Sage Ocean

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Sage Ocean was the second doubloon ocean and opened 2005-08-19.[1] It was merged into the Emerald Ocean on 31 Jan 2012.

Sage has forty-nine islands divided among eight archipelagos. There are twenty-seven colonized islands. The archipelagos are named after birds, and the islands are mostly named after places—both real (Ashkelon Arch) and fictional (Morannon Island)—or people (Jack's Last Gift).

Sage has the same geography as the Jade Ocean.


Dodo Archipelago Chart star ice blue.png
Ancoraggio Island Outpost
Fluke Island Outpost
Kakraphoon Island^ Outpost
Gull Archipelago Chart star blue.png
Admiral Island^ Large
Basset Island^ Outpost
Bryher Island Outpost
Cromwell Island^ Outpost
Hook Shelf Medium
Isle of Kent^ Medium
Lincoln Island^ Large
Wensleydale*^ Large
Ibis Archipelago Chart star purple.png
Arakoua Island^ Large
Aten Island Large
Barbary Island^ Large
Caravanserai Island^ Large
Kasidim Island*^ Medium
Kiwara Island^ Outpost
Terjit Island Outpost
Tichka Plateau Large
Osprey Archipelago Chart star coral.png
Albatross Island^ Outpost
Ambush Island^ Outpost
Deadlight Dunes Outpost
Gauntlet Island^ Outpost
Jack's Last Gift Outpost
Mirage Island Outpost
Scurvy Reef* Outpost
Pelican Archipelago Chart star lime.png
Blackthorpe Island^ Medium
Cook Island Large
Descartes Isle^ Large
Fowler Island Outpost
Greenwich Island*^ Large
Halley Island^ Outpost
Spaniel Island^ Medium
Starfish Island Outpost
Ventress Island^ Outpost
Puffin Archipelago Chart star aqua.png
Auk Island Outpost
Cryo Island^ Outpost
Hoarfrost Island Outpost
Stork Archipelago Chart star red.png
Amity Island^ Outpost
Bowditch Island^ Large
Hinga Island Large
Penobscot Island^ Outpost
Rowes Island Large
Scrimshaw Island^ Large
Squibnocket Island Large
Wissahickon Island*^ Medium
Tern Archipelago Chart star violet.png
Ashkelon Arch^ Outpost
Kashgar Island^ Outpost
Morannon Island Outpost

* - denotes capital
^ - denotes colonized

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