War chest

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A war chest is the required amount of PoE a flag must pay in order to declare a blockade on an island. The amount is based on the size of the island, the island's tax rate, and the island's population (on Midnight only), if any.

  • For outpost islands, the war chest is at least 25,000 PoE.
  • For medium islands, the war chest is at least 75,000 PoE.
  • For large islands, the war chest is at least 125,000 PoE.

If the defenders of a colonized island win the blockade, they receive 75% of the war chest. The PoE is placed directly into the fort or palace coffers. If multiple flags dropped a chest on the same island, the percentage is taken from the combined value of all the war chests. If an attacker wins the blockade, they will receive 50% of the war chest.

Historical Note

  • Prior to release 2023-09-22, defenders only received 50% of the war chest for winning, and attackers did not receive any of the war chest. This release also made taxes affect the war chest amounts.