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The parrot is a type of familiar which can be found on the oceans. It is one of the few types of familiar that can be recolored, provided the parrot isn't in one of the colors prohibited from recoloring.


Limited editions

The colors available for player-owned parrots are shown below. (Also shown is a black/black parrot that belonged to the Ocean Master Apollo, which is a combination players aren't allowed to have.)


Parrot with Musketeer Hat

Parrot familiars are also available in a few limited edition colors, sporting a musketeer hat. The parrot with musketeer hat is available in only a few limited edition colors and is only obtainable through mystery box promotions:

Parrot with hat familiars are not able to be recolored except in the very rare cases where both colors would normally be recolorable, in this case when both colors were magenta and/or lime when the parrot spawned.

All possible parrots with musketeer hats (excluding recolors) are shown below. It's unknown which of the possible booch box combinations actually exist in-game.

Familiar-Parrot with hat.png

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