock.png
Blizzard class sloop
Dream class sloop dock.png
Dream class sloop
Jungle class sloop dock.png
Jungle class sloop
Crimson class sloop dock.png
Crimson class sloop
July August September October November December
No ship No ship No ship No ship No ship Yuletide class sloop dock.png
Yuletide class sloop
January February March April May June
No ship No ship Verdant class baghlah dock.png
Verdant class baghlah
Calamity class cutter dock.png
Calamity class cutter
July August September October November December
Olympus class sloop dock.png
Olympus class sloop
Explorer class sloop dock.png
Explorer class sloop
Undead class sloop dock.png
Undead class sloop
Tropic class sloop dock.png
Tropic class sloop
Scrooge class sloop dock.png
Scrooge class sloop
January February March April May June
Arctic class sloop dock.png
Arctic class sloop
Lovestruck class sloop dock.png
Lovestruck class sloop
Torrid class sloop dock.png
Torrid class sloop
Funhouse class sloop dock.png
Funhouse class sloop
No ship
July August September October November December
Legendary class sloop dock.png
Legendary class sloop
Howl class sloop dock.png
Howl class sloop
No ship
January February March April May June
No ship No known ship

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