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Afton has been working on the Cobalt Ocean as a pirate for a while. Her name is used on Midnight also, but by another player (who is her real life sister). Afton is currently ranked as a senior officer in the crew The Shadowy Balrogs, and is a member of the flag Oceanus Expeditus. She currently owns a weavery stall on Dragon's Nest.

She started the game several years ago now, when there were a lot less oceans. The first crew she was in was called I.M.P.S. She grew wealthy back then, and used to own a weavery stall and co-own a tailoring stall on Dragon's Nest. She owned several outfits of black and blue back then.

Around 2007-2008 Afton dropped out of YPP to pursue real life problems. Near the end of 2009 she came back to YPP and rejoined with one of her old captains Gothmog.

She's working to get more poe again, but is currently going slowly, but she's been able to re-open her old weavery stall again.

Her sheep was a gift from an old hearty, and the Clio doll was a gift from Clio back before Afton left the first time. She is happy to show off her doll to anyone that asks. The doll is not for sale, mostly because of the writing on it.

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