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Tailors do not use sail cloth but this is somewhat difficult to succinctly and clearly indicate as the icon for sail cloth and white cloth look identical.

Bazaars, aside from housing which is a special case, have been left out to avoid redundancy, although the stall upgrade fees are additional PoE sinks.

The bank currently serves no purpose apart from housing a doubloon exchange on Doubloon Oceans. Using the exchange to sell doubloons to other players incurs a fee which is a PoE sink. Since doubloons are not spawned in-game except very occasionally as prizes in Ocean Master run tournaments, they are not really part of the economy. They can be exchanged between players but unlike PoE, once spent doubloons are sunk.

Wagering on challenges or at parlor tables could be considered to be like tournaments, so including them would be somewhat redundant. Skellies are player vs environment rather than player vs player and have a mandatory item wager; they are also distinct from tournaments.

The gems in the diagram are found on the Midnight Ocean. Jade, jasper and jet gems can be found on the Cobalt Ocean and the Viridian Ocean, while lapis lazuli, amethyst, coral, jade and ruby gems can be found on the Sage Ocean.

Navy wages are obtained from thin air and are currently a PoE fountain; the palace coffers can be empty and the navy keeps running.

Familiars and trinkets are not really part of the economy because they do not get created from commodities. Familiars have to be injected into the game world by Ocean Masters, even if this is through automated tournaments. Some trinkets can be bought at a fort or a palace. Ocean Master PoE sinks such as flag and building renames and familiar auctions are not shown, nor are Ocean Master tournaments which are PoE fountains.

Brigands are in fact both PoE fountains (booty payout) and sinks (pillaged from the booty chest). Pillaged commodities go into the brigand booty pool; aside from Kraken's blood, brigands do not spawn commodities. The black ship on the other hand does not give any payouts. Like brigands, any PoE lost to it is removed from the economy; unlike brigands this also applies to commodities.

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