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A wolverine in a portrait.

A wolverine is a untradeable type of pet. They are only available from trading posts and gold boxes. They were first seen in release 2018-02-28.

Standard colors:

  • Grey
  • Ocher
  • Tawny
  • Umber

Faction colors:

  • Crimson
  • Shadow

Colors available

Pets-Wolverine colors.png

Known sounds

  • Wolverine ain't afraid o' nothin'.
  • Wolverine eats brigands for lunch
  • Wolverine grunts.
  • Wolverine grunts loudly.
  • Wolverine has a hankerin' for venison.
  • Wolverine has a heart of gold deep down.
  • Wolverine looks real surly.
  • Wolverine says, "Grrr."
  • Wolverine says, "Grumble, grumble, grumble."
  • Wolverine says, "I could use a good backscratchin'. Ye mind?"
  • Wolverine says, "What're ye lookin' at, bub?"
  • Wolverine scratches at the floor.
  • Wolverine thinks all the other pets are wimps.
  • Wolverine thinks more things should be made of meat.
  • Wolverine wallows in a sort of general boreal grumpiness.
  • Wolverine wonders whether ye really need all of those yummy, yummy looking limbs ye have.

Release history

As of release 2018-02-28, the wolverine could only be found on the Obsidian Ocean. In the March 2019 promotion, Emerald wolverines were released to the Emerald Ocean in keeping with the spring green color theme.

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