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Ajax is a special event character controlled by Artemis who is used occasionally to run events on Midnight. Some of the events he helped coordinate are:

  • The Midnight Cutter Race
  • The March Madness Grand Drinking and Swordfighting Tournaments
  • The Mad Mad Sloop Race (Postponed)

He also once led a treasure ship (Crew: Jackin' A's ; Ship: Coco Puff ; Flag: Color Blind)

Ajax is also currently the governor of Lima Island on the Viridian Ocean.

Ajax' estates are used for the staging of the Booty or No Booty event. These estates are on: Kirin Island on Cobalt, Islay of Luthien on Midnight, Olive Island on Viridian and Admiral Island on Sage, as well as Ajax's villa on Chachapoya Island on Hunter.

Ajax is also in control of all the oceans' event blockades islands

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