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A subscription allows pirates to play without restrictions on the subscriber ocean, Cerulean. There are two methods of subscribing: paying via the billing system or buying a box set. Subscribers have access to all aspects of the game on subscription oceans.


Credit Card or PayPal options

Weekly: $2.99 per week.
Monthly: $9.99 per month.
Quarterly: $19.99 first quarter, $24.99 subsequent. ($7.90/month average over a year)
Annually: $74.99 / year. ($6.25/month)
Long Term Customer Discount: $49.95 / year. ($4.16/month - Only available for accounts 2 years old or more and only appears when purchasing a recurring subscription)

PayByCash options

Monthly: $10.00 per month.
Yearly: $75.00 per year.

Using doubloons

If a pirate has at least 42 doubloons and less than 3 months of subscription time, they can use them to extend their subscription time by one month on this page. This was intended for use by players who paid via SMS reverse billing, as using this method, there is no option to pay for a subscription. This method is also commonly referred to as coinscribing and doubscription.

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