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The doubloon exchange.

The doubloon exchange allows members to exchange PoE for doubloons that other players have previously purchased, without going to individuals and haggling in a trade order interface. Doubloon exchanges are currently only found on doubloon oceans. Note that one cannot purchase doubloons from Grey Havens for PoE, as doubloons only enter the ocean through the doubloon order interface, or Ocean Master-hosted events.

The doubloon exchange can be found inside any bank, placed inside any building by use of a cashbox, or accessed by clicking "Ye" on the sunshine widget, the pirate's name, then "Doubloon Exchange" in the top middle of the window.

Doubloon exchange menu

The interface at a cashbox or bank offers two simplified options in addition to the full doubloon exchange view (Pictured right).

  • Buy doubloons (easy) - This pops up a window allowing the player to buy doubloons from another player at the lowest available price. There is also a button that allows the user to buy doubloons from Grey Havens with a credit card.
  • Sell doubloons (easy) - This pops up a window allowing the player to sell doubloons to another player at the highest available price.
  • Doubloon Exchange - Provides a sophisticated way to buy or sell doubloons. Here, players can inspect other players' current buy and sell offers.
  • Buy doubloons with yer credit card - viewers are directed to the secure "Get Doubloons" page, where doubloons can be bought from within the game using a credit card or a Paypal account. Opting to pay by mobile or selecting "Other Payment Types" opens up the billing webpage which lists all other doubloon payment options.

The fees imposed on the doubloon exchange make the doubloon exchange one of the larger PoE sinks on doubloon oceans. The fee is a reduction in the amount of PoE that a doubloon seller receives if they successfully sell a doubloon. The following formula can be used to determine the fee:

The selling price divided by 50 should be rounded up.

Doubloon market fee.png

To put it in a simpler fashion, the fee is 2% of the selling price, rounded up.

Outstanding offers

When an offer is posted that can't be fulfilled by any of the offers on the exchange, it goes to the Outstanding Offers section. When posting an offer, the PoE/doubloons are taken immediately, and held in escrow. If the offer is the same as another offer as the same type, the offer will be put last (example: an offer to buy 1 doubloon for 1036 PoE when there are 10 at 1036 already will only be filled after the other 10 have already been filled). Multiple offers of the same price can be posted at once. Offers will remain up for 10 days, then they will be automatically canceled.

The lowest sell offer and highest buy offer are always filled first. If an offer is filled at less than the PoE price, the extra PoE is refunded to the doubloon buyer.

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