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Nobooty is a special event character on all of the oceans. He is an alt of Piplicus. He is NOT an Ocean Master.


Nobooty typically turns up an ocean for one of four reasons:

  • To facilitate a golden ticket event.
  • To run an edition of Booty or No Booty.
  • To get in contact with an Ocean Master or to set up an event.
  • To chat or get to know some of the native players.


Late in 2005, Piplicus sent a PM to Artemis, with an idea for a Puzzle Pirates version of the international TV game show Deal or No Deal. Over Christmas, the format evolved into a test-run on the Ice Ocean that took place in February, where all prizes given out were PoE. Rubbaduckie went away with 10,000 PoE. A couple of weeks later, with the inception of giftwrap, the main show was created. Nobooty was given a white name and an estate to host the show.


Nobooty, compared to an average white-named pirate, is incredibly opinionated, short-tempered and expects a lot out of the players. While he is fair to all pirates, he does not let stupidity or idiocy prevail. He abhors illiteracy, begging, 1337-speak and other forms or immaturity. That said, Nobooty is only strict when there is a large crowd; once the misbehavers have been planked (or fed to the house tiger), the atmosphere is considerably lighter and happier.

Fun facts

  • Nobooty owns a rat called Booty or. He is occasionally gifted other pets by the Ocean Masters, but doesn't own any of them.
  • Nobooty's favourite island to docktart on is Lima Island on Viridian.
  • Nobooty has probably planked about 1000 pirates over the 6 months of Booty or No Booty so far.