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This was created after I became tired of sorting through all the pirate pages with accomplishments like "owns a rat" (Dublon) under the new wiki policy. My criteria will be described in more detail eventually, if they're not already self-explanatory...

Because such an official "notable" pirates list would create too many headaches- a major reason why the policy was changed to allow the noise in the first place- this will continue to remain an unofficial page.

Feel free to add someone, but their wiki page had better make it clear that they walk on water, or I'll just revert the changes. If I remove a name, please don't add it right back; instead, check the history logs for why I removed them and leave a comment on User Talk:Pauling/Notable if you disagree. If you can't be bothered to use proper grammar, try User talk:Pauling/Hand.

Taken from the overall list:

Notable Pirates (Sage Ocean)


Familiar/ Frequent tourney winners

Island designers and artists

Mostly Retired


Just plain visible

Please don't take offense if you weren't added here. I tried to index only the obviously major figures most directly related to Sage (many of whom I don't know personally); this left me with the hard decision to leave some all-around nice folk out in the cold in order to also exclude people whose goals were also personally focused, though less successful. (You'll note that even among politicians, I generally trimmed it to noted leaders of flags that ran serious blockades. Just being a royal is not an automatic in.)

However, I did try to grant some leeway for those who made larger contributions to the game in less tangible ways, including island designs or naming schemes, wiki administration, or other beneficial actions. If you feel I missed someone, drop me a note on my talk page and I'll look into adding them. --Pauling 13:42, 19 September 2006 (PDT)