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Clio is one of the second wave of Ocean Masters hired by Three Rings. Clio can be found with her black and grey parrot Pidgeon. Pidgeon is a vegan who likes to read books by Sylvia Plath, Charlotte Brontë, and Virginia Woolf. Clio found her outside a library in Byblos. Pidgeon followed her home, and Clio has kept her ever since.


Clio is the muse of heroic poetry and history in Greek mythology.

Dolls awarded Trinket-Clio doll.png

  • Silverdawg on Midnight, "A doll for Silverdawg, winner of Clio's housewarming tournament on September 20, 2006."
  • Jadesasai on Midnight received an uninscribed doll in 'A Punch in Your Nonexistent Nose!' rumble tournament on September 21, 2006.
  • Cohog on Cobalt, "Made in Sage"
  • Zandia on Sage, "To Zandia, for the lovely entry in the U Give Doll event! Cheers! -Clio"
  • Afton on Cobalt, "Happy Birthday, Afton! (Made in Last Stand Hill. Needles not included.)"


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