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Eris was one of the first wave of Ocean Masters hired by Three Rings. She is now retired[1], but has a white name, meaning she is an event character and occasionally stops in on Cerulean to continue her pet event, Eris' Poetry Corner. She is the only OM who does not have a corresponding doll.


In Greek mythology, Eris is the goddess of discord and strife. She was the owner of the infamous Apple of Discord.

The Poetry Corner

Breaking away from tradition, Eris' Poetry Corners typically involved at least one or two prizes donated by entrants and benefactors alike. Often spanning extended periods of time and exploring esoteric forms of poetry, information about the upcoming corner would be posted to the Forum ahead of time, and would usually include a type of poetry and possibly a theme for that corner. One of the first recurring events, they largely died off when Eris, as patron and organizer, resigned. There are still unofficial corners, as well as a drive to bring back the original one though, and one should not forget the other poetry contests (most notably the Poetry Deathmatch) that have risen to fill the void. An ongoing poetry contest, called Remember Eris [2], is also currently being run on the forums.


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