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Tortie plays on Sage Ocean, where she is often the Captain of the crew Hic Haec Hook.

Contributions and Accomplishments

  • Widely-blamed for the Campaign for Literacy on Sage (September 2006)


Tortie started her piracy career on Midnight Ocean in the crew Pillagers Local Union; she then moved on to her own crew, the Tortfeasors, and ended her time in Fandango Familiars. She is now crewless upon Midnight, having mostly retired from that ocean. She then played Viridian Ocean for a short span of time, where she joined the crew Falcon's Fury in the flag Children of Chaos, and where she had occasion to pillage with Shodan. When Sage opened, she began anew and joined On the Rocks very soon after it was formed, working her way through the ranks to achieve the ranking of Senior Officer. Doubling her duties to OTR, she served for a time as the Queen of Armed Cocktail Party directing the flag in numerous events and spur of the moment blockades.

Upon departure from OTR and ACP, the restless lass visited many a crew, settling for a while in Siren's Song as a Fleet Officer before striking out again to form her own small crew, entitled Hic Haec Hook. Said crew then joined Good Grief, and were active in numerous blockades; Tortie herself served proudly as a Royal member and governed two of their island ownings. In June 2010, Good Grief retired as a flag, and she sees herself adrift again.

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