Whisking potion

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Whisking potion
Whisking potion.png
Obtained from Apothecaries
Doubloon cost: 1
Whisking potion (large)
Whisking potion (large).png
Obtained from Apothecaries
Doubloon cost: 5

A whisking potion is a tradeable item produced at an apothecary. By clicking on the item — found under "Potions" inside the Booty tab — and selecting "Drink" from the item menu, the player can be instantly teleported (whisked) to any island they choose from yer known world. If the player closes the map without selecting an island, or chooses their home island, the potion is not used. In the event a pirate selects their home island as their destination, the following message appears: Silly pirate! You can always whisk home without using a swig from your potion by clicking the button on the "Ye" panel.

To visit an island, the player must have set foot on the island before, or have a chart in their inventory with the island, or be on a ship with such a chart on their navigation table.

Whisking potions come in two sizes: 9 swigs and 45 swigs. Whisking potions never decay.

Recipe (9 swigs)

Recipe (45 swigs)

  • Cowslip: 5 units
  • Cubanite: 5 units
  • 10 hours of basic alchemical labor
  • 5 hours of skilled alchemical labor


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